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  1. Also, one more thing, to get more players you should look into contacting GamerLink to get on their platform and broaden your base. Not to mention it would make finding onslaught and mastery squads easier and much easier to post LTB and selling gear easier as well.
  2. I gotta say I’m a big grind gamer ever since my first first final fantasy on NES, always striving to level up and enhance gear. I fell in love with this game . Great graphics, and awesome creativity combinations. Game crashes on ps4 more than I’d like but I could live with that..... for now 😈. I was going to renew my sub to square Enix for the new patch on Final Fantasy XIV but your game has me hooked for a while, striving to push my onslaught, getting “Automation” for that sexy 100% Tenacity, and becoming a max prestige. I just have to say kudos. And THANK YOU FOR THE NEWS ON THE SHARDS. Yo
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