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  1. Sooo, first of all I'm very sorry if I cannot express myself correctly as my english is very limited. From what I can see on the Discord chat, everyone of you seems to be pretty exited 'bout the new DD game. I guess thats probably natural since alot of you seem to be DD1 fanboys. But, personally I hate this.... We got big news announced and for some this probably might be big news...but for me it's just a punch in our faces. I was excited for days what news might hit us, what they will bring to dd2, thinking about what it could be since they said its very big news. And then this lame bomb drops...this is the most dissappointing news ever ( which I seriously didnt believe would be possible after the first awesome news bomb was the new forum which is incredibly lame too lmao) But anyway, if ya'll happy with that new DD game..I hope you will have fun with it on my end I hope that DD2 wont be forgotten...im super sad right now and just hope that they wont forget us dd2 lovers
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