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  1. I am talking about what the devs said on the discord. Also I wonder if Workshop could help
  2. Ah, well its just a name change so they are sticking to what they said. Also they are currently working on an update.
  3. Don't know if you're aware of it, but CG is indeed TE! Its just a name change, nothing more. They did also say that there will still be updates!
  4. Hey all! I have a whole selection of neat ideas that would work rather well for DD2! Enjoy! Exotic - A new, red quality and the items in such quality had EXTREME mods and such items would be untradable and unsellable. They would be obtainable from new INTERACTIVE bosses and resets. These weapons would have new shot types, shot counts, weight either heavier than heavy or lighter than light, Higher extra speed and MORE! Now someone at floor 925 couln't farm special Betsy weaponary at floor 25. They could only do it at floor 925. (Basicly you could only get such weapons at you highest bos
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