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    The items you got are from getting the fastest time, you didn't win the random draw and that's what would have gotten you an extra item. All the winners and the items were randomly awarded
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    Okay so just before I announce the winners I just want to clear up something that might not have been that clear, I didn't want much focus on speed running so when I said that people with fastest times would get an extra item I meant that they would only get 2 if they also won the random draw, sorry if that was misleading. Anyways here are the winners! Ecks dee: Red Manyu: Azure Peak Smithers: Ancient Plume MoosE: Marid Alpha: Cinnamon iLynx: Gaia's Last Gift Juicebags: Rockshatter BradleyVFX: Mask of the Legends Billy: Arm Guard of Poison + Greater Magicite of Wind E
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