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  1. Hey anyone heard something new about crosssave?
  2. Is a there a time when the keys go out for the bakerskit PS4 pre-order?
  3. Any news to it when it comes? (this year or with ps release) any hint would be great.
  4. I think from the Carneval event but it's long ago you get there a lot of pets in gold like Shinobi Cat, Evil Wick, Thunder 'o', Table flipper, Katkarot, The Sword
  5. OK thx for that information 👍
  6. Hello there, Is there cosssave between xbox and pc or not?
  7. Waiting yes maybe it comes end of the year or early next I hope
  8. I block the full boss fight because of the problem you have is my too and I tank ogres and boss and let do the towers the job
  9. No not really it is easyer to find gear and pets there are pets for builders and dds but they drop in specific maps only stats are rnd and there are no shards
  10. Try PDT for poison or stun them with w mfr.
  11. Hi have a problem with my shop after reset I had 10 c8 Ampoule's in my shop before my reset and after i got only 2 in my inventory?? That's strange pls help. OK solved game didn't show the stack have only picture of 1 ampoul
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