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  1. I received this ========= Hello, Regarding the shipping costs you inquired about, we have four options available to you. They are the following: Keep your pledge. Pay the shipping cost and receive the physical goods: We'll also give you 3,300 Gems for Dungeon Defenders II as a thank you! Keep your pledge. Pay the shipping cost and NOT receive the physical goods: We'll refund your shipping cost and also give you 1,100 Gems for Dungeon Defenders II as a thank you! Downgrade your pledge below $40 through BackerKit to a lower pledge tier, and use refunded credits to purchase additional items. Cancel your pledge and get refunded. These are the only options we have available to us, as to why, we’ve outlined here. Please let us know which you’d like moving forward and we’ll be sure to make sure it happens. Best, CG Support ========= Submitted ticket at backer kit 10 days ago ish and responded last Saturday on not wanting gems but a refund. Now getting this copy pasta response, reacted with the exact same "I'd like a refund. Cancel my pledge" Hope it doesn't take another week of processing. And that they refund it now.
  2. So many personal opinions, maybe they should start responding to the support tickets Just got the email from the BackerKit ticket, thanks for responding.
  3. Oof it's worse I see they removed my reddit thread regarding refunds without messaging a reason or anything. (scroll up)
  4. About this, is there a deadline until u lose everything because I don't respond to the survey untill this is resolved? Because they haven't said a thing for a week now.....
  5. Wish i were as polite as you are Matthew, i just can't handle the nonsense and go about with a different tone like here: I hope they will refund some of us with this opinion... and see that we cannot be made 'happy or at least neutrally' ok with DD2 in-game goods.
  6. Can i just get a refund for my initial pledge fund? i do not play DD2 and am not interested in any gems.
  7. No response or update about refunds or a way to get money for physical goods back. I'm starting a chargeback on my end with my credit card company. Withholding shipping costs beforehand and holding my money hostage afterwards is against EU laws in many ways. it's a shame. loved DD1 wanted to back you guys into getting a similar/ better experience and now all this. You cannot expect patience on our side without returning decent communication. I'm out. CG has not made a good first impression on me and my peers here in Europe.
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