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  1. Fantastic news! Curious to see how onslaught difficulty is impacted by the rate change...
  2. I asked this question on the dev juice stream, but it seems that every message I typed was ignored by Guille & Augi (Sadface) - The community tried to answer this by saying it should be visible, but that answer was to the xbox variant of DDA. Both my son and I cannot see when someone presses G on PC. Is there a setting we need to flip? Is it a bug?
  3. Sadly, all this was is a fart in the wind... Would have been nice to see them add more content to this game considering the number of new players it seems to pull in.
  4. The focus is in the wrong place, and the choices are leading to a steady decline in population. This is obvious in DDA as well.
  5. You running any bluetooth adapters? Disconnecting any bluetooth device (whether the game is using it or not) causes that error for me.
  6. This one specific painting in Glitterhelm has a weird blurring bug whenever you look at it from a certain angle/distance. Very small nuisance that doesn't really need to be fixed, but thought I'd mention it anyways. EDIT: The torch is NOT causing it. Another painting nearby has a torch underneath it that does not do this. https://gfycat.com/giganticblondbushsqueaker
  7. Farmed up another 36 reroll tokens and used 30 to no avail :\ Ah well, going to bed and hoping to wake up to some magic
  8. I just fell victim to the rolling past a 10 mod thanks to a VERY laggy marketplace instance I was in. It sucks, because this was my defense rate reroll that I needed to completely 10/10 my flame aura mods :( Literally, I hit Xbox Record That to go back and see if it was what I thought it was, and it was... I beg of you, please change this. This is beyond ridiculous.
  9. This is also occurring on the 9s map (Drakenfrost Keep) on PC
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