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  1. How to know where to get every accessory style , thank you.
  2. don't waste your time in normal armors just go for rift gears directly you can even get back to nightmare and get some good rift gears then go to massacre
  3. i would like to see more amazing builds like that
  4. i like the new changes because it made every map important , before i was just running them for no reason other than fun , now i actly have stuff to gain from this map , the problem it's gona be really really long time before new stuff come to play and about the Summoner they said on stream before he is not coming at all any time soon , that if he actly made it to the game , becasue he will make every build useless
  5. i agree to that from first day on the update , more options more fun , less options very fast dead update
  6. i just finished Glitterhelm Caverns without any rift gear, and at the last wave i got this is this top gears for rift mod now or because i don't have any rift gear on me iam getting low stuff
  7. First Thanks for all the work you did Guys , really thanks i like alot of what you guys did here is my questions : 1-as solo player is the benefit from the Gear set only works if the Hero is in your Deck ?? that really bad for soloing the maps if this true 2-there is like Primitive sets head come from act 1 maps , is this means it will be very low stats set or all (rift gears) are End game Gears whatever the act is ?? and is the survival gears like Campaign or better , thanks
  8. look i know it's not real solution but when i did this map solo , i did it with build that made me don't fight the boss at all , just buff the DST , i had very low stat for this map and this how i did it the first few times
  9. you just need to play any map on Medium Or Hard To unlock the same map on the next Difficulty
  10. i Made A little Reshade Preset For Dungeon can i go online with it on steam or not !!
  11. i still to this day Play different maps from DDA every day after my work , i like the game and i am not farming loot just playing for fun, :)
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