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  1. Yeah i mean in the floor (i cant even remember the name of the event reee) the swords look huge but when you equip them they are actually not that huge they are normal size but i never really used sword in dd1 i barely used my barbarian Edit: glaicers demise?
  2. Oh shit i didnt recognize it but it seems a little too big like the squire can barely grab it lmao The sword looks good though it really does look good what i personally didnt like was the size it is huge
  3. First thing i would rather just buy an early access on steam like dd2 i would rather pay in a store than by card even if i dont get the other kickstarter rewards. So is it possible we see closed beta on steam? Before i talk about the video i want to say i love both games i stepped out of dd2 because i like my "grinds" to have an ending like dd1 i dont have ult++ but with ult gear is more than enough for me and thats the end of the game for me and still played it for hundreds of hours after that "ending" but dd2 idk it seemed too much going to x floor and then ancient power and getting back ascension levels idk endless grind turns me off now endless waves i love that as long as difficulty goes higher Now talking about the video you showed: Death animations like orcs must die please dont this is my opinion but i absolutely hate them mainly because it makes it look so messy and confusing i cant imagine an ogre flying all over the map because a proxy trap killed it. Graphics i know its just WIP but even the background in the forums things seems like a little too polished and waxed/shiny if that makes sense especially the squire they are good though they look good The giant sword you showed in 0:59, no. Now again WIP i just want to make sure the lighting aura doesnt stay that way lmao so empty and sad but then again WIP. The last thing is reusing textures from dd1 maybe even from dd2 honestly idc and what you did to deeper well looks amazing i love it and i would love to see more of this on my favourite maps which kinda was already done in dd2 and its not a complete copy and paste they were new maps the layout was the same but the maps were so different in terms of how they felt and look it was beautiful I hope you either create/design a new type of progression or stick with the dd1 progression instead of dd2 progression i liked the idea of ascension levels but it was a little too much mainly because the gameplay in dd2 is way more active in dd1 you just upgrade and dps here and there in dd2 you have to dps pick up mana and upgrade but either way i still have 500 hours in dd2 so you know good job I like afk stuff btw
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