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  1. Arm Guard Of Love Stieglitz Cinnamon https://steamcommunity.com/id/CaliBonny/ ty for giveaway thaley boi
  2. idk about you but appealing on the forums and asking the community who is obviously against hacking and cheating isnt the way to go. and sorry to be the bearer of bad new but there is literally no way of this getting approved and youre talking about how theres so many solo players and your hacking wont affect anyone or anything. then why arent there more posts? well, thats because those solo players dont hack or atleast they dont complain. also also also, just hack on open or listen to what thaleskpl said and download an old version and play by yourself. and idk if youll read this so ill make this part really excessive. If you want to hack your stats and play solo anyways, play on local. theres no need to play on ranked if youre playing by yourself anyways oh and as a side note. when you said something about "seriously guys, come on now. who cares." uhh well sorry to tell you but the communites from dd1 dd2 the devs from CG and everyone who will possibly ever use this forums is against hacking. as another side note. you can beat everything solo. its not hard, you just have to stop hacking and actually try to play the game
  3. he said 90-95% of all the content, that means literally all content. the bit he was talking about were mainly survival maps and maps that require more than just stats (by that i mean skill). doing some maps on survival is really damn hard with 4k stats but its still beatable. embermount survival is incredibly hard cuz ogres have upwards of 125m hp and oneshot you if you dont have max resistances. this kind of content was the other 5-10% he was talking about
  4. cupids and rainbow unicorns that drop as ult pls
  5. tldr; the removal of negative and bad stats for being a "ultimate" item is poopy and we should keep it the way it is i honestly think some gear should still roll with negative stats. i dont know why it shouldn't. itd make the grind for gear take a lot less time than it should. it wouldn't even really be a grind then. heres some gear that ive farmed in dd1 and its kinda obvious what kind of character these are supposed to go onto. the negative\poor stats really dont matter here but i know that sometimes, really good pieces can be really bad, like having a really good tower++ armor and having negative range. you can say its bad that a ++ rolls with a negative stat but if literally ever item had a positive, you can have super high stats on everything with little to no effort. Ive only ever seen 5 other people with an ember scepter that has more than 70k damage and even though it has -152 ab2 and 71 damage, it still beats literally everyone elses scepter because of how the way stat scaling works. and for the kraken kannon, it has garbage hp and damage for being a ++ but its definitely not unusable. its just not the "best" it still beats like 99% of other peoples kraken kannons but im not complaining
  6. i dont understand how it takes 1000 hours to farm one ultimate weapon, regardless of it being either horrible or unusable, theres something a lot worse than one item being bad here. side note though, im pretty sure that out of all the times ive farmed kings game, ive gotten about 40 ult pawn shots and all but a handful were unusable, and by unusable, i meant that they had really dumb rolls. other than that i saw decent tower ones and dps stats stick ones. side side note, i dont know if you played the day or week kings game was released but if you played dd1 in its current patch and you were able to farm kings game at an average time of like 20 minutes a map (which is still really dam slow but its whatever) youd get like 3 ults an hour. kings game is a horrible map to farm for weapons though, you can farm moonbase in a third of the time for gear that drops ult more often and with better stats. i havent checked the ult weapons drops per hour but for me and my small sample of about 130 hours or so in campaign farming at around 6 minutes a run with 4 characters, ive gotten about 1 or 2 ults per run. idk about you but 1000 hours to farm one ult as opposed to 1 ult every 6 minutes is kindaaa yeah. oh and before i get quoted and messaged about how they dropped, they all drop with 300+ in almost every stat and you constantly get mythical staffs that have multiple stats that are +400 Want: Literally anything and everything dd1 but better Not Want: Clunky dd2 uis and any kind of micro transactions
  7. OP i agree with literally everything you said, ive never played dd2 but from what ive heard about onslaught i dont want to spend more than like 2 hours on the same map afking, let alone 5+ hours like some people. i get theres a challenge to onslaught where everything gets harder overtime but i really dislike the idea of sitting in the same map for more than an hour with little to no reason besides bragging rights.
