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  1. I originally started writing this as a response to Lemonys post asking about end game content, and it turned into a bunch of thoughts about Siren, and other content or lack there of. I have 450+ hours in this game. I say this because I feel that that (the hours) shows my love, and support for the game. I've been playing since beta, so the hours have just accrued. I still hop on every now and then to smash out some boss runs on MM Survival (I believe I have 35 some odd hours these last two weeks). But, beyond that I am definitely losing "steam" for the game. Here are some reasons for that, and I'll also tie it to Lemonys comment. Now, - Late Level Difficulty and Gameplay: The introduction of a new mob (The Siren) added an interesting mixup to the maps. It's (Siren) drops are fun to get, so basically a LOOT Pinata with a minimum quality gear drop, and shes a little tanky. The way in which the Siren passes on its element immunity is also fun and challenging, and it does take some learning... And that's where we come at a stop. When you spend the time building your setups, to start it and get rushed by all Phys types, or Gas Sirens really add to the RNG aspect of the gameplay. Thats kind of where my first issue lies. The Sirens add a huge RNG aspect to the game. In most of my games everyone is running a Huntress with the Demon lord weapon, or a squire tank with robot. Do you the see the issue? (Everyones running phys!) The game lacks other interesting weapons that can be used in place of it, as it's just not worth it. Honestly, we will always see this kind of issue in this type of game, so you cant really complain or can you. Anyways the Steam robot does some insane damage, and while you can argue you could find comparable damage in the Dragon, it just doesn't get used as much due to the different attack style (range 3 projectiles vs melee - both are AOE.) This doesn't matter for the casuals, but those looking for the best damage it does. If you have a good team that communicates and you coordinate heroes (2 huntress, 1 squire tank, 1 monk is a good setup.) Then you can mitigate some of (if not all) of that RNG aspect of the Sirens by being able to kill them. So good teamanship is important in Massacre. I actually feel like I contribute the entire match. If one of you goes down, it's not the end, but two? Now You have to kick it into overdrive and sweaty mode, not always but sometimes. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining here, especially since you can largely mitigate the Sirens damage by prioritizing them with good team effort. But there are so many other factors that weigh on me when I play. For starters, player owned shops are missing, We are still unable to drop items, or trade with other players. My custom skins wont stick if I go into multiplayer, and there is no split screen yet. I haven't even bothered activating my xbox key (hopefully that doesn't expire) because it lacks all of the aforementioned things. Its Still not out for consoles, and probably wont be for a while. Hopefully CG will have something to say? But I doubt it. Almost all of these are still under development and have been for a while. The roadmap is a joke and does not susbsitute a good ol written post from Mary or Philip, or any other CG qualified writer. Sure there is some important information on there, but some of the upvoted suggestions are a joke. "Moon Glow" under investigation, "Changes" is literally the name of another. I just... I do not think it's too hard to plop someone down for 5 minutes to write an update on this website. Why do I have to use discord to get any info around here? Maybe I'm the only one with this opinion. With all of that said I still found the game to be enjoyable, and I will defiently stick around for those much needed updates, and I'll gladly fork over money for DLC if those features are added first, and not after. But you could say I loved DD1, and DDa has been an acceptable replacement. Since I started DDA I haven't put a single hour into DD1. Yes, I was still playing that in 2019 XD. The game is still young, so I have hope it'll be good. I guess my final thoughts will cover the experience rates. I felt that once I hit level 80+ the gains came to a pretty abrupt halt, but doing certain maps on survival helped a lot. It still took me a while, and I did not enjoy it. But once I hit level 90 on my toons I stopped caring about the rates, and the levels started to flow as I was able to farm Royal gardens and Alc lab MM (Promenade NMHC is good exp for those breaking into Massacre, yes I said Nightmare Hardcore promenade waves 20-25). From there the experience didn't even matter so I just passively collected it, but had I focused I could of leveled all my toons to 100 in no time. In conclusion I felt the grind from 1-80 was fine, but 80-90 was aweful if you weren't doing those maps consistently for the xp. 90-100 didn't matter for me as there's no higher leveled gear yet.)
