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  1. Update - CG has responded and is processing my claim. I'm happy to hear from them. They said the delay was in part to a staffing issues and requests are backlogged. Have hope.
  2. I sent a refund request over a month ago, with zero response thus far.
  3. Someone's got to keep it alive. Or on lifesupport...
  4. It was originally supposed to come out on all platforms at the same time, so i don't think that bugs are a hurdle to wait on. Besides, DD2 still has bugs...
  5. Some of these are ahead of where you are, but here are some tips just in case. You can also put a burning strikes shard on your DPS hero. It gives you a chance to ignite on each hit. Best with a ranged hero. You can buy 1 for 1000 DMs in town. Def tower way, if you check the enemy schedules so you know where he will spawn - place an Oil Geyser (Lavemancer) in the middle of the path, near the spawn point, then have a Flame Aura (Monk) over it or nearby. Oiled boss hits flame and will ignite. Also, if you have Barbarian, active his Def Stance, and Drakkenlord's frost aura will have no effect on him, so you can run up and kill him. Overall - i fully agree that Drakkenlord should not spawn on random maps. Bastille Master too. Especially before like Chaos 7. It's unfair to players not decked out. This game is rough on new players, but i can say it's worth the time and effort to stick with it.
  6. The problem with DD2's shards is that stats and extras occupy the same slots, so in almost all cases stats are used because power > extras. So if shards ever show up again, please do not include one's for pure stats! Make towers fun by having the option to change their nature, like adding stun or AOE. Rate/power/range are just too powerful, and ultimately- boring. Same thing with MODs. I'm all for extras that enhance TD gameplay, but pure stats are just....not any more fun. What keeps me going is the fun.
  7. I pledged the second they promised all platforms released on same day...and yet my PS4 has only seen a DD2 with no updates for long long long time.... 😥
  8. What is the min # of times you have to reset in order to get every single possible bonus? That is 999 cap points, as well all ap points for gold, exp, tower buffs, etc. I know cap points depends on Onslaught floor and my level, so that is more subjective, so ballpark that part. Do exp and gold cap at some point? If so, what is the max?
  9. I love a lot of DD2's flair, so im happy to see it crossover. Looks improved as well.
  10. Nooooooooooo! Don't take the free presents away!!!!
  11. I just got my shirt and poster this week. in US.
  12. And the tree is the one thing I'm actually enjoying...,well getting chests, not the holiday weapons. IMO removing the possibility of chests from all Onslaught wins was the worst change DD2 ever made. For those of us not resetting or never will, and don't climb, it's something we are cut off from. Also does not give any incentive to help players on lower floors. Having chests available has made the game slightly more fun since the tree came back. I say change the holiday weapons for onslaught/incursion weapons (or whatev) and make the tree permanent!
  13. Well a year without updates will do that 😆
  14. Thanks. I played OMD, but it was recently pulled from the server, so no longer playable. I remember seeing another tower RPG game on PS4, but i cannot remember the name. I'll keep looking and share if i find it.
  15. Are you talking about the Skyguard tower, as that is Monk's only tower. Rest are auras. Are you using power, speed, and range shards? All maxed out? Have you gilded them yet? Mods also helo, but you won't see that in tower stats. Anti mods add a lot of enemy power as well.
  16. The fact PC players are getting expanded heroes before consoles even get the base game is offputting. And no updates at all is very concerning. The promises made in the Kickstarter campaign and what is being delivered are growing more apart every day. And us Xbox and PS4 players still have an exclusive window to look forward too.....
  17. Palo is correct. They all still drop on the incursion stage. Just remember that drop rates are low. I've farmed for hours and not seen 1 of the 4 ever drop in that stretch. But...these realy are just for collectors as there is nothing special, gameplay wise speaking, about these 4 weapons. Good luck!
  18. My problem with shards is that basic critical stats and fun extras use the same slots, so if you want to play with what shards you have, you will take huge losses in power, speed (thus overall DPS), and/or range - all critical to gameplay. The replaced shard needs to be as beneficial as what is removed or you took a loss, especially on maps where DU is tight. I wish stats shards and gameplay shards took different slots. That way you have the power and can change up how the tower plays. That or more DU, but most of us would likely just add more power in that case... I love gameplay shards, a lot, but rarely are they good enough to sacrifice the basic 3 stat shards, so the vast majority of mine sit in the vault.
  19. Everyone will have their own opinion on this. Towers- My advice is go for EV2 as the first buy. Her towers are some of the best in the current meta. Dryad is good too because she is a 1-stop shop as to her full tower spread. Monk, who you already have, has the best defs though. Get a monk going ASAP with flame and lightning. Huntress PDT is very helpful, and Squire Cannonballs too for range when auras won't work. DPS - look up "nuke monk" on Juicebag's YouTube for a great starter. He'll last you most of the game, and yoy don't need much else. I saved the 2 DPS heroes for last, because i always like having more build options. However, barbarian is a tank beast , great for up close boss action. Gunwitch is great, and my personal fave, but she is more of a finesse hero, so i bought her very last. In the end tho, buy whomever you like. Enjoying the game comes first, so do what seems fun. Over enough time, you'll easily have all the heroes eventually. Have fun!
  20. You are correct. I thought i had it all figured out last night, but apparently i had a mistake in there somewhere when i tried it again. I should always double check, before posting. Thanks for catching that. Facepalm
  21. Note- Destructive Pylon HS do stack, but on separate def. Once you've gotten your 2nd one from Prime or Mastery, you can swap out the Destruction on the BA, and put this in its place. Combos with the one in the LSA, and jacks the total strength of the build i laid out even more.
  22. Jantou- congrats on 999, way to go! Quite the achievement. Would u recommend making a separate FA specialized for frost lanes? I use FA a lot and I'd hate to use mod space for anti-F and and rate overcapp for my regular use, but i have 3 heroes that can build these, so i was thinking about making a special FA just for frost lanes. I already have a special frost Fissure and a fire ramster made to hit from range, but I'm thinking of changing to the overcap method instead. Also- is Frost Boom worth throwing in the mix? I got a 10 mod of it...
  23. Thanks. Gilding may be quicker than finding a 9... Is the same true for cursikazi lanes to overclock?
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