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  1. I dislike you all a little bit less since it's almost christmas. Tis the season. heuehue
  2. 1. Pick an item in game (you can't suggest items that don't exist such as Old One on a Treadmill) that the event item will be modeled after 2. Pick a new name, description, raised by, upgrade level 3. Pick out new colors for the event, this can include how shiny you may want the item to be. (You can even choose the size of the item) 4. Pick stats for the item. Pick what stats the item has, how high the stats are, ect. (You can even change the swing speed of melee weapons to if you would like) 1. Battle Droid 2. Name >> BonBot V13.3.7 Description >> "Could you play that song again?" Built by Bonny Upgrades >> 101/101 3. As pink and shiny as possible 4. Picture below. So for stats and whatnot, Idk how to balance things but I think the stats are fine, 404 across the top and the first 12 digits of pi for the bottom. The damage might be too high for the number of projectiles but I want that number to remain the same if possible since its the number used in the I Love You thing (ill link a youtube video to it) I'd like for the attack speed to remain the same or higher because fast attacking pets are cool. I don't really care about the extra projectiles, If the damage is too high, you can knock this down to make it not OP. I just wrote 3 there as a place holder. The description is the meme in Spongebob where Spongebob assumes Mr. Krabs is a robot. I'll link that as well. I picked the battle droid as a pet since it has the weakening effect thing and I think that's pretty cool. The 1337 numbers should be self explanatory and the 101 upgrades is leet speak for lol. Idk what the mana should be set to though. Links vvv https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQKyf4sWDlc I love you thing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HuB_Pm4Xxbs Can you play that song again?
  3. B'non no crashes cuz i dont suck eggs http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198324411044 thanks for doing event nerd totally not wasting space and tying a lot so the website doesnt flag me for spamming and deletes my post/doesnt let me post cuz i totally didn't save the pictures of the map completions haha totally not why im typing a lot to bypass the poopy forums things.
  4. I don't know how to to the steam ID shizz so ima just post whatever the steam.io website told me STEAM_0:1:57207058 [U:1:114414117] 76561198074679845 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198074679845
  5. my favorite item would def be tots, no one likes them but thats because theyre afraid of running. https://steamcommunity.com/id/CaliBonny/
  6. the story starts off with me being a butt and leaving mid event during the wandering heart event to go pick up my sister from school, and when i left the thingy i said sorry to the host like 12 times. turns out it was plane and she was all like, its ok lol, just get your item later. i was pretty pumped at the time cuz eternity would be a massive upgrade in terms of stats (best event btw). about a month later, steam did that scary ghost shit where it just randomly pops up messages and it brought up me and planes dms, i was like oh shit i forgot to ask him if theres a discord or smth so i can play dd with peeps. i ask him and he links like 3 different things, planes server, ddrng, and the steam chat. i clicked whichever one was at the top. i join the server and it immediately throws me into vc (either that or i miss clicked so hard that i joined call). so now im in a vc with a bunch of weirdos and im sitting there all quiet. i look through the vc and its a couple people whos names ive seen off of youtube and guides but ive never talked to them before, i joined a call with plane, washboard, herr, spader, and lolz. i still remember the really funny conversation that was going on at the time, washboard was trying to explain how to use the word chuffed and everyone was purposely using the word wrong and it was funny as butts. i honestly didnt know what to think since i just randomly joined a call with a bunch of cool people in a kinda private discord. i dunno, like a month later, i start becoming more and more of an elitist by being in that channel. also, to everyone who ive managed to befriend since then, hi, ur pretty cool. yadda yadda more stuff happened and now were here two years later. thanks for listening to my shitty story.
  7. Accepted Currency: Coal 8:1 (Max 10 CV per bid) Cubes (Max 15 CV per bid) Diamonds 5/10/15 Party Hats (NPC/Celebration): 100 Magicite: 80 Current Bids: Mail Helmet: Pristine Shirt: 15 CV FidoTheFish0000 Plate Shirt: Pristine Gloves: Plate Gloves: 10 CV TheRealJ Reserve is 10 CV per piece (read: would rather keep them than sell for less than that) Will end Nov 27th at 12:00 UTC & Big Thanks to Bon for auctioning these for me. <33 Side note from Bonny :P I'm making this auction for Wootton and will keep this updated as much as I can, I'd prefer you keep bids in this thread but if you need to dm me on discord, my info is Bonny#3601. Gl and happy hunting.
  8. cr4 krakens arent worth the time and effort farming since theyre pretty sucky. the melee on it is really trashy, the time and effort it takes to farm one that can beat a chickens melee damage is so never worth it. if it takes a super solid ++ kraken with god rolls to come close to a chicken's melee dps then theres something obviously really wrong with them. you can make the argument that theyre also balanced to be a range pet, but you can compare that to any other ranged pet you can farm and itll still be lacking. everytime i bring up farming cr4 in ddrng (dont ignore this because im bringing up that discord server) i either get laughed at or most of the people listening will tell me to spend my time doing something else more efficient. dont get me wrong, i really like the map and how it plays out but the rewards are so sucky that i might as well be trying to farm a ++ pristine armor on lab assault. regarding drop rates n stuff their ult rate is pretty poopy. locking it to one per account is pretty dumb. if i want to solo it and more that one kraken, i have to bring in my alt account (that i had to buy) to be able to get two of the same poopy pet. i really wanted these to be decent enough to use but i might as well use chickens since theyre better in pretty much every way. hopefully the new content isnt as bad as cr4 because as of currently, this map is as dead as the base game and 90% of the challenge map dlcs
  9. i can solo the maps without events and 4 player scaling. yeah the stat requirements are tough but its supposed to be the hardest set of maps in the game. i couldnt beat it for a while with higher stats but after i practiced it a bit, it was pretty easy, theres just a learning curve and some people just cant get it
  10. Welcome back salty, how was your break from DD Also, Red (I guess youre taking it for 55cv or something) and a Non-Cap (5cv) So 60cv total
  11. Bonnabelle

    WTA Ult+ genie

    oh lol thats a genie not a djinn(let)
  12. yeah? theres no other way for me to give you rewards unless we're both ingame and i hand them to you lol
  13. I WOULD LOVE THIS. you can double circle slice with every weapon but you have to get the timing right, making it so you automatically doubles would be super great and make the tech a bit easier. It was always super hard watching my animations and double slicing during gameplay (not on a dummy) and i think this would be nice for the few people who play squire. not many people know that double circle slicing is a thing and i feel as though people would want play squire more even if theyre still not meta. Im all for this change.
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