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  1. i just want know if it's coming next patch or not that's all , thank you tho for the replay :)
  2. Is Offline Local will Be there with consoles update or not ?!! Thank you :)
  3. Endless survival like DD1 pirate map will be very cool with high accessories . i think they will release mix mode with console update with higher gears tho
  4. i have 7.5k stats now , when i started massacre survival i had 2.5k and i had fun doing every map early and the game is good for me now and iam still having real fun soloing everything start wave 23 , people will always complain you can't make everyone happy , i still want more to do don't get me wrong but i know it's console time
  5. oh maybe iam wrong then , i just can't do hight stuff solo without squire and genie . maybe because i have low stats :) thanks for the replay
  6. i tryed alot and i think Genie is the only Pet that viable after the pets nerf !! or there is something iam doing wrong?
  7. i played glitterhelm many many times now But i didn't get any gears highter than what i already had from Alch !! is all the maps can drop the same level of Gears?? thanks alot
  8. i can agree with immunities until Death and Random Because no one love to relay on RNG on strategy game But Tower Can't Target Them is Very imbortant and good thing and i wish it stays that way forever
  9. good to know what about the cat ! how much the cap for it!
  10. is the speedy gemstone in nightmare like massacre or iam just unlucky AF and how much upgrade and stats is good gemstone not perfect just good?
  11. it's the summit massacre that has every top weapon for all characters , monk have 7 projectile weapon , huntress too has great weapon there , the summit 100% got the best weapons for all
  12. i done almost all the maps on massacre survival . last 2 maps for me is act 2 first map and the seconde and iam still didn't get the gear i want :( everytime the last 3 waves give me very bad loot and it always weapons . i get like one or 2 gears from all the last 5 waves whyyyyyy?!!
  13. what is the best huntress weapon now and how to upgrade it !! elemental or normal damdge?? and is there any other good weapon for any other character!! Thanks
  14. i Agree on that one , i did the massacre campaign solo with 800-1200-800-800 and 1000 dps characters it was fun and very cool now i did (Alchemic & promenade & Summit ) and soon will do Glitter and until now i didn't get one new pieces of gear that i actly want even tho my stats now is 1200-2000-1200-1200 and iam very sure there is like million of people have better stats than mine . but iam happy with the new stuff
  15. i know the frustration My friend in the road map the switch is next update https://roadmap.dungeondefenders.com/ if you love the game like us you will stay little bit :)
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