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  1. Consoles please! Or just fire up the PS3 DD1 servers and add some new content 😉
  2. Hello and welcome. We wish you success in your new role. While DDA is the current CG focus, DD2 is very much still alive. I am excited to see any energy spent on resurrecting the DD2 forum, as that has been on life support for over a year. It's needs some direction and effort. Meme challenges, surveys, guides, contests and giveaways, random questions, and some just good natuted goofiness. DD2 is far from dead, so it's forum should reflect that. Some things to know about the DD community. We are passionate and loyal to the franchise. We appreciate news and honesty about timelines. We are always desperate for new content and guides on how to play the game better. We are always looking for an excuse to play DD more- so give us one. We are happy to help in those efforts, like the wiki pages. We want DD to succeed, so that there will be more. Good luck. I'm excited to see what you can do.
  3. Great list. I had not seen that yet. Still, doesn't mean it will sell at those prices. Big ticket items are one thing, but stuff like boom mods don't sell nearly as often. I've had trouble offloading things on that list for fractions of those amounts. Server also matters. East coast and EU often have much higher sell prices than West does (PS4) from my experiences.
  4. Did you look in your mailbox at the tavern to get them? If not there, you should submit a ticket with CG for the error.
  5. That is great news, and a really well done post. Thank you! Glad to have hope... I'm still playing.
  6. Update - CG has responded and is processing my claim. I'm happy to hear from them. They said the delay was in part to a staffing issues and requests are backlogged. Have hope.
  7. I sent a refund request over a month ago, with zero response thus far.
  8. Someone's got to keep it alive. Or on lifesupport...
  9. It was originally supposed to come out on all platforms at the same time, so i don't think that bugs are a hurdle to wait on. Besides, DD2 still has bugs...
  10. Some of these are ahead of where you are, but here are some tips just in case. You can also put a burning strikes shard on your DPS hero. It gives you a chance to ignite on each hit. Best with a ranged hero. You can buy 1 for 1000 DMs in town. Def tower way, if you check the enemy schedules so you know where he will spawn - place an Oil Geyser (Lavemancer) in the middle of the path, near the spawn point, then have a Flame Aura (Monk) over it or nearby. Oiled boss hits flame and will ignite. Also, if you have Barbarian, active his Def Stance, and Drakkenlord's frost aura will have no effect on him, so you can run up and kill him. Overall - i fully agree that Drakkenlord should not spawn on random maps. Bastille Master too. Especially before like Chaos 7. It's unfair to players not decked out. This game is rough on new players, but i can say it's worth the time and effort to stick with it.
  11. The problem with DD2's shards is that stats and extras occupy the same slots, so in almost all cases stats are used because power > extras. So if shards ever show up again, please do not include one's for pure stats! Make towers fun by having the option to change their nature, like adding stun or AOE. Rate/power/range are just too powerful, and ultimately- boring. Same thing with MODs. I'm all for extras that enhance TD gameplay, but pure stats are just....not any more fun. What keeps me going is the fun.
  12. I pledged the second they promised all platforms released on same day...and yet my PS4 has only seen a DD2 with no updates for long long long time.... 😥
  13. What is the min # of times you have to reset in order to get every single possible bonus? That is 999 cap points, as well all ap points for gold, exp, tower buffs, etc. I know cap points depends on Onslaught floor and my level, so that is more subjective, so ballpark that part. Do exp and gold cap at some point? If so, what is the max?
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