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  1. i saw alot and alot of people in steam previews And here in forums Talking about that , and devs said they working on it! and it's very hight priority .. then if it's not local coop so what are they working on !!
  2. i did all Massacre maps with builders 800 = 1200=800=800 stats ,, and dps with 1000 attake i think you should look at state Allocation Video like this And Get Builds From People who have low stats like you ,, youtubers always have ridiculous Hight Gears And they Farm like hell Everyday maybe take look at builds from here https://builds.dundef.com/index.php?build-list/ Solo the game is the most fun belive me , if you played online with someone who already OP it's useless So Good jop on Trying to solo Edit : The Summit Massacre will be you'r only Real Challenge maybe at that time you will need highter Huntress Dps Weapon and pet
  3. offline coop is why i actly play Dungeon Defenders i never play online at all , it sad we still don't have that
  4. in the road map there Tap for Ideas , you can post what you think you need again my point was maps and characters should be all the foces from the devs , we don't even have shard maps yet and it's not even in the road map so they will come next year or so, i didn't open the game for more than month now , even tho iam from the people who played the full game when the update hits and played every single map on every diffculty and SOLO
  5. Believe Me , i would Love Town outside the boring Tavern Shop with Side quests and i have like many people here Great ideas But that alone could Easly Take 3 month To finish you need to learn about Coding alittle bit before you Act like its the easiest thing in the world
  6. triple Triple threat weapon , from Act 1 Boss ( demon Lord) .. map name : alchemical laboratory you can do it on massacre difficult Easly , with squire and Dragon BUT ONLY OPEN THE CHEST AFTER THE BOSS WITH HUNTRESS CHARACTER
  7. not to be rude but you can just unequip you Pet easly , we should let the devs foces on the important stuff like maps and more characters we are getting update like every 3 month now , we don't want wast the update on some worthless stuff ,come on people barely online and the game just released , what is that tell you?
  8. so when the update is coming because i heard it will come next month ,is there any timer!!
  9. Monk with elemental damage weapon + Genie cat + huntress and ranged damage weapon i did the full massacre solo i never plays online , it's the best options if you want finish the massacre solo is to go with this meta builds , sadly that's the reality
  10. 1=don't use apprentice at all 2= you need Squire with Dragon pet (from summit nightmare survival wave 14 ) Just block with the squire and the dragon pet will kill everything for you and you will never die 3= for the maps with alot of copters and stuff you will need huntress with the Cat pet the best huntress weapon comes from alchemical laboratory after the boss open the chest with huntress the cat come from the same map (alchemical laboratory) survival wave 14 4= you can use some builds from other players here (https://builds.dundef.com/index.php?build-list/) or you can easly do it with others online and you will be easly granted the win
  11. any weapon with 4 projectile and upgrade it in the elemental stats :)
  12. Iam at massacre ( the summit ) but i can't do it solo my power on every character is 1200 and rate = 600 and yes i do squire only for walls but i feel there is something wrong i can't get the summit done solo
  13. Can someone Explain the rotation of the stats for builders Like 2-1-1 Something like that for every hero thanks
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