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  1. Thanks for the invite, it is much appreciated. The pet is way cool, great event item.
  2. What great news and an awesome digest. Forge and Mana upgrades!!! Damn i am happy. GO TE!!!! Hard for console players to complain when there was sooooooo much console love in this digest. Patch notes, Q&A, and another console event. Trendy steps up to the plate and swings for the fences!!! that's the way to win a bunch of console love back. In all seriousness, thank you all so much for the attention to the consoles and teh forums. We all appreciate it so much. I especially appeicate the flexability and responsiveness by your whole team. I dont know of any other game compnay where we
  3. Oh, i just had a though. Why not release teh monkey as an obtainable pet for everyone? Hasnt teh PS+, sorry i mean Sony+ (name change joke, ha ha, ahem...) players have exclusive rights to this pet for long enough? The code and animation is obviously already there for use, so why not make that pet avaiable to everyone now? It would satisfy teh Shroomite issue for a good while and give us something new. id love to get a high powered version of one. Just have to turn teh sound down as teh banana shooting noise makes me want to drive nails into my ears. Kind of like firing teh chicken egg gun...h
  4. Wow... In case no one read the thread title, this thread is for discussion on the patch. If you want to have a flame war on whether or not you got ripped off, take it into a new thread. Stay on subject. No one wants to read your back and forth complaining and insults. It makes all of you involved looked childish, no matter how much explaining you do. Back to teh patch... For any of those who keep posting and asking about teh other charcters, whther it is the alt gender, older version heroes, or teh future relases like barbarian, you may want to sit down and read the thread about the
  5. I didnt say it before, but i did want to thank teh DD team for bringing out teh patch notes. It is greatly appreciated and i cant wait to get back into this game again. ALso thanks Hitmon for being reachable and active in forums. That is big time and you rock. I have a question. Are there any plans to raise the forge limit past 10 pages or to increase the mana cap past 15 Million? Also just an idea - for an future releases or whatnot, if you add new trophies/achievemenst to be unlocked (dont need to appear in teh tavern) taht will bring a lot of people back into the game. Trophy/
  6. It`s a Patchy! Magnificent work you Trendy scallywags (said in an endearing pirate way)! Woot-Woot! Giraffes down to wave 25, cap raised to 78, and higher-quality items! This is just what console Dungeon Defenders needed! Exclamations!! Squire Towers less damaging *head down* ...how about a new hero with towers/abilities that may counter the attacks of any new and or upcoming mobs *fingers crossed* Hitmonchan (and fellow Dungeon Defenders), Any guess for Desert Town`s release? What is: Tower Attack Rate scaling improved to PC specifications? What is: Pet Attack Rate scaling improved to
  7. I've heard rumors of this issue affecting the PS3, but I haven't seen any actual reports. Can someone confirm that this has actually happened on the PS3? Edit: Updated PS3 patch notes -- Fixed case where owners of PS Plus exclusive DLC (Monkey & other Pets) may not have been able to connect sometimes online with other players Best forum thread on the subject ive seen with any details: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?42941-Just-got-robbed-of-all-my-things-in-my-tavren
  8. One very big question... I see that the 360 version has had the tavern lock bug fixed...but recently the PS3 has also been effected by this same glitch and there are many reports of the PS3 taverns being raided in the same way. Will this patch protect the PS3 taverns as well, or only the 360?
