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  1. True dat. That's why i prefer grinding C7 over Onslaught. I can use any hero or def. I enjoy the freedom of builds, not forced counters. To each their own...
  2. Yeah, my GW dies in 1 hit...i miss her sometimes. Turtle stance all the live long day... 😆
  3. I think there needs to be a MOD on a tower that enables assassins to be killed, or at least injured, by defs prior to latching onto you. It only makes sense to me in a tower def game. I mean i get why they were made, but read almost any post about high floors and very consistently you see these units called out as the hardest/worst part. I'm glad a MOD was developed at all to address some of this, but it is not doing the job. That and CG seriously needs to crank back the amount of them per a stage, and what mutators are allowed to be assigned to them. I want fun and challenging, not anno
  4. My Takeaway - i think assassins are a trash unit that there are not enough counters to. Great post, thanks
  5. The more power you add, the more power creep issues the game will have and already there is nothing you need anything gilded for as is... Don't get me wrong, i love being massively OP, that is - until it is so mind numbingly boring to even play the game, which is what that leads to...
  6. Nothing should one shot or just tear right through a wall IMO. Defeats the point of the concept. Walls in DD2 die easy, have no projectile def of their own, limiting usefulness and driving DU cost up, and can too easily be side stepped or in one bizarre case - is very narrow. In DD1 walls....well, felt like walls. A spiked blockade could hold an ogre...for a bit at least. From day 1 in DD2, for me, walls have never felt as secure as that, and then there usefulness erroded from there, and tanked when WM became the meta due to the auras and CC taking over. I just hate having nonuseful
  7. That's the problem with radomly generated minibosses
  8. Are you using Barb in turtle stance? Also, you can place a couple geyser traps down as they instantly remove DAs. A Dryad tree nearby can help with healing. Just some ideas...
  9. Weird that Automation comes so early. It's the top prize in Mastery, while the power one is first. Obviously the shards have been reorganized to a new hierarchy or perceived importance...
  10. Me? I'm at zero, and proud. I refuse to reset my entire item collection to campaign level, when almost everything is at c7 right now. I've studied it carefully, and it's not for me...,yet at least. They fix the inventory issue, and i may partake...or out of sheer boredom before i delete the game.
  11. One of the keys is the 5% exp/gold multiplier does not increase, no matter your floor or level - so many reset as soon as they can to get that flat bonus per a reset cycle. From there, you also only get 1 ascension reset point to put into any category, so again that amount does not change, so more resets = more points (and more power/range for your defs). Then it's about hitting those 999 talent caps. Most of the reset philosophy is set around maxing talents caps in as little time as possible. Mostly due to the incomprehensible boredom of this (uneeded) task. Keep in mind that current pl
  12. Did you see them spawn? Wait - they came during build phase??? Bastille? There aren't even skeleton generators on that map?
  13. Makes it easier to differentiate armors if they have unique icons, even if no visual change. In DD1, things looked more identical and for me it became boring and a white noise after a while. I want to chase down a cool icon, even if i don't wear it per se. Still feels more special. Flair is the exact reason why no change.
  14. I bought Barb and GW as my last 2 heroes. I wanted all defs first. Plus, i knew once i had these titans, i would never use any of the other heroes for DPS ever again....and haven't since. GW is a long range cc beast, and Barb is an almost unkillable tank that can hold a lane by himself, easily. Both are worth every single DM.
  15. Always play the highest level you can, even if you can't beat it. Advancing is only about gear score, and not winning per se. As enemies drop items, constantly look for better gear (by score), and swap in any improvements. Focus on 1 hero. Don't waste time or money on upgrading your gear unless you are stuck on a chaos tier and the stuff you want is not dropping. C7 is when you start upgrading everything. Study each chaos tier though and ensure you know how to beat not only the newly introduced enemy unit, but what pack of enemies show on that tier. This is excellent training for endgame play.
  16. This thread still being active says it all...see if it gets ghosted or not...
  17. She's not unusable or useless. Recommend to get her regardless. Up to some decent floor #s in Onslaught and all of Chaos, she is still quite viable. Just not a one stop shop like she used to be. Worth learning her tower set. It is fun.
  18. Few tips from my experiences... Bees have trouble going backwards at times, even though they show 360 aoe. Stagger their placements and i always put 1 by the tree. Keep range low. Don't go crazy on DS shards and ascension points. If bees have too much range, they go play elsewhere. Focus on power and rate instead. The tageting algorithm for the bees were changes a while ago, and they are less favored now due to some of those tageting changes and issues. Dryad is still usable, but she fell far from meta... Good idea to back up bees with something in case the mess up, like a towe
  19. And you lose the c8 level of the weapon if you reset...so no point in getting them if you plan to reset... For me, there are only the HS's.
  20. Hit them with posion first. Can be done numerous ways. Then hit a posioned enemy with a earth attack to cause petrification status.
  21. As mentioned in another thread, CG does not mean for this to be the only or final endgame content...we hope. To that end, Betsy should not be a 1% prime IMO. Why? Extremely rude to allow others to get some extra HS's, but if you want that last 1, you gotta be a master or 900 flr reset able? Way too exclusive for how Primes are being rolled out. Obviously this content was meant to be accessible to a bigger range. That being said - i still think DD2 desperately needs a true 1% gamemode. One that scales to player levels and is never easy. A true test that rewards no gear, because what would
  22. Great post Palo. I think there are 2 kinds of rpg players. Those who play the story straight through, and are always just barely strong enough to make it to the next plateau. And then there are those who check every chest, talk to every npc, do every side mission, and run in a circle for 3 hours killing 1 hp rabbits because that one extra level will make the next boss a joke. of course there are more, but this is my overgeneralization. For those who are in the latter category, DD2 shines for you. Those in the fomer will likely not have their attention held for too long.
  23. 4 years? Is DD2 even that old? Well...its not an MMO anymore, 😆
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