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  1. Its no hard case thats why its normally for collectors not interesting ,but when you want some just type in the internet dungeon defenders eternity key
  2. Dungeon Defenders Eternity doesnt work anymore because it has only multiplayer but the servers are down
  3. Will we get the codes for all the stuff earlier when the 250000 dollars are there or then when the kickstarter campaign ends?
  4. What kind of content should have the game? All answers includes new content I personally would like answer 2: A game that have a bigger part from dd1
  5. I think that negativ stats should stay, i mean this kind off gear should be for a special tactic and then you must sacrifice some stats
  6. Personally i would be interrested if the game will gonna be continue being developed or not and if do you gonna develop the kickstarter goals if not enough money comes together? Sry if my english isnt that good iam not native english
  7. I think we are in this point so diffrent, but the console control was better. I personally hate mods and shards and i dont think that the splitting is that good
  8. If you watch the kickstarter campaign closely enough it has yet , after few days, more then the half from 250000 so it will easily crack the 350000, after my expectations it will maybe reach the 800000
  9. This is a online prepaid card, what is an option but i meant a plastic prepaid card that you can buy in the supermarket
  10. Here in Germany this is no thing, even normal credit cards are rare
  11. But why no backer-shop at the exact time with the same rewards and more payment methods ,i mean you have a website and then why no extra section for a backer-shop? You get more money and I get those dd:a code, beta access and the dd 2012 collection code. Isnt it a fair trade?
  12. How should i get in this short time a credit card?
  13. I would like to a see something new, thats crazy but fits in the dd universe, maybe a level with this time warp as introduction?
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