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  1. Apprentice is highly valuable. I would recomend, and the recommendation I get all the time is to stick everything into Damage and Range. After that you can slightly level Defense rate. Fortify means nothing on apprentice and should not be leveled. It's your other towers jobs to protect the apprentice, as his towers should absolutely not be the "first" line of defense, due to how squishy (weak) they are.
  2. There are small white bricks that hove above the defense. When you upgrade it that bar goes up. I still hate it, as it's hard to see instantly unlike DD1 which used Stars and such. Currently you cant see others progression or gear using any method. Auto loot had always been meh. Your best bet, and what I have always done is collect 1 full set of, let's say primitive, when I have that I uncheck primitive gear In the auto loot section. I do this all the way until I hit the final tier of gear. When i hit the final tier i then utilize the filters to only collect stuff that h
  3. I did not mean the outfit was reset or the transmog. The character loses its skin when leaving and joining matches. I dont know if its only multiplayer or what, but it happened to both me and my Partner while playing a private lobby game. After 1 match I noticed mine was gone, and then we ran another (with my partner this time) after losing we returned to the lobby and instantly hopped into another game, where she noticed hers was now gone. ps. The blacksmith works fine, the "Saved Outfits" are still available that I made. Its just the toon losing its skin. Thanks for the
  4. These are a collection of bugs I find and/or small gripes I have about certain features of the game. Friends unable to join private lobbies or some other weird issue with steam friends. (apparently this was due to steam outages) They were pumped for the transmog though! (ps, thats broken too, switching heroes out of the hero deck cause them to lose their skins. Although the skin is still saved in your outfits, so you just have to reapply it from the blacksmith. Ill be patient with this though, because quite frankly I AM EXCITED about it and hopefully you guys continue develo
  5. Chat box: When someone is speaking the chatbox wont show up, there should be some notification marker that says there are unread messages, or just have the chat box actually respond when someone else is saying something. Im always missing when my teamates say stuff. It also feels glitchy still. Round timer: when G'ing up before the rounds ends it can make the timer disappear for all players in the map. It may also happen just when G'ing up normally. But I haven't tested it. Boss Countdown for all bosses: same thing as above. Stuck Orc on multiple maps in survival and pure strat
  6. Nifty, I didnt expect there would be many others. It's cool you guys found this. Congrats ASD and Santa. How long did it take you guys to find this and have you managed to locate any others?
  7. I feel the exact same way about the current exchange of information. Its abysmal to say the least. I have to wonder if they even visit the forum or if they have just enough time to answer 1 question about an order (good on you at least) before they have to leave. I dont have time for nor the energy to sit around and watch a long stream for potential information. Maybe were the minority here, so it's not enough to be bothered with. I haven't got the website statistics, and I certainly dont got information about how many people actively use the other platforms, but I dont see how being
  8. I actually did not mind the Hero deck method, Otherwise I would have readily been waiting for some type of emulator, or probably just run the game on two accounts to level up faster. The grind was enough between 70 and 90. Although I think I noticed it a lot around the 80s. Im sure with future updates there will be better maps to run that allow for much easier experience gain just like Tavern Defense on DD1. With updates were sure to receive more weapons that all have potential, but in games like this when your an efficient player you tend to go for whats best, and whats best tends to
  9. I didnt even know about this! The CDT put in some amazing updates into DD1. It would be cool if there was something to be done about another partnership or something.
  10. I agree with you in all respect. In my opinion it doesn't matter if there are hackers. With this kind of game studio they are not going to be able to indefinitely keep the anticheat software going anywags. Unless it just needs to be activated then it's good for life (tbh I dont know much about anticheat software, I get my experience from how Call of Duty works lol) Hackers want to join me, then I'll boot them, and the game should register they were kicked (or make a ban list from your own lobbies.) I can understand those who want ranked, but I mean we dont even have proper leaderboards.
  11. If these are actual quotes, and this is actually how they stated it.... I want to play that game, that game sounds promising. Where is that game, dude? Give me a link! Jokes aside, I had tons of fun in EA and probably over 250 of my 450 play hours come from it. Probably more. The reason why that 450 has only hit 460 over the last month and a half is because of the following, and I have stated these in other posts too. 1. Lack of Communication I see a lot of people post regularly on this. Old and new users alike have a concern with the lack of communication. CG was awesome
  12. This is a pretty stuck up comment if I say so. How about YOU apply? This isnt about taking their jobs or saying they are bad at it. At this point your preaching to the choir dude. We just want some communication and maybe to see CG actually cares about this game. Maybe my expectations were too high. But you can blame CG for that since they posted soooooo much prior to the games release, and then as soon as it was released every week we have gotten less and less communication. If their benefits are so great it's because I funded it alongside almost 12,000 OTHER backers, and that was just on kic
  13. Thanks. There was a whole lot I missed. These features you mention are just as big as the ones I mentioned. They just slipped my mind when I was letting the forums have it.
