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  1. Bonnabelle

    2K HERO Contest

    what do you get for doing the challenge as opposed to the general giveaway
  2. you cant see it but in the bazaar ss, the top right says i won lel. also ty to lolz for carrying cr4 lmao https://steamcommunity.com/id/CaliBonny/
  3. the campaign on this map is easier than all of arcane library survival. the survival on this map is literally unplayable. no matter what i set up, even with my stats (high 7k to low 8k) im unable to beat this map on survival even with one character in while dpsing. i hit 1 frame and my defenses die before i can react to it. the map is nice, the spawns are easy, but there are so many mobs that im unable to play it. i agree with pretty much everything thales wrote and many more people agree.
  4. https://imgur.com/gallery/rxAhz2Z Aquanos: Build - 1:22 Combat - 12:29 Total - 13:51 Moraggo: Build - 1:15 Combat - 12:50 Total - 14:05 Both: Build - 2:37 Combat - 25:19 Total - 27:56
  5. id say stuff about me but this isnt about me, its about the quality of the game. i can sit here all day and say a LOT bout my problems and reasons why i cant play games as well but id rather have a conversation about the game, not my problems and dont call me bigoted lol, just because im not going to spill my guts out and tell you my problems doesnt mean im a perfect individual that hates people below me. thats a bold assumption ya have there
  6. im all for it being an optional thing tbh. i just want the game to reward you for making it harder. im just upset that people are complaining this much and are pushing their problems and disabilities on everyone else. id be so damn ashamed of myself if i did that.
  7. want: build timers dont want: jester wheel to be a thing
  8. you get to the point where your towers are so good that you dont need to prioritize dealing damage to anything with your character to beat most maps, so why make it so you can run around and shoot people. thats literally the point most people are making
  9. This applies to dd1 timers n stuff and nothing about dd2 not going to say much about this cuz i already said a lot lol, but my 9 year old cousin can play dd1 on nmhc on an xbox controller. i get that timers are annoying, sure. but using disabilities as a driving point for an argument is a very weak foundation to make a solid argument. i understand that disabilities DO limit how well or how actively youre able to play compared to the hardcore gamers and whatnot, but seriously pushing your disabilities on the game developers is really sad. not only should you feel ashamed of doing so, youre creating unecessary stress on the developers and anyone who wants to counter this. the game developers should NOT be put in a position where they have to change how the game is played to compensate for the small minority of players that dislike content. and they should NOT feel like they have to change their content out of pity or from drama. if playing the game is literally impossible then obviously youll need a helping hand but if its something like "my anxiety makes me freeze up when im under pressure from time restraints" youll just have to tough through it. thats just part of the game. lastly if anyone says that they cant beat a map due to timers being too difficult, its not that the game is too hard its that you just havent had enough time ingame to be good at it yet.
  10. 130 CV Manyu (Sapphire + Crimson + Waterfall + Black Satin Peak)
  11. 115 CV Poropro (Sapphire + Mask of Legends + Firestorm + Iraxto)
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