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  1. well for me personaly its also not possible to get an onlinecard since i am one of the 3 persons left on planat that still got no mobilephone XD and for me porsonaly i would not care about my backer bonuses i just want that projekt to succed and maby the betaacces since i cant wait to get my hands on it xD but hopfully once kickstarter is done we still get an option to get access via steamsale to the beta i realy hope so
  2. Wath I want from DDA: -More or less same statscaling than in dd1, give me 0.05s balistashots where u see only a stream of destruction ;D -maby add on top of that shards but not the flat more damage / range shards more gimic shards like sploody harpoon ect. -If possible the old music has to return!!! -the herodeck from dd2 is a nice bonus makes leveling your squadd far easyer Wath I DONĀ“T want from DDA: -The return of hardcounters like cyborgs venguards or koboltz, there should be no limits based on enemys wath u can or can not build (Bosses with sweetspots like in dd1 are ok as long as they are real bosses and no enemys that appear randomly during normal waves)
  3. same here living in germany and i would love to suport the game via kickstarter it is simply not possible for me to do ...
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