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  1. steam ID https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198866074233/ was fun been a while since i play DD so this was a fun map to come in and start with :)
  2. Accepted currency Diamonds (5/10/15) Coal (9-1) Cubes Events (usefull) Auction DetailsEnds 6/6/19Bids in the last 24 hours extend the auction by 24 hours there is a reserve and i let it now when its reached highest bid = ( Mysteriouss 1 cv )
  3. have to give uber credit for creativiti XD
  4. he buddy what is ur coal / CV ratio ?
  5. if you only have one cube you cant really bid more
  6. he what is the minimum price you want for it ?
  7. 1coal (may change if u want to talk about the price)
  8. uber thx for the explenesen now that i understand i go fuck win this shit :)
  9. He uber how do u score building Is it like the simpeler the better or how does that work exactly ? (And thx for fun contest) :)
  10. rick_geurts


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