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  1. fuckfuckfuck i forgot to post my pictures yesterday night, i sincerely hope you will still enter me *-*
  2. As always, thanks for the contest, theyre really fun! :) (Might post updated times as new pictures or imgur link) regards Billy https://steamcommunity.com/id/BillyHerringtonPepeH/
  3. 90cv mask of the pumpkin king + 55 cv
  4. Mask of the Pumpkin King (35) + 45 cv in diamonds
  5. what events do you accept and at what price?
  6. I messaged you one discord, do you have an idea when you will be available?
  7. Cinnamon + 80 cv :eyes:
  8. cinnamon + 50cv do you really think youll get this? :)
  9. cmonBruh Cinnamon + 20cv in Diamonds on the 44x
  10. BillyH


    ya know, i dont want to be lowballing you. lets make it 7cv
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