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  1. Don’t let me down Mark, loot game better be on point 😉🤯
  2. Of course they’ve already stated they will be updating all characters it won’t be a copy and paste of DD1
  3. Yeah I already seen their update. But yes you do need to test each platform. They will just be doing it in house.
  4. At this point it all depends on how much you love DD1 and want to support them. You bring up points of the reward value falling off, but as long as we make good money and can afford it, I’ll back them for a swagged out golden guilded tavern 😎
  5. Why have a pc only beta if they are planning to release on all platforms at the same time???? They would also need to beta test console versions...
  6. If be lying if I said I didn’t check DDA forums and Kickstarter multiple times a day 👀
  7. I went straight for the gold tavern😂😂
  8. Thanks so much chromatic games for including console to your project! You’ve got my backing 🙂
  9. Loveeed th grind! More like 2000+ hours on dd1 for me and maybe 100 hours on dd2 and I was done with it!
  10. Holding out on my $300 backing. Gonna wait until the last few days to see how far it gets. Hoping it actually reaches 350k so console will get worked in as well 😬
  11. For walls I would like them to stay true to their roots. I liked them
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