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  1. I personally haven't gone on survival as of yet, I am just playing all the maps on all the difficulties, but seems like a hassle Haha Definitely similar on DD1, not particularly a fan of DD2, DDE was okay but not anything special, DDA is getting there but still needs a lot of improvements. I do agree, I do miss Trendy however, I just hope CG can improve DDA a little bit more. My first time going on it I notice massive map errors such as, Missing Walls, or Walls that shouldn't there, legit saw enemies walking through them aha, but all valid points and I agree. Hopefully they will add more stuff such as maps and more characters so it makes the game that little bit more interesting to play. I hope to god DDA isn't dead otherwise I would've support and helped CG get quarter of a million $ for nothing. I understand the frustration and I feel it too, hopefully they will work on doing more with the game soon, fingers crossed... True, I am currently playing it on my MacBook Pro, although it is playable to a certain extent, I can't run it on epic settings only high, so getting it on xbox would be a lot better, it will also be more difficult for people to "Mod" it like they did on DD1, which was really annoying if you just wanted to play legit. I know you have ranked, but even then you still get the occasional modder on there showing off there cheated items. Definitely agree there, they started adding random stuff and it made the game annoying, just lost interest to be honest. Thank you for all of your opinions! It's awesome hearing it. From what I hear the main issue is CG's lack of communication. All that we can hope is that they start communicating with their customers a lot more, also the road map is ridiculous, makes no sense.
  2. Hey guys! Personally I find DD:A to be a beautiful piece of artwork, I love the UI Design of the game, the updated Graphics and the use of the original maps as well as the new maps included in the game. I am making this thread as I would love to hear everyone else's input on the new DD:A, being what they like, dislike and/or maybe even things they miss which are in the original DD but not in the DD:A. Let me know your thoughts on this. Thanks, - Buckyy :)
  3. Aww thanks man I appreciate it also I've got another new release coming out soon to Spotify, Google Play, ITunes etc called "Fall" - Look out for it ☺
  4. Hey guys! As I mentioned on both the DD:A forum and DD:A Kickstarter. I've just uploaded a remix of the Dungeon Defenders theme music, give it a listen and tell me your thoughts and help spread it around so we can get more people to back the DD:A kickstarter, and don't worry, any money made will go straight to Chromatic Games to help them reach their goal on there kickstarter page! Click here to check it out on Youtube! Thanks in advance, - Josh
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