  2. I completely agree with you. The visibility of the upgrading used to be a lot worse; with updates they made it more noticeable, but I still feel the white bars are underwhelming. I couldn't say what they should do for it, but the system in DD1 at least added a feeling of rank amongst each level., while still representing the power with each upgrade (Starting with the rank 1 Chevron and going up to 3 golden stars.) I would want something to match the "modern" feel of DDA. Repairing, Upgrading, and selecting auras or traps can be a huge pain. I mean 75% of the time I cant even see what's about to go down. Whether you blame that on the health bars not showing up when your looking in its direction (even if it's about to go down) or the minimaps hard-to-see visual changes of defense health is your choice, but so far those have been my personal experiences with it. Not to mention I have to "beg" my "T" key to send a signal through that DDA will accept, and change my POV. (In massacre mode auras can be drained quickly, and while you can stay on top of it, the aforementioned problems crop up that can lead to something "dieing" that could have easily been repaired. This isn't about skill, or focus, it's about seeing what's taking damage. Let me strategize with the minimap. Last I knew - there was an option in the settings to disable/skip cut scenes, although you will still get boss ones. I think the loot has gotten better looking visually, since the launch. But, Honestly my eye for detail is not the best, but I do enjoy some of the drops, especially the proton weapons. Hopefully with time the loot pool will grow, including more stylized loot and variety. In DD1 the CDT (community development team) hosted tons of fun events that gave everyone a chance at some cool gear (that also looked cool, I mean I want a Lava staff that glows bright red and yellow, and I want it to be viable, but not OP)
  3. *Looks at my 1700 hours in DD1* Same I tried getting into DD2 as well, but I couldn't. Everything felt off about that game. Good work on progression. Just you talking about this makes me want to pull out my alt account and start fresh. This game has been a blast. Had it's up and downs and is still growing. I'm definitely excited for more content. I hope with some essential features (Player trading, Player owned shops, dropping items in tavern, and split screen etc.) We will see more players join in. I got this game to play with my Fiance and there were a lot of issues, luckily I went with a 4 copy bundle and she was able to play it on her on pc. We missed out on some big-screen couch-coop play time, which was unfortunate.
  4. "Stamina" and "Mana" are two separate entities. "Stamina" is for abilities, healing, and blocking (when on squire.*^1) "Mana" is for building, and upgrading towers. I'm not saying I dislike the Squires tank role he was given, but when you fight the bosses you definitely have to block pretty constantly. I feel like this works against the whole idea of him having to be a tank. I mean you have to stop blocking, run around and not get hit, just so your "Stamina" can recharge for a few seconds of increased damage. Squire isn't obsolete by any means, hes just stuck in tank limbo. Just yesterday my group had beat the act 2 boss on wave 25 Massacre HC using 3 squires (2 with steam robots, 1 with a dragon) ,and 1 huntress for the copters. He's good, but highly unreliable on anything flying, and since the other 3 characters all have range type weapons they will always hold that advantage over him. At least nothing can beat his tankiness. *^1 Stamina does not currently drain when blocking, but if you block, your stamina will not fill up. I may have missed the post on this change somewhere.
  5. No, but 100% should be. I should'nt have to delete all my toons (characters) just so I can recreate them in order to have some resemblance of organization. The Hero deck is a blistering mess to go through, and I hope they make some meaningful changes to it.
  6. Ah ok, I took it more as "dafuq" and thought it better to just clear up my post, without the little bit in the beginning. :) Will do, thanks!
  7. I had a few quad keys and they seemed to of worked the same way as the beta keys, I'm pretty sure I had gotten some beta keys, and then quad codes, they both functioned the same for me. If your worried about it, the last I knew, you could contact support@chromatic.games* Just type in the above address like any email when you compose it. *Some were confused as to how you made contact using that address and it works just by typing it in as the recipient like any gmail or Yahoo address.
