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  1. 10 cv plate gloves
  2. So it has come time to say goodbye to my precious waterfall and I wanted to either sell it or auction it. I think most people understand its worth and other items worth so I will spare you those. I am interested in useful events (ik waterfall is a useful event) or diamonds @ 5/10/15 or 8 coal - 1cv and any other offers. For event prices, I loosely follow this sheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WvvU13X6F7mtSrugcJvOUmar_oEi2eSQC_V-VWC1IYI/htmlview If you are interested in buying and not bidding feel free to message me on discord @The Real J #6600 (I have no idea if the spaces matter or not, but I am in the ddrng discord if you want to find me in there) I will keep this forum updated as needed and thx in advance all who are interested!! :)
  3. I am looking to auction or sell my TRACED Magicite Item Trace - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1674410163 This auction will end in about a week or so, or the item will be instantly sold if i get an extreme overpay or make a deal with someone accordingly Things I want - Useful events (Gaia, Ball Blaster ect.), Ult or above GOOD set of armor for my app (need over 6k dmg and good rate and range as well), any other good pieces of armor that I will price accordingly, diamonds 5/10/25, coal 8-1cv any other offers will be reviewed before posted as current offer. Event Prices - Gaia 60cv Ball Blaster roughly 100cv (would trade straight up for magi 1 for 1) Any other events offered will be priced and listed as auction continues! Current Offer - N/A Time until auction ends - Roughly 1 week If you have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to message me on discord @The Real J#6600 (Spaces may or may not be included)
  4. I have a few events that I do want to sell or auction. *They are all traced* They are - Queen Georgia, Groovy Mask, and Spearmint I accept cubes or coal 8-1cv and diamonds at 5/10/15/25 I also accept other events and I will price them accordingly The auction will last a few days
  5. Sorry the link was to a private image so I will fix that. Thank you for pointing that out.
  6. I have a groovy mask and a queen georgia that I don't really want, just trying to see what I can get for them! Traces - https://steamcommunity.com/id/TheRealJ22/screenshots/ Queen Georgia C/O - 10CV Groovy Mask C/O - Im interested in events, diamonds, and cubes Anti Snipe rule is also in place and uh yeah these auctions won't last too long maybe a week at most. *NOTE - i am really looking for a gaia's last gift and a Ball Blaster so both plus a non cap diamond would go for a BB or one of them plus a non cap diamond for a Gaia's last gift*
  7. OK so we talked about it and now you are currently not bidding
  8. I value that at 105CV so thats the current offer
  9. I currently would like to auction or trade my traced rainmaker for some stuff. I accept diamonds, 5/10/15 and cubes as well as events. If you have an event, post a reply saying which event and I will price it accordingly. (I am also looking for a Ball Blaster(70CV), Greater Magecite of Wind(105CV), and Gaia's last gift(40CV) so i will probably price them above what they are worth a bit.) TRACE - http://prntscr.com/msu7vg I reserve the right to cancel the auction if i do not wish to sell it for a price that i believe is too low. Buyout Price is going to be 200CV Thanks a ton everyone! C/O-105CV magecite from Lukas Time Remaining 5 days-ish because i don't really know how long this will take. Also if there is an offer in the last day i will extend the time to prevent sniping. TY lukas for buying out the rm
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