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  1. So I've been wondering, how do I know if gear I get is better than my upgraded gear? Also, where can I find information on rewards for onslaught?
  2. Thanks a bunch, does more range really do anything? I feel like the range just stops when there's a change in height. And what do you mean by heavier tower layout? It helps if you know how to deal with dark assassins. Mystic Viper Fang bubble attacks and Huntress geyser traps both instantly remove them, as well as shield stance for barbarian. Also the Shackled mod. Otherwise, once they latch on, stand in front of any def that stuns to knock them out. CB is a good choice as it has a stun shard and a high rof. Rollers - have a dps hero with a few weakpoint mods, and hit it from behind (insert "she said" joke here) to take it down quick. If you can't get to that lane quickly, place more than one barricade in a row to buy time. Check schedules before wave starts to plan accordingly. C5 - cyborks don't target towers and do target nodes, traps, and auras. Go for a heavier tower layout on c5 maps. Add lots of range! Farm c3 for deadly strikes shards. Good luck!
  3. So I'm a decently new player and I would like some help as to how to beat chaos 5. It's easy, until the shadow assasins come at the same time as the roller thing. Then I sit there and watch as the roller thing rolls over my walls and gg. Nevermind I figured it out. Just sit behind walls and spam 2 as abyss walker.
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