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  1. 1.https://steamcommunity.com/id/slc1112/ 2.events 3.
  2. Copy this format btw >> 1. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198324411044 2. Events only please. 3.
  3. Hullo it's Bonny. I'm going to do a Thicc giveaway this time around. This ones gonna end on August 31st September 6th. All you have to do is make anything creative and DD1 related and post it here, whether its drawing about your favorite character, a meme, a rap video, a real life cardboard tube, etc. You can post pretty much anything and in the end of the giveaway I'm going to random roll everyone who enters. Also, don't post NSFW stuff here. Please keep it civil. If you think whatever you post is low effort, then thats ok. If you wanna make something look really good then that's a
  4. [3:52 PM] Chewy: @Doughboy can you link me to your main steam account please? [3:52 PM] Banned DoughBoy: for no reason [3:52 PM] Chewy: right now [3:52 PM] Manyu: Can we not solve this in help ._. [3:53 PM] Banned DoughBoy: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198137775063/ Steam Community :: Senpai [3:54 PM] Chewy: looks like theres a game ban on it? [3:55 PM] Banned DoughBoy: CSGo [3:55 PM] Banned DoughBoy: Not DD [3:55 PM] Banned DoughBoy: i can log in if youd like [3:55 PM] Manyu: What's the point [3:55 PM] Chewy: are there any other steam accounts you have
  5. ah shit im late, i wouldve bid too
  6. hullo its bon. not sure how i feel about this update. thales pretty much hit everything i was gonna say but ill reiterate some bits it based on my experiences and the experiences of other peeps who voice their opinions on DDRnG. so first off the main things that are said about emerald is that baby djinns suck, the few who run it say theyre too tanky and they deal way too much damage. the big boy wyverns on that map have way too much hp and you arent able to clear the survival without wheeling. ive asked people in DDRnG and everyone agreed that any survival that NEEDS wheel to win is a
  7. Not sure why you quoted me specifically, but if I had to sum up why I personally didn't want to participate in this, it's partly because I forgot about this whole thing about a day or two after I posted, partly because I don't need events and partly because you mentioned this bit~ And I'm not going to put in effort to try to win a "challenge" or "contest" if certain people are going to be buzzkills about events and calling other people noobs lol. It's not because the challenge is difficult, or because the challenge is tedious. It's mostly because your second comment that I quoted
  8. im all for it, itll make people play the other maps lol. sky city is a great map but ive only ever heard of people farming it a bunch for cats. if this goes through, there would be more of a reason to play sky city. if this is added to every map, not just sky city / kings game, itd make more maps viable armor farming maps and this would give more people a reason to play the older maps.
  9. what do you get for doing the challenge as opposed to the general giveaway
  10. you cant see it but in the bazaar ss, the top right says i won lel. also ty to lolz for carrying cr4 lmao https://steamcommunity.com/id/CaliBonny/
  11. the campaign on this map is easier than all of arcane library survival. the survival on this map is literally unplayable. no matter what i set up, even with my stats (high 7k to low 8k) im unable to beat this map on survival even with one character in while dpsing. i hit 1 frame and my defenses die before i can react to it. the map is nice, the spawns are easy, but there are so many mobs that im unable to play it. i agree with pretty much everything thales wrote and many more people agree.
  12. https://imgur.com/gallery/rxAhz2Z Aquanos: Build - 1:22 Combat - 12:29 Total - 13:51 Moraggo: Build - 1:15 Combat - 12:50 Total - 14:05 Both: Build - 2:37 Combat - 25:19 Total - 27:56
  13. 130 CV Manyu (Sapphire + Crimson + Waterfall + Black Satin Peak)
  14. 115 CV Poropro (Sapphire + Mask of Legends + Firestorm + Iraxto)
  15. 45cv garzhod youre banned from my bday party
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