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  1. Looking for pristine motes on PS4, will pay 2 million a stack. Will also buy pristine clusters, not so sure on pricing for them.
  2. I was able to load the old patch by deleting the game, and reinstalling it. This was not a quick process and obviously I was sh***ing myself that all my progress would be lost!!! (It wasn’t) how will Euro PS4 players know when to load the new patch then?
  3. So the Europe PS4 patch is not working, and we have been instructed to download the old patch. Does anyone know how we actually do that?
  4. Only interested in gold or a swap for anti mele, sorry.
  5. Iv got one for sale on PS4. Found 2 now, after I already bought 2 haha 😂
  6. So nobody knows the answer to this? Is there a way we can directly ask the dev’s because it’s kind of important seeing as people mostly only use earthshatter’s on long shot lanes.
  7. It obviously couldn’t be a 1 for 1 swap, but maybe 3 garbage 10’s and a bunch of gold to make a 10 of ur choice. It would at least mean u could be excited every time u get a 10. Instead “omg a 10” followed by complete and utter dismay when it turns out to be yet another useless mod no one uses.
  8. Please could you introduce a method to combine garbage mods into ones we need? I just found my 3rd anti skeleton servo 10/10 and in hundreds (maybe thousands!!) of hours game play I have never found a single 10/10 anti mele or anti chaos. How is that fair? Games are supposed to be fun not torture! Maybe add something to new material converter, but for mods. At least then every 10/10 mod would have some value.
  9. Are there any dev’s on the forums that could give us the answer?
  10. So obviously the earthshatter tower’s initial damage is perfect for longshot lanes thanks to its huge range. But what about the area damage from the shatterquake mod? Does this still count as an attack from distance? Or is it now actually a proximity attack? Does anyone know for certain? cheers
  11. Description: 10/10 Tenacity servo (C7) Price: highest offer Platform: PS4 if you are interested leave a comment, I’ll meet up on any server at whatever time suits you. I’ll put the item up in my shop in a private tavern. Cheers
  12. Thanks for the response. It’s difficult to see if the poison is doing damage during a map because it’s not the only source, so the dummies are the only way to know for certain. Is there a reason the poison doesn’t work on dummies?
  13. So with regards to the poison issues, what’s going on with the PDT? It’s poison effect hasn’t done any damage since the update. Two fixes have now been and gone and yet still, one of the oldest towers in the game does not do what it’s supposed to. Are we supposed to assume this is not in fact a bug and the PDT will no longer do poison damage? Some clarification would be nice.
  14. Attuning lightning to weapons man means u can’t have water servo on it, which most people do seeing as it gives the electrocute combo. This means anyone who has a maxed chaos 8 relic with shocking revelation and water servo on it has wasted an unbelievable amount of time/resources because it’s now useless.
  15. So basically ur completely screwing over anyone who has upgraded a weapons manufacturer to max chaos 8 with a water servo on?
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