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  1. Selling Ultimate++ Pristine armor chest piece Send me offers on this forum thread or on discord, however if i don't want any of the offers im going to keep the armor for myself I take Cubes, events or diamonds (5/10/15) IC: https://imgur.com/4hBhSzm from Herr Jeol Discord: Johnny Fotboll#4924 or find me on DDRNG discord server Current highest offer: (nenno15, 90cv)
  2. Willing to trade my traced Greater Magicite of Wind for a traced Rainmaker 1:1 if intressted dm me on discord IGN: Johnny Fotboll#4924 or find me on the DDRNG discord server
  3. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198836079628/ 1. Arm Guard of Lightning 2. Shield of Mirror 3. Dragon of the north
  4. I did a special one with Meowstic and his new friend bLACK mAGICK chilling in tavern :) 1. bLACK mAGICK 2. Spearmint 3. Marid ty for this awesome giveaway, instead of just giving it away randomly ^^
  5. BUMP Today is the last day to make bids. tomorrow when i log on the auction is over
  6. Looking to buy a Ball Blaster, traced ofc Payment: 3 non cap diamonds - 15cv 1 one cap diamond - 10cv 1 double cap diamond - 15cv 9 cubes - 9cv Traced Death Wish - 20cv ---------------------------------------------------------------- Equals to 69 cv +-5cv since Death Wish price can vary can add coal if needed as extra currency ---------------------------------------------------------------- If intressted contact me on Discord: Johnny Fotboll#4924 Or reply on this forum thread but discord is alot faster since im always on there. T
  7. 25 cv (Sapphire) from Sirjohn on discord
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