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  1. A shard to add doubble jump would be awesome
  2. Every map is unplayable for me, everything starts lagging and i can't do anything. I dont know if thats because of the frostfire (wich is very buggy and op), the shatterquake mod on earthshatter (btw this mod procs the frostfire, its a insane mess atm) or the insane amount of enemys in higher onslaught. Maybe it's everthing that a mentioned before.
  3. I changed my setup to WM's with earth servo + pdt. I dont know what CG is going to do with the old Shocking + water, but i change it anyways, its good to try new things sometimes.
  4. But it's unfair with the new players, that's why I'm thinking that they will reverse those changes or Just Destroy this wm's combo. Would be nice to know that from a Dev.
  5. After the last hotfix, we are not allowed to combine water servo + shoking rev. Mods anymore, so for those who already has this combination, are we going to lose that relic or something? We need to know, because if this is the case, we need to be prepared to change our strategy.
  6. So, the mod reroll protection system will work if i change the relic that i'm trying to use rerolls on?
  7. I'm loving it, now i can use my Nanatsu no Taizai gifs on my profile *-*
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