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  1. For month we have been waiting already. It was said the update will drop within the first half of April. Then people called that the Update would come previous tuesday - it didnt. Then people said that the update's gonna drop within 48 hours - since it's friday now we know it didnt. These rumors are just a fu...pain and I seriously am sick of waiting. Im at 12k Medals for 2 Weeks now and kinda quit already because waiting for something that I know will come but dont know when it will arrive kinda destroys all the fun. So can someone PLEASE just post the fu... ETA for the Update? We have been waiting for so long and it would be huge to at least have a date
  2. you cant be serious..first half of april? that is still a month to go..like wtf you cant leave us hanging that long
  3. cant they just do both D: something to toggle and you see everything as an ugly chibi version or the awesome dd2 looks
  4. Besides DD2 Graphics on the Characters, I'd love to be able to scale the UI, thats one thing that I hate alot in DD2...if there are too many different enemies in 1 Portal, the description goes out of my screen and I cant read the..idk what its called..Control Burn for example :D
  5. I generally like the Idea of the game, BUT from what we got shown I must say that the looks just wont do it...the characters are super ugly..they look like a 10$ Lego Game cutout....and just look at the explosive traps...they look exactly like in DD1..which is not good looking at all like...what where you thinking? you should have sticked to the dd2 artstyle. I'm just heavily dissapointed and if the looks stays like that, I for sure won't even think about playing it D: I wish trendy will reconsider (I know they aint trendy anymore but it just sounds better :) )
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