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  1. The discord server already exists, just go to discord.gg/dd2
  2. This is indeed true, however this is how we met the franchise and since we're going back in time (lore wise) we should have something silly. Of course with a rework so they are not outdated anymore
  3. Modding skins and weapon skins is fine. But creating own weapons is a no go, that will ruin the game.
  4. The old characters do fit in the lore how Chromatic described it. Even tho I am not a fan of DD2, the older versions as skins seems like a nice idea. They do need to get an rework to fit in the DD1 style. If they made the adult versions like the Legendary versions than that would be pretty dope
  5. I would love to hear how you got in touch with the DD franchise. My first experience was amazing as I remember. I was home and around the age of 10 or 11 (not sure). I was allowed to play games on my dad's tablet. I was browsing through the app store and there it was... Dungeon Defenders: First Wave. It looked amazing for tablet games at that time and it was actually really easy to get started with. At that moment it got me, I got almost 2k hours in DD1 these days and I couldn't check how much I played DD:FW, but damn it would've been a lot.
  6. I honestly can't really understand what you are trying to say exactly. However, I think this was some sort of a decent feature. By having negative stats on a piece that would've been an improvement for your character makes you think if you should use it or not. For example you we're a tower squire and got armor with like 100 more tower damage, but you also had -80 tower rate. Then you had to check yourself if it was worth it or not.
  7. I feel you, when I was in primary school Dungeon Defenders had a copy on android. It was called Dungeon Defenders: First Wave. It was a bit like DD1 without any DLC or bonus map. This is what made me fell in love and that was around 8 years ago. I have always been a really big fan of the DD:FW and DD1 games. DD2 fell a bit out of my interest and hearing the "core" of this game is a bit more focussed on DD1 really makes my day
  8. 1. Don’t know, only heard about digital copies so far 2. Because the game it’s core is more focussed on the past and the kids we’re the heroes of the past. 3. DD2 still gets supported, they will release an update probably within a month. 4. “Maybe” -Elandrian 5. Don’t know 6. They talked about an in-game vip lounge. I haven’t seen a clear answer on this yet. 7. For now you can only obtain digital keys through pledging early giraffe (15$/16$/17$) or donate more than 20$. You are free to choose what platform you want it on. Multiple copies allows you to choose for each copy individually.
  9. I think you should keep it like it is since that was a unique feature from the EV, that could be one of the reasons to play her, however we don’t know if she comes back in DD:A. So I think they should just make shields and towers just static
  10. For a game from that generation it was pretty good, of course it is 2019 and games gone really far, so lets hope on a lot more achievements and trophies
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