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  1. Thanks for letting me know! :)
  2. Hello everyone! I am just making this post for myself and others interested, but. Will DD:A be released on the regular Xbox one? I have a strange feeling it will be released on the Xbox one X and not the regular Xbox One. Could someone either a member of staff or a regular member of the community let me know what is happening with the Xbox One release? Thanks a lot, - Buckyy
  3. 500 Views and counting! Thanks for the mad support! https://youtu.be/x9FsMnG0n5E
  4. Hello super_slayan, As said above "due to my in-activeness I haven't seen anything threads with this on it.". However I appreciate the response and I'll look out for it however I am unsure how I am going to be aware of the survey you have mentioned unless I will receive an email regarding this. Thanks, Josh
  5. Hey Fellow Defenders! I am sure this has already been mentioned, however due to my in-activeness I haven't seen anything threads with this on it. Basically this thread is regarding when I will receive my pledge perks and how I will receive them so I know when to and how to expect it. Thanks Josh
  6. Nearly hit 100 views on the song and more people have pledged emailing me that they've done so, I'm so glad that I was able to help the Dungeon Defenders Awakened Kickstarter as much as I could and with the help from people who backed DD:A, you're awesome!!
  7. Omg that would be amazing! Let's try the word across to Chromatic Games...
  8. Aww thanks man I appreciate it also I've got another new release coming out soon to Spotify, Google Play, ITunes etc called "Fall" - Look out for it ☺
  9. I saw DD:E and was excited to play, only to find he inventory was too complex compared to the original and I didn't really like the new tavern on there either, yeah the graphics were somewhat better however it just didn't feel like Dungeon Defenders anymore... That's why I dislike DD:E.
  10. Hey guys! As I mentioned on both the DD:A forum and DD:A Kickstarter. I've just uploaded a remix of the Dungeon Defenders theme music, give it a listen and tell me your thoughts and help spread it around so we can get more people to back the DD:A kickstarter, and don't worry, any money made will go straight to Chromatic Games to help them reach their goal on there kickstarter page! Click here to check it out on Youtube! Thanks in advance, - Josh
  11. OMG I forgot about DD:FW!! Man I used to sweat it out in primary at break and lunch on that game, ahh what good memories I have experienced.
  12. I absolutely hate it! I am so glad you brung this up as the one thing i'd get devastated about is defeating a hard boss and getting a weapon with low upgrades and especially negative stats!!!!! I hope they remove this feature in DD:A as it is just so upsetting after all your hard work getting a weapon like that :(
  13. Thanks man I appreciate it! And same here, I feel like a proper sweat the fact I used to know the Ins and Out of Dungeon Defenders 1 :P I used to be a proper nerd but I didn't care cuz my highlight of leaving primary school was to go home, hope on my 360 and bash out on DD:1, so I can relate tbh :D. Make sure to share this around to help with the kick starter :) <3
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