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  1. I still say both consoles band together and complain about no character DLC >_>
  2. Do/can people read these days? There was no event for both ps and xbox. 10 weapons exist on both sides as they were hosted by Trendy.
  3. There's not enough traffic on either console to warrant separate forums, even the trade forums.
  4. i use to play on the ps3. i know what im doing so im not a total noob. That's why your name looked familiar, could've sworn I seen you post on ps3 threads in the past lol.
  5. PS3 users say to use PSN+ as a backup save, but theres always a chance you're overwriting the old with an already corrupted save.
  6. Keep it civil, there's a fine line between constructive and destructive comments.
  7. I'll take a shot, from left to right Ice, Laura, Hitmonchan, Skott?
  8. Question for 360 players, are the boss rewards dropping with the same number of upgrades as Moraggo?
  9. I've tried so many times to replicate freezing issues with no luck. I have an original 60GB PS3 upgraded with a 500GB HDD and replaced the stock thermal paste heatsink compound with some Arctic Silver 5. You don't see the connection in this? :P
  10. Switch to ps3 lol Sorry, what would that do? Plus isn't that much of a corruption countermeasure considering people are still corrupting.
  11. Ok, lets try this. Quelle arme vous veulent faire le commerce, et ce que vous offrez?
  12. Making 3 broken DLC's in a row is not how you make video games. Broken content is not supposed to be released. Its supposed to be tested and then fixed. This seems to no longer be necessary ever since the online gaming became the norm.
  13. I exchange my (Weapon for a Magician Upgrade [152] ) AGAINST (The weapon for a warrior Upgrade [+140] Please ;) What language do you fluent in?
  14. I say its bad luck, because I ran runs with others who at the same time they received 150+ upgrade items I got a 35^.
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