  8. I guess my problem was not clear enough. My issue, from the beginning: I enter the game, I am in my own tavern. I equip weapon A, and then join a public match. When I join said match, I either spawn with weapon A, or sometimes I spawn with weapon B. When I do spawn with weapon B, I am unable to locate weapon A anywhere. Mind you, I just equipped weapon A and then instantly joined a game. I should of joined with weapon A, but its weapon B, and weapon A is no where to be found. Does this clear up any confusion as to what my problem is here? Update: After finishing the game stuck with weapon B, I was unable to find weapon A anywhere (I thought by finishing that match with weapon B, the game had synced and I lost it). BUT, after 2 days (just last night) weapon A finally reappeared, and now weapon B was gone. I opted to avoid Multiplayer, but after an hour of sitting in my tavern I caught the weapon actually disappearing (not frame for frame, but after closing my inventory I noticed my weapon was invisible). "My monks Weapon was invisible", So was the weapon image in the UI slot, in the inventory. The last thing I can recall doing is changing gear around, and switching through my toon list using f1-f4, while in my inventory.
  9. Every-time I join a lobby (since the last 2 patches) I am now greeted with a chance at weapon roulette and the game decides if I should be given my Transcendent Burning Draketooth pole-arm with 7 projectiles (fire type) or... an electric type polearm with 4 projectiles? At first i thought it was visual. but the weapon is literally a completely different one. Different stats, different upgrades, different everything, and for some reason when I join any lobby it switches out the drake tooth for that crap, switching heroes does not solve the problem,and leaving the game (to your tavern) either gives me the drake tooth or the electric one. Im currently sitting in my lobby unable to get the weapon back now. Also the weapon does not exist anywhere else! I have triple checked all of my heroes, and my inventory. The weapon is gone. I have experienced this only when joining lobbies on Massacre mode. havent tested other methods. I cant not stress enough how much this ruins playing with people where I cant even use the weapons I farm.
  10. I keep seeing people say they needed to pay for shipping for their items, is this the case for U.S as well? I never received any communication about this and so I never got a chance to buy it if i have to. I got the 75$ kickstarter order...
  11. I disagree with you on this! I have over 300 hours in DDA and I have played well over 100s of matches, and I have yet to come across a hacker. Do they exist? Sure, but like most games of this size you will find those few who slip through the cracks. Thats where we as players come in, we can report them using the ingame report function. Its not the most ideal, but to sit here and say there are a ton of hackers, is to be absurd. If you associate with these "hackers" then you are going to be in their circle, and their circle of course will have other hackers. If you want to avoid that, then continue reporting as you may have been, and dont engage them. I would like to reiterate that in my 300 hours of playing this game, I have yet to see a hacker. I am not saying they dont exist, but to say there is a ton, is to say DDA is still in EA. that is - untrue. I think DDA has big plans for quality content, right now they are just releasing these DLC packs for free as additional content. Now not all of these dlcs will be free, and I hope that any dlc that is purchasable is new content, and not anything regurgitated.
  12. I have to say I agree with some parts of OP's post. I love EV (I like EVA as her name too) being in the game, and I love her towers (buff beam, and reflect), but - I do think that some parts of her could have been changed. I never played DD2 and know nothing about Ev in that game, so I cant compare to that.
  13. Banned, because you made me read all of that. You stay banned.
  14. I am not confirming anything, but in the previous title (Dungeon Defenders) there were many qualities of gear added into the game. They are obviously testing that tier since we all saw the tag in the stream. hopefully we will see it with the next update. In my own opinion I would hope so, as it seems there are massive changes coming in the next update (massacre survival, new loot bag functions etc.). I, at least already have high level gear - Im not going to have much more reason to hammer out more loot in the next update if they dont add another tier of armor. Anyways - what I was getting at is: I think the new loot bag functions would be greatly complimented by a new tiered armor (Godly) released at the same time. That is something I would like to see included, but only time will tell. This is mostly speculation based on watching the stream myself, and previous titles.
  15. I do agree that focusing on making sure you have the right speed, and pet for that matter will make a difference in your ability to build a map. Its possible to do it with precision swapping and key pressing (for the skills that give speed boosts). I think i struggled at Lava mines, and that was my roadblock for a bit on Massacre. At the time I was working on soloing the campaign. I think hes also saying that due to the short timers you cant really enjoy the map. I agree in that regard. I too felt the timers made those maps less enjoyable to play, at least in solo. I think a timer pause would be something of a start. imo any timer pause should only be applied to nightmare or massacre only.
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