  14. I come to the forums once every week or less now. I have less than 2 hours in DDA in the last 2 to 3 weeks. There's no news. Absolutely no communication on their part. Is DDA dead? Who knows. Probably not, but im hoping the next update will reflect that "probably not" and do spare me from having to eat those words. I am a little worried about the lack of communication. Almost 3 weeks now with nothing, at least on this website. I dont even want to know if they have said something elsewhere, because whatever was said should of been shared here. Here on their main website with the forums of
  15. I originally started writing this as a response to Lemonys post asking about end game content, and it turned into a bunch of thoughts about Siren, and other content or lack there of. I have 450+ hours in this game. I say this because I feel that that (the hours) shows my love, and support for the game. I've been playing since beta, so the hours have just accrued. I still hop on every now and then to smash out some boss runs on MM Survival (I believe I have 35 some odd hours these last two weeks). But, beyond that I am definitely losing "steam" for the game. Here are some reasons fo
  16. I completely agree with you. The visibility of the upgrading used to be a lot worse; with updates they made it more noticeable, but I still feel the white bars are underwhelming. I couldn't say what they should do for it, but the system in DD1 at least added a feeling of rank amongst each level., while still representing the power with each upgrade (Starting with the rank 1 Chevron and going up to 3 golden stars.) I would want something to match the "modern" feel of DDA. Repairing, Upgrading, and selecting auras or traps can be a huge pain. I mean 75% of the time I cant even see what'
  17. *Looks at my 1700 hours in DD1* Same I tried getting into DD2 as well, but I couldn't. Everything felt off about that game. Good work on progression. Just you talking about this makes me want to pull out my alt account and start fresh. This game has been a blast. Had it's up and downs and is still growing. I'm definitely excited for more content. I hope with some essential features (Player trading, Player owned shops, dropping items in tavern, and split screen etc.) We will see more players join in. I got this game to play with my Fiance and there were a
  18. "Stamina" and "Mana" are two separate entities. "Stamina" is for abilities, healing, and blocking (when on squire.*^1) "Mana" is for building, and upgrading towers. I'm not saying I dislike the Squires tank role he was given, but when you fight the bosses you definitely have to block pretty constantly. I feel like this works against the whole idea of him having to be a tank. I mean you have to stop blocking, run around and not get hit, just so your "Stamina" can recharge for a few seconds of increased damage. Squire isn't obsolete by any means, hes just stuck in tank limbo. Just y
  19. No, but 100% should be. I should'nt have to delete all my toons (characters) just so I can recreate them in order to have some resemblance of organization. The Hero deck is a blistering mess to go through, and I hope they make some meaningful changes to it.
  20. Ah ok, I took it more as "dafuq" and thought it better to just clear up my post, without the little bit in the beginning. :) Will do, thanks!
  21. I had a few quad keys and they seemed to of worked the same way as the beta keys, I'm pretty sure I had gotten some beta keys, and then quad codes, they both functioned the same for me. If your worried about it, the last I knew, you could contact support@chromatic.games* Just type in the above address like any email when you compose it. *Some were confused as to how you made contact using that address and it works just by typing it in as the recipient like any gmail or Yahoo address.
  22. I guess my problem was not clear enough. My issue, from the beginning: I enter the game, I am in my own tavern. I equip weapon A, and then join a public match. When I join said match, I either spawn with weapon A, or sometimes I spawn with weapon B. When I do spawn with weapon B, I am unable to locate weapon A anywhere. Mind you, I just equipped weapon A and then instantly joined a game. I should of joined with weapon A, but its weapon B, and weapon A is no where to be found. Does this clear up any confusion as to what my problem is here? Update: After fin
  23. Every-time I join a lobby (since the last 2 patches) I am now greeted with a chance at weapon roulette and the game decides if I should be given my Transcendent Burning Draketooth pole-arm with 7 projectiles (fire type) or... an electric type polearm with 4 projectiles? At first i thought it was visual. but the weapon is literally a completely different one. Different stats, different upgrades, different everything, and for some reason when I join any lobby it switches out the drake tooth for that crap, switching heroes does not solve the problem,and leaving the game (to your tavern) eith
  24. I keep seeing people say they needed to pay for shipping for their items, is this the case for U.S as well? I never received any communication about this and so I never got a chance to buy it if i have to. I got the 75$ kickstarter order...
  25. I disagree with you on this! I have over 300 hours in DDA and I have played well over 100s of matches, and I have yet to come across a hacker. Do they exist? Sure, but like most games of this size you will find those few who slip through the cracks. Thats where we as players come in, we can report them using the ingame report function. Its not the most ideal, but to sit here and say there are a ton of hackers, is to be absurd. If you associate with these "hackers" then you are going to be in their circle, and their circle of course will have other hackers. If you want to avoid that, then conti
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