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  1. It feels like a whole lot of 1 step forward 2 steps back. I don't know what endgame is like yet, but I do know that early game is way too easy. Playing consistently on the highest difficulty available through the campaign was incredibly easy. After that my friend and I could take on hard free play in recommended ipower 100 stages with our gear from campaign first try. The lack of a fifth tower is a big disappointment. The third hero ability doesn't really make this feel worth it with the large cooldowns. The lack of range adjustment on auras and traps is also annoying. My favorite class in DD1 was huntress and I played it hybrid. You should definitely make it possible to increase the activation range of traps, while using the old mousewheel system to adjust them down if you want to. The stat investment system is incredibly dumb. It's just going into everything until you hit the soft cap, and every point after that (or in skills that start at *** benefit) feels like it's not even doing anything. Upgrading items, especially weapons, feels far less impactful and is a more annoying process. Losing impactful skills and gaining a *** implementation of criticals is awful. While I have no problems with the addition of criticals, I miss the defense range and speed stats being on items and having a real impact. I think the current implementation of criticals makes it a pretty much useless stat. Melee weapons now have three different combos, this is an improvement. Someone may remember in the past I went through to find out the differences in the combos between weapons in DD1, but I imagine by the way the rest of the game works those differences are now normalized and not weapon specific at all. If that is the case I'm a little disappointed but ultimately I think it's probably better since previously some weapon types were just better. I feel like the lockboxes and pet food / upgrade items shouldn't take up space in the inventory but rather just work like a resource. Or at least have a special bag just for them and let them stack. Picking up items in battle is a little annoying. Previously you'd just look for strictly green thumb items and let the others turn into mana. Now you have to pick everything up and then sell all the garbage. Even if the items did automatically get turned into gold like previously, it would still be annoying because the minimap shows item quality rather than green dot for possible upgrade. I think there aren't enough bosses in the campaign. I hope you're planning to expand the campaign, but even then the normal levels to boss levels ratio would still feel really bad. It's nice to get introduced to enemies the way the game does, but I think you could do more levels where you're introduced to 2 or even 3 enemies at a time instead of 1 per level. I miss the color customization in making your heroes. I feel like this is something that should be brought back, even as a paid feature. Just a simple cosmetic thing that's really nice. I think the variance in ranged weapons feels worse, but overall I think the hero combat aspect is improved. I like that heroes have some impact at the start, and that none of the heroes have worthless defenses at level 1. Overall I think it's an okay game, but not as good as the first yet.
  2. Tower attack rate is actually slower than it says it is.
  3. Look at the control options ingame for the controller, as far as I can tell you can't change the controller keybindings.
  4. If I'm making sense of this, then the best weapon would be a Scythe, correct? If you could somehow snag one with a load of ups. Yeah it looked to pretty much outdo the rest of what I tested. I got an okay one in the tavern after 10 waves of ramparts survival. Perhaps one that shows up in the shop of a wave 25 hardcore nightmare ramparts would end up being really good? Or maybe it drops on mistymire?
  5. Added Couteau's numbers to the post, but I don't know how to add it to the wiki without messing everything up.
  6. You did Glitterhelm right? If not, do Glitterhelm. If yes then see previous post.
  7. Do you get more Mana in general for doing Mixed Mode as opposed to normal survival? You get better items so they tend to be worth more mana.
  8. I have just recently started reading into patches and furture patches and what not because i want to be better at this game because of my large quantity of free time now. However in reading the patch notes i (like many others) am just simply waiting for Trendy to figure out that players like me (more casual but now trying to break into better content) cannot do so..... Me and 3 other friends played medium from start to finish then jumped to insane with that gear and cleared it with many bumps along the way but it was challenging. then we broke into survivals getting ourselves some decent 20^ armor and 30ish^ weps and just ruled insane again for fun. Now we cant even dent UMF or progress further into survival (stuck around wave 20). So then we were excited to get the mana gift from trendy (thanks kinda) we all bought Mythical gear around 50^ armor and 80^ weapons as upgrades (even though its basically crap now) because it was decently priced (spent 20mil, basically everything trendy gave us) spent 20mil in upgrades and i still have more than half the upgrades left to do on my gear. So even with this we cant dent UMF and still stuck on survival insane!..... We cant touch NM. we can kite orges in deep well but we get rocked by spiders/everything else on our walls/towers. Tl;Dr no way for anyone new or more casual to experience all the content due to huge gear gaps from insane to NM and even insane survival to umf. Farm to buy it from people who have done it to clear it then rinse repeat with the new stuff. Ogre kiting should be saved for when ogres are the last enemy standing. Sometimes the defenses are just going to die and there's nothing you can do about it.
  9. You have to complete all the campaign levels including Glitterhelm.
  10. Go into your settings and go to the controls tab. Fix your keybinds there!
  11. I have 60-61 FPS in build phase. You should make a post in the technical support section.
  12. Do you crap out of your foot? It's just the most similar word for boots I could think of. My gloves are grubs and my helmets are hermits.
  13. Having no bonus to projectile speed is fine I've found. Having a penalty, even a slight one, can be pretty bad though. One thing that isn't noted about Projectile Speed is it directly impacts how far you can shoot. This is due to the bolts having a lifespan measured in seconds instead of distance (excluding PvP areas and some challenges). So, having a higher projectile speed doesn't just mean you're more accurate at longer ranges, but that you have inherently longer range than those without projectile speed. Sadly, with the recent stealth nerf to Projectile Speed upgrading (to prevent a mana exploit), you more or less gotta go with what your bow comes. Upgrading it is highly inefficient these days. tl;dr: Look for ones with high bonus to projectile speed, avoid ones with negative projectile speed like the plague, no bonus is okay. It actually is limited to both distance and time, you get max distance with like ~+800 projectile speed and any higher doesn't let you shoot farther. I remember upgrading a bow to +4000 hoping that would increase my distance awhile back and being disappointed.
  14. I name all my boots Butts. Is that a problem?
  15. just noticed that the link to the xls isnt working. what would qualify as enough damage/upgrades? I must have uploaded it to the wrong spot but it's there now. The damage upgrade cap is the highest number it will upgrade the damage (some weapons will upgrade cap at two different numbers like 169/170 in which case I use the more common number). If I have that number I can get the rest of the numbers the same way I normally do.
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