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  1. I defiantly think defender medals should be WAY quicker and easier to earn. A standard map only gives you 23 DM (apart from the Drakenfrost keep giving 25) which is no way near enough. You would need to play 44 full maps to atleast earn 1,000 (not counting the daily/weekly quests) and thats a **** ton of grinding!

    I think the amount of DM you earn per map should at least be tripled.

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  2. Completely agree with all of this, there is nothing wrong with re-enabling old content like the Terraria event or Carnival event. I just really wish there was something to do in DD2 right now apart from farming expeditions and onslaught.

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  3. As we all know, DD2 is very dry right now as there is not a variety of content for players to do. What if there was a small event in-game that could liven the game back up and make people want to play it more?

    I was thinking of an idea where the golden witherbeast things from the Kobold bling king incursion could randomly spawn in other gamemodes like expeditions, campagin and adventure mode and you could get either an EXP boost or 4 or 5 random legendary items when you kill them.

    Also I would like to see the carnival map re-enabled so it is playable again along with old rewards like the special pets to be re-introduced back into the game.

    Thoughts on these two things?

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  4. 2 minutes ago, Ramshead said:

    I remember this one as it was the only one I had to make notes on to complete.  Luckily for you I still have my notes!

    Facts: you have 800 DU to build with, can only build towers, and must have 10 different ones on the map.

    My Solution: build all towers near the crystal and use a frostbite tower with frosty power, destruction, and deadly strikes shards, then def rage, def power mods(this will buff everything!)

    I went with 6X Earth shatter for main damage (360 DU) and 3x Cannon towers (90 DU) = 450 DU to have 2xearth shatter and one cannon for each lane.  Leaving 350 DU to build 8 other towers.  The other towers I went with are:

    1 PDT (40du)

    1 Skyguard(50du)

    1 Hailstorm(40du)

    1 Ramster(50du)

    1 skeleArhers(40du)

    1 Ballista(60du)

    1 Obelisk(40du)

    and the Frostbite(30du) mentioned earlier.

    Then the trick is to have good range on the Earth shatter and point them to where they are hitting enemies before they can target the towers.

    I picked upgrading the Skyguard early to help a lot with all the fliers you will have on 3 lanes. and run around the outer perimeter with you hero to kill as much as you can.

    Build image attached.

    Have fun,




    C6 unholy cata mastery build.jpg

    Now this is a plan, thanks @Ramshead will try this and let you know how it works out

  5. I'm really struggling with this mastery map and its the only one I have left to do. I have 12 different tower type defenses available to me and have tried everything from flame throwers to Earthshatters, nothing seems to work. No matter what defences I place down they just get destroyed by the Hex throwers.

    The rules are pretty simple - build 10 or more different defences, all must be towers, and nothing gets sold or destroyed.

    Has anyone managed to beat this map? If so please give me some tips in completing it.

    Please add me on steam - https://steamcommunity.com/id/MiniTie/

  6. Totally agree guys. shards are a major part of the game and just ridiculous to obtain. Chromatic need to consider this for both brand new players and veteran players so therefore defender medals would be a bad choice in my opinion as players will want to unlock the new heros etc first.

    I would like to see shards obtainable with gold via the vendor as both new and longtime players have this available to them. Maybe 200,000 per shard?

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  7. Hey uhhh there's a new shard vendor coming in the next update right to stop people farming lower chaos tiers and because RNG is a pain in the ***.

    How will it work? What currency will we have to use to buy these shards? - Need answers/predictions ASAP in preparation for the update.

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