  9. Usually those who are hosting do all of teh building. If that is teh case, why would you want any other Tower based charcters to join you? When joining random games, i always use my DPS characters so i can support what they have setup. Ill only use tower ones if they ask. Apprentices can be good tower characters though. To answer the why use posion question...use mana bomb and pets to take out any posion mobs. Posion is a great supplement to teh Apprenticce's towers, but not always teh best in a support role unless the host is building Apprentice or Monk builds. The problem is Apprentices
  10. Agreed, being negative and blaming in this thread will not accomplich anything. At least they are asking for help. So if you post an incident here, please provide as many details as possible. Simple "i have had a crash" posts do not help any. To fix teh bug, as many details as possible are needed to isolate the specific issue. Guessing and rants are not going to do anything but start flame wars. Please add to the help, and then maybe we can actually fix the issue. In my experiences, no freezes on my play have caused a file loss. I may crash the system and get error messages, but my save co
  11. There are a lot of very valid points made in this thread in between all of the rants and otherwise. Excuse my very long response to the news... Trully to me DD was the single best PSN game i have played to date and defintley best of 2011. I have not found a more addictive game since Disagea or Dynasty Warriors that sucked me into it so deeply. I even kept playing long past my Platinum award. For a true trophy houd as myself, that is quite the accomplishment, and no disc based game has even pulled that off yet for me. $15 platinum to boot. This game had so very much to offer. I love towe
  12. Am I the only person that thinks it's ****ed up to sell someone else's defenses? Also, calling people "terrible" or "idiots" because they use a strategy they like and might work for them makes you sound like an elitist. Now with that out of the way.. IMHO, only terrible idiots use bowlers on the ground. ^This, lol
  13. Also use teh 2 controller trick to kill the lagging enemy kill scroll...
  14. Goodluck in your new venue. it is always hard to switch gears, and scary. It takes a certain amount of bravery to step into that arena. May you find there what you seek and be a better person for doing it. And as a person from the north, i also say welcome.
  15. I saw a thread where someone was describing how to scam people on purpose to get their stuff. It did not have anything to do with impersonating Trendy, that part is new, but the rest of teh thread was all about setting up a fake transfer of goods just to get the other to unlock their tavern for a second, then raiding all of their items and quitting. It was a like 3 page in-depth how to guide. Saddest thing i ever read.
  16. 10 hours of waiting and nothing....sad. Congrats to thsoe who got in, weapon looks awesome. Luck of the draw. If anybody does not want their weapon and is willing to trade for anything other than the other event weapons, i am open.
  17. I've been on since 9am PST, thats 7 hours with no invite. Tough luck so far. I'd love to get in on a game before time runs out for teh day.
  18. Was that really a cat? It looks like something that ate some else's cat.... Its about 2 mice away from a special episode of Maury Povich with a crane to lift it out of its house and a lot of tears from the audience when they hear its story. People in the streets of Toyko run when they see that cat coming, afarid it will destroy all of the building and fight Mothra. It gives Jabba a size complex. It went swiming and a blue whale tried to feed it like a calf. Chuck Norris is afraid of its shadow. That cat is so big its bloodtype is RagU. Was that too much? Did I overstep? ha ha. We should ha
  19. I got a high level Gossmer id sell, and Im intrested in teh Wand... PSN: Jaws_420
  20. There is some wierd little title that just came out and has a free demo, called Eden i think. You populate plants and take over little planets with them. Not a striaght up TD game, but has some of the same elements of it. Savage Moon was by far teh best strictly TD game i played on the PS3. PvZ was a close second just in terms of fun.
  21. Could you describe your setup maybe?
  22. Great digest this week. Loving the console support. Not so sure about this week's console event though. Think i might sit this one out. I bring high end gear and i could lose it. If I bring low gear, I may only win other people's low gear. Its too high a risk for a low pay off. Even if i got good gear from others, i'd really hate to profit off of some one else's hard work. it would make me feel bad, and i'd poably just give it back to them after the match anyway. Then again the PvP has never been my favorite part of this game anyway so maybe its better geared for a different target audie
  23. Having all the mana in the world is not going to get you teh best gear necessarily. Many great items still come from random drops. Besides there are plenty of items that show up in teh shops that ask for 15 million mana just to by. that doesn't even include leveling it up. Trust me when i say 19 million mana is a drop in teh bucket of what you will need later. A full set of armour alone will cost more than that to level up, let alone one super pet. You can always decide not to use it early on as well if you wish. Leveling low gear does not do that much for you as just leveling up alone does an
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