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  1. #edit I tested it out, it doesn't work. Drain Aura is useless fyi
  2. I want to mod my boost aura with "drain aura" and "poison servo", so the boost aura could inflict enemies with that element. In the forum was a post from april, saying that it once worked but this combo got removed due to some bugs. Does it actually work now, so i could go on a farm to get the drain aura mod? I look forward for responses! Thx
  3. What about the Obelisk's shielding ability? I just experienced it through someone elses build, and it seems like the Obelisk's invincibility Shield timing is mostly enough against the assassins. Anyone knows for sure? In Soloplay it should be constant
  4. The first one to tell me where I lost my chibi dryads will get highly rewarded!
  5. I offer you : Anti-Miniboss 10/10, 50 pristine clusters and 1 c8 amp for one of these mods I also have 50 pristine reroll tokens to offer
  6. Areay

    Amp 8

    any platform? i can sell you 4 for 14kk, or 4kk each
  7. offer me smth, either gold or MOD (i would trade for tenacity, anti-melee or defenserate 10/10, while I give 2 C8 amps on top)
  8. Does the explosion from the slayed enemies, which you get of the shard for the PDT, infect the enemies hitten of that with the poison elemental effect?
  9. Just tested it on the trainingdummy where it used to work as I heared about PS4 and PC having this issue fixed. Unfortunately this isn't the case on Xbox One, still not working since the big update where the element poison got added. So, can I finally take my PDT relic in pieces for something else or will there be a fix at all?
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