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  1. I have been playing on the Xbox for a while now i know that they dont do any events anymore i was wondering if anyone have any events items they dont want anymore that i could have?
  2. i have a full set of mistymire items pre patch to give a away if anyone wants them? i have the other to classes but im lazy to posted them if anyone wants them drop you gt
  3. I still play on my 360 time to time but mostly play solo
  4. I personally think they have no intention on making it backwards compatibility scent ps3 severs are down form gamespy shouting down and can’t bring it to ps4 and would make it unfair for them and For some reason the Xbox backwards compatibility goes by publisher of the title or who has the right of the title with the trendy back we might get a chance of a backwards compatibility in the future
  5. Getting to wave 15 isn’t impossible it’s a challenge to get with only easy gears and being cap at 10 and it also depends on if you were playing solo or in a group with more people it’s been a while scented I played on the demo version and don’t remember what you can do and how many characters you can make if you can make a few characters try making on forces on wall And put as much health into the walls as much as you can and make another character for your tower damage and for a damage hero I’ll fine an item the have an high element damage and upgrade it in element for the ogres and let’s
  6. I was wondering if anyone wants to go back and pay on the console version
  7. This is a good idea to have in the future the only the thing meet be bad is the balancing for the pvp like a new player vs an old player and the gears people have
  8. Form playing both dd1 and dd2 I think ascension levels are a good thing to add to dda I feel like it give people who spend a lot of time playing the game feel more powerful then someone who started
  9. I would like to see what events they can do on dd2 but I don’t think they will do it anytime soon. The developer are focusing on the upcoming dungeon defenders awakened game at the moment and most of dd2 updates will be slowed down for a bit
  10. I think dungeon defenders awakened is a good idea but I personally think if it go back to its roots with the customization in the stats in the original game mix in with the shards bounes form the second game would mix it up and add many of hours of gameplay but the only worry’s I have with dda is it might end up like dde a clone dde was good but was missing most of what made the original amazing hopefully they can improve on the idea form the original and add the shards bounes form the second game hopefully dda isn’t a clone of the original that will be forgotten about after a couple of months
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