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  1. 3 minutes ago, ItsUber said:

    Not sure if you are blocking 1 or 2 of the digits but just block the last one especially for hero dmg if you are marketing this as a dps glad. Showing or saying what damage it reaches by upping it in open would also probably help. I'll say 2 CV to start

    added new picture, it should be better now.


  2. Hi guys, I would like to sell / exchange this insane dps ult++ gladius.

    Dropped 2.4.2019 at 12:45 at akatiti 

    456 ups

    I accept cv, diamonds, events or another ult++ stuff.

    End date: 6.4. 2019

    If I dont like the offer I reserve the right to call the auction off.


    EDIT: fully upped dmg is 82k




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