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  1. One set of my hypershards are missing, specifically the ones from beating mastery like 2+ years ago. I see new C8 mastery was added - did they take away the shards, or am i victim to a glitch?
  2. I don't get why a new barrier was introduced, as all barriers are completely broken and haven't been a part of builds in YEARS. I mean if the update came with massive barrier buffs and some AI tweeks, I'd be all for dusting off all my barriers. However in the current state of the game this feels like wasted programer time on an instantly obsolete tower. Looks cool tho. I'm also a little taken back by the inclusion of the leap skill, as that is completely taken from the Barb, and it's a skill i neither like nor ever use much in actual combat. In a game where we need to defend a spot,
  3. Wow, that's cool. I hope it's more than a gender swap of an existing hero with no new def or skills...
  4. The answer is - it depends. It depends on the ever shifting metas and your play style. Anyone that builds defs can be your builders. The meta just shifted, so who's the current best is changing, but always good to have a monk for auras, and SGT ev2 for beams, huntress for PDT, and an apprentice for EST. DPS- monk is top tier for both mele and range plus boss killer. Barbarian is the best tank hands down and a must have. Gunwitch is good, but also requires a little more finesse and skill to play, so I'd leave her for later myself. In the end - best is who you enjoy playing with the
  5. Well worth is very subjective. Does Betsy have attacks and skills that make her a must have companion? Not really. Won't make maps or fights much easier. However, many of us that play dd2 like to collect things you can get in the game, and especially things that look cool. In that sense - she is a must have!
  6. It's mostly luck. Any gear that mods come on can get any value from 1-10, so best to farm on C7 so you don't have to upgrade the mod if you do get a 10. One note- CG put a max amount of time you play in game without a 10 dropping, meaning you are guaranteed one if you play long enough. I forget how long, but if you play regularly you should at least 1 a week if not more.
  7. You need to choose a region and a map first.
  8. All modes can be played solo and private.
  9. Place a Dryad tree down on their flight path. They'll attack the tree, but do no damage. Then just kill at your leisure. They are also weak against earth, so add that to do lots of damage. Cannonball and Skyguard work well. PDT also is good as the bugs clump together, so exp. poison works well. Don't use anything lightning! If you are doing no damage, check the lane mutator as they should be taking damage. May have proximity, bullet shield, or control burn on it, which changes your strategy.
  10. No prob. Random. There is no formula for mods, other than certain ones only drop on higher onslaught floors (get to fl 85), and if you have a hero specific mod you want - ensure you have 1 of that hero in your party. Otherwise you are slave to the RNG gods. Sooner you get to C7 the better, so you won't have to advance any gear/mods you do find later.
  11. Honestly, you got everything you need to get to C7. Reflect Beams are you best def against hex throwers. So buy whoever looks cool to you. Lavamancer fissures are a great help against frost lanes in onslaught. Mystic has the best barrier, good crowd control trap, and an odd utility tower that will help in mastery. Initiate and Adept are the least helpful IMO. Or go DPS, barb and GW are great fun. Barb is a pure tank and can hold a lane by himself, and is great against rollers.
  12. Ah, but the new SR has no element. So you could add say poison to the WM on top of SR and setup petrify on top of the stun. Add ES with earth toss for a third crowd control with only 2 defs...
  13. We can speculate all we want, and they can intend it to work however they want, but I'd say some heavy testing will need to be done when it goes live on ps4 to see how it's actually occurring. There are many ways to burn outside of oil, plus many ways to oil, and we should verify all of them. Gonna be hard to test non oil orgins though because what numbers will you compare them against to verify? With oil, just remove oil to get normal burn damage. But any non-oil possible orgins will have no off switch per se. Hmm..... Could this mean that oil servos for def will come too? Or frost?
  14. Just to add, since they are on C2 right now. Deadly Strikes drops on C3, Def Rate on C4. These plus destruction (C1) are basically the shards you should put on every single attacking def in the game. And you should level these to max as soon as you can. Unlike gear, you won't be swapping these out. Grind c1, c3, and c4 to ensure you have these shards on everything you use (sans barricades of course). Makes a word of difference.
  15. I have 2 of every hero in the game, and some 3 of them, and I've never spent a single gem on a hero. Best to save gems for things you can only buy with gems, like rare pets and skins.
  16. In the past, all heroes have been available through DMs, so no need to use gems on it. At a minimum, I'd wait until a hero came out, and see what they cost then.
  17. It's not out yet. Won't be until you see the hub with no winter. When it is, ensure you have EV2 in your party, as that will increase the odds of her drops. But having said that- it's still all luck based. There is no magic stage or chaos level it comes from, so just keep playing. It will likely drop when you stop looking for it. Shocking Rev seemed to be a rare drop. Barely ever saw it.
  18. I have to say that a majority of your DD2 time will be solo. While it's a multiplayer game, very often groups are either hard to find, or you end up with 1-2 people who have no idea what they are doing and are a detriment to winning. But, don't worry. You can solo basically everything in the game. As to Chaos2, C2 is all about Cyborcs, which means don't use traps, nodes or auras. You need towers that hit from a distance. Ensure each has a destruction shard from C1. Cannonball towers are good, since squire is a base hero you have access to. Use a spike blockade to keep lanes from getti
  19. Great question, because Burning Strikes could become super OP
  20. RIP reflect beam builds and legacy WMs... 😥 Ouch on anti mods. Lot of nerfs going on without much buffs elsewhere. Don't see any towers getting damage buffs apart from a few mods/shards. I'm curious as to how temp items work when you can't access the menu during gameplay. Not sure i understand how persistent tower works. Upgrading, building, and selling are fairly easy commands, so will have to see how this improves that. Great to see pets get an overhaul. Can't wait to see them in action. I'm not clear about Drakkenlord. Is he just not spawning as a miniboss anymo
  21. *looks at date. *looks at post. Hmmmm, 😆. I want that backpack though...
  22. Huh, i spent time in Alaska and Dawson City, and I've taken the Sourtoe challenge...if that is what you were referencing. Severed human toes in your drink! Great fun that was.
  23. Yup, but won't stop me from begging for it to be added! You're spot on - i want the complete shark outfit. Great job digging up info. You rock! At one point, i asked them to make the Orca (ship from Jaws) with the yellow floating things. I thought that would pair well with the shark theme LOL
  24. Yeah, but it's an Xbox exclusive pet, so they can't use it on other consoles. 😥 That's why i got to beg for a redesign... Great find though! Man i wish i could get that one.
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