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  1. dont need to censor ult+, just ++ and rare stuff like ult accs and ult seahorses. bidding 1 coal
  2. so pretty much late game DDA. or midgame even kek
  3. yeah i cant wait to run survival and having to press the same key for 2 hours.
  4. BillyH


    Im sending the entry for Wuuup since his forum is bugged: " Ty for the Giveaway! :) Entry: https://imgur.com/a/snOmnlw Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198893340068/ "
  5. Yeah ive said it before, I agree with everything moose has said. The chicken in its current state is horrendously overpowered. Especially considering how easy it is to optain one.
  6. BillyH


    Heya Wash, thanks for the new speedrun contest \o/ Here is my entry, I might change it whenever I beat my own time or get beaten: New Entry: https://imgur.com/a/3uDyFRo Steamprofile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/BillyHerringtonPepeH Chars used: Tboost / BoostSum Regards, Billy =)
  7. Im gonna have to +1 Manyu and Moose on that. That accessory set looks absolutely stunning and is unfortunatly ruined by not being able to use it with splitscreen. Id love to see that getting fixed. Either way I appreciate the dedication on the CDT to still update this game.
  8. BillyH


    NPC +10cv on boots =)
  9. Due to unforeseen circumstances I wasnt able to keep the auction up-to-date propely, which is why I'll extend it for 2 more days. Auction will now end on 13th. October 8pm CEST.
  10. Hellow, looking to auction this ++ Piece: Accepted Currency: Coal (Ratio of 10:1; max 5cv) - Cubes - Diamonds (5/10/15) Desired Events: Ginger - 55cv; Cinnamon - 55cv; Celebracers - 80cv | Any other event will be considered but not necessarily accepted! Minimum bid increase is 5cv. This auction will last one week - ending on the 11th October 3pm CEST. If any questions occur, you can DM me on Discord: Billy#2830 C/o: 70cv (Overload) Escev -Billy
  11. Not really sure as most people just trade with ults nowadays. Maybe around 2b for a complete set? Idk could less than that.
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