  8. i cant really put in a comment for dd2 and its grinding but for dd1 the thing i really dislike is the need to add extra characters to maximize rewards, i can understand adding in characters to just have more than one character on the map to do things but like, having multiple afk characters sitting there just to get more gear is kinda butts. i'll still do it anyways since thats the only way to maximize the amount of rewards you get its definitely annoying in some cases, theres reasons on both sides of this and why multiple characters get more drops because it just makes sense, two apprentices in the map should only get one stave, they should get one each. but this also promotes the use of multiple characters on one account to get 3x or 5x the map rewards than just having in one character. if i could toss in my two cents itd have to be this, i honestly dont know what would be a good fix for this but what ive gathered from talking to buds of mine is that either making it so the rewards are booped to the number of players in the match so 6 characters = 6 rewards, 1 account = 1 reward, this would promote more people to play together to finish maps faster but would slow down progression a shit ton, or have it so it drops like normal but have a different kind of rng for gear things. oh and a side note that kinda isnt really related but somewhat related is hopefully making drops in dda scale to how fast you beat the map. not like everything above a certain time gets a constant reward but like, if you can beat it in a certain time, you get a little modifier to make your loot a little bit better, itll make people start playing the map non afk instead of afking and itll make people try to do riskier builds as opposed to a safe build. and also running maps faster and doing things faster would make drops at higher levels scale better from the bonus thing. me and a couple other thought that would be better than adding in like, nightmare mode++ and then adding super nightmare ultra chaos mode or some ridiculous level scaling thing. you can just farm nightmare and get better gear to farm it faster and get better gear and so on. this is just an idea at best so yeah i agree with what op said about dd1 in pmuch every way and i wanted to add something about the part where getting gear after farming forever just to get minimal upgrades and stuff, i never got to that point until i hit like 6k stats, and so did many other people that ive helped and watched play the game. youre right though, the grind is slow and it feels like forever i never saw myself get stuck on stats till about 1.4k hours and even at that point, i wasnt able to solo farm every map consistently or at a speed where i was able to farm a shit ton of stuff. after you like 7k+ stats, you get to the point where you can do maps really damn fast, like moonbase nmhc takes all of 5-7 minutes to do and you can afk 95% of that as opposed to someone who has 2k stats who has to take their time building and playing 100% of the time and take like 25 minutes to do it. OP endgame stats is a different thing entirely but the part where minimal upgrades n stuff are apparent arent until youve played the game so much that you have almost 450^ weapons, ToTs on all your characters, cap accs and cap ults on all your most used characters. Ive personally gotten to the point where i have gotten multiple ++ of every weapon but i have garbage armor since i dont like farming it much, i still have higher stats than most people though.
  9. Ooo thats nice, I'd like to see the characters move speeds increased from what it is on DD1 or have something fixed about movement speed so you wouldnt have to be tied down to a specific pet like you're saying. I personally never had a problem with movement speed being an issue in DD1 during end-game content because me and many others had tower weapons and pets that increased movement speed. Also the weapons like the Blaster Rifle and Mischief Maker have passive movement speed bonuses as well as other pets like you mentioned and they give super good tower stats so the builders are usually super duper fast. The only minor problem I have with this is starting off in the early game times when you dont have access to any of this and the gameplay is a lot slower. Even though early game is waaay different from endgame on DD1, It feels sluggish and I hope there's something in DDA that could balance this without the need of movement speed buffing items. Or when just make it so movement speed doesn't cap at 100 like in DD1 and have it go beyond 100 to improve your movement speed even further.
  10. Ok. First of all. there is a metric crap ton of DD1 VS DD2 fighting going on from what ive seen in vc, on the forums and on the discord servers. How about lets stop shitting on each other about whose game is better and spread some happiness and good vibes. Instead of saying whose game has a better mechanic whether its inventory management, character design or whatever, lets just say something like~ "I think DDA would benefit from having DD1's armor set ups and upgrading system because blah blah" then after that when someone else posts something, don't shit on that guy/girl for his/her opinion, just respond with "Personally, I prefer DD2's approach to it because blah blah." Got that? Sweet! Let's try to have a civil discussion about what features you like about whatever game or even what little quirks and things you'd love to have in DDA. The CG devs shouldn't have to sift through the fighting in the forums in order to see what we think about DDA. So far they probably think its just a war between DD1 and DD2 stuff but its totally different. It's two beautiful games that are different in a lot of ways and the CG devs are trying to make a game that combines the best parts of both. So lets tell em whats great about it! (Without shitting on each other pls) For what I would like to see in DDA is the return of the DD1 accessory sets. I'm completely in love with the Palantir accessory set cosmetic wing thingy. I've spent 32 hours farming Palantir for like ~200 sets so I can find the best pieces and outfit every character I have with them. I like this set a whole bunch and I hope that the CG devs put this into DDA. [In the picture it's the White Wing thing. In DD1, if you wore certain parts of an accessory set from certain maps, you would get a really cool cosmetic effect.]
  11. My entry is an Azurill with a ditto face Thanks for doing a giveaway! Skiing is waaay better than snowboarding by the way >:) https://steamcommunity.com/id/CaliBonny/ 1)War Bonnet 2)Black Satin Peak 3)NPC PS. MS Paint is difficult lol
  12. if kings game survival took around 5 hours you might not have had the stats to do it efficiently. once you hit 4k stats you should be able to do kings game in like an hour and a half with a good build. As far as im aware you cant go higher than wave 40 on dd1. people manage to farm moonbase nm hc with like 5k stats in an hour and a half using a really good build. its hard to get far in dd1 playing solo or without other people. if you have friends or are in the ddrng discord, im pretty sure you can hit end game and do all the maps within a few weeks with other peoples help. i know that me playing solo i wasnt able to beat tinkers lab on nmhc but thats cuz i didnt know what was good or not
  13. If its anything like dd1 i doubt you can go higher than like wave 40 on survival for anything. spending more than an hour or so on a map was never intended on dd1 and im pretty sure that this will also not happen in dda. just reading that you can hit wave 65 on anything just made my stomach drop.
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