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  1. Join a PUBLIC match, win it, hit replay...next game discover it is now PRIVATE and no one else can join. Happens over and over again. Why not keep it PUBLIC like it was when it started. WHY????
  2. For some reason, if I google something for DD2 and the link is to this forum, it does not bring me to the message, only the opening screen. And that is incredibly annoying.
  3. So, a MOD can be level 1-10 and you can reroll those with the right materials. Got it. I was thinking that rerolling would be equivalent to rolling a 10-sided dice, just as good a chance to roll a 1 as a 10. WRONG. VERY WRONG. Wondering if there is an additional probability factor going on? Are there certain levels where it does not make sense to reroll? If you have a 9, seems like chances to roll a 10 are astronomical.
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