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  1. Hello, i have problem with onslought. I am playing floor 103 and i have oil chip on my weapon but i cant hurt enemies with controlled burn. Oil chip gives me 14,5k oil damage and oil enemies for 10 sec. So how is possible i cant hurt them?
  2. Thank you, now I am using Wmfr together with flame aura and Poison Dart with Fire and antifrost mod :)
  3. Hello, i have problem with Tenasity chip on Medailon. I have the c8 Medailon on my EV2's Weapon Manufacture with modes water servo(10) shocking relevation(7) and tenasity(10). So the Tenasity mod has 100% duration on negative effects. I dont understand, how is possible that in Onslought can some frosty enemiest freeze this defense. In c7 map Drakenfrost Keep they cant, even the frost dragon. Do I need some another Shard to do it 100% working?
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