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  1. love ya senji. even if youre leaving dd. the people at ddrng are always gonna be there for ya. gl on the future stuff and i hope you do well with all your stuffs! <3 -bon
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    5 chorses neigh
  3. when i ran palantir for a long time to get good accs, i hero boosted a barbarian and hawked the boss. I dont know if ww bosses got nerfed in any way, the lts nerf vs bosses made the map "harder" cuz killing the bosses with lts is slower now. randomizing its spawns wouldnt make the boss harder, itd just make you run around more, if you can kill the boss in 1 second with any character, itll just make it so you now have to run around for about 30 seconds then kill the boss under one second somewhere else. if anything, its making it harder for the people who dont know how to kill the boss to begin with and if youre talking about ev vs barb, itll be easier for the barb to run to the boss but harder to hit since he would probably be flying when you get to him.
  4. Thanks for the giveaway. Gave me another reason to run this besides achievements lmao.
  5. not sure which map theyd chuck this onto but i think itd be cool to implement this with the oasis event map that had mini light krakens and when you beat it, you get one per char in game. cool design tho, would love to see this in game if it gets enough traction
  6. Palantir Accs are really bad compared to other accs farmed from Winter Wonderland, Temple of Love, Embermount, Crystalline Dimension, Arcane Library, Greater Turkey Hunt, and most of the time, Lab Assault. As far as im aware, the Palantir set is the only set that has never gotten a buff. Hopefully if a buff goes through, they would be worth farming. I personally farmed about 30 hours of this map which is around 130 runs and not a single acc capped supreme and not a single supreme got over 450 even if i dumped all the points into it. If we get a bunch of people to vote in the poll thing im going to make here if it works then it might get changed. If you already voted and ya really want this to go through, just comment +1 on this.
  7. whats the first digit of your reserve. how much coal to one cube what do you value one vortex hammer 5 cv
  8. if your time gets beaten, can you upload another time? via editing your OG post and saying that you beat it?
  9. Already over. B traded a good++ dice. sorry for all the people who see this in your feed
  10. already know im not going to get much (insert normal trade stuff) 5/10/15 8Coal:1cv minimum bid has to be 1 cv more than the last ends in a week from this post. if anyone bids on the last day, the auction goes on for another day after that yadda yadda. im starting around 12:40AM PST on April 16, 2019 dm me on discord if you have any questions Bonny#3601 ill take events but please dont waste events on this thing no one taught me how to censor anything if you need an ic ill get one but this piece is pretty bad anyways so yeah (edit) im pretty salty for going 7m dry on mb surv so im selling this right away
  11. what do you value spearmint, gaias, golden roost, beans leftovers, marid and queen georgia at.
  12. Bonnabelle


  13. If you need help with anything and you have discord, join https://discord.gg/FE4cRCs. its the largest DD1 discord and people are always willing to help with anything in regards to dd1. You can also join the official DD discord at https://discordapp.com/invite/dd2. the official discord is mainly DD2 and not many people can help you with DD1 content there.
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