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  1. many many newbies make the same error and basicly quit the game, CG doesnt do a good job of telling you what u truly lose, lucky i was prepare for my 1st reset. discord FTW
  2. i want 10/10 for my pdt one morning, wanted to upgrade it from 9. few hours later, i got it.
  3. Gear set bonus it will have a three teir set. it will add a preflex system. Craked, common of the sets, will drop from floor 50+. Flawed, uncommon of the sets, will drop from 80+. last Flawess, the rarest of the sets. will drop from 100+. Cracked set will give 10% more stats for armor/HD/HH/AP. Flawed set will give 15% more armor/HD/HH/AP & 10% for tower stats. Flawless will give 25% more stats for armor/HD/HH/AP & 20% more tower stats i always like the set bonus from dd1. here is my idea to bring it into DD2.
  4. i love the new forums, soo clean, easy to read. i cant wait to spam the new forums
  5. WOOT i ,love the new forums. here is my favorite pair of shoes.
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