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  1. https://imgur.com/a/pNgag1z Dps huntress, never again lol
  2. Buyout price: C/O x1.5 lol to infinity, and beyond!
  3. Edit 32573572: Queen Georgia 1 is gone, only Roost remains
  4. As the title says I'd like to trade my Arm Guard of Smog for any other arm guards except for Arm Guard of Deforestation, Lightning and Radiation. If you'd like to make a deal, or make me a diffrent offer if this one doesn't satisfy you, please message me on Steam, Discord [Lukas.#0695], or just in this thread.
  5. Because it speeds up preety much every possible run in the game, and makes maps like Ember quick and easy instead of an absolute nightmare. Also it makes some super quick lazyass builds (usually without minions) possible (like farming dices, ToTs, monkeys or anything else in this game)
  6. Edit 4: Hurricane's Queen Georgia (the one with longer trace) and Groovy Mask are gone. 2 events left.
  7. Uber offered 10 cv on discord, and thats the highest bid rn.
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