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  1. Was anyone else on the map playing as them? The icon is a power-up that only applies to that hero.
  2. Don't play as Lavamancer duting the wave. The icon only shows when you have a player as him on the map.
  3. I have a question. What does "corrupted " gear and pets mean? How do you acquire them?
  4. Jaws_420

    Winterfest Update 2021

    Bunny Hop may be the funnest shard in the game... i spent a whole evening double jumping my Barb and just grinning.... thank you!
  5. Jaws_420

    Winterfest Update 2021

    I 2nd Quinn's comments on drops in chests or reducing costs. This was a huge reduction on an already overly grindy game. Not really taking the burnout of players into account on that change. Still wish to see shard management corrected. Having to store up to 6 of each shard you want in a game with limited paid bag space is real pain and quite frankly poorly designed. Come up with a way to stack shards or do partial upgrades. This has been an issue for way too long, especially as even more shards are introduced. I'd still like to see better MOD management. Destroying the item it
  6. One set of my hypershards are missing, specifically the ones from beating mastery like 2+ years ago. I see new C8 mastery was added - did they take away the shards, or am i victim to a glitch?
  7. I don't get why a new barrier was introduced, as all barriers are completely broken and haven't been a part of builds in YEARS. I mean if the update came with massive barrier buffs and some AI tweeks, I'd be all for dusting off all my barriers. However in the current state of the game this feels like wasted programer time on an instantly obsolete tower. Looks cool tho. I'm also a little taken back by the inclusion of the leap skill, as that is completely taken from the Barb, and it's a skill i neither like nor ever use much in actual combat. In a game where we need to defend a spot,
  8. Wow, that's cool. I hope it's more than a gender swap of an existing hero with no new def or skills...
  9. The answer is - it depends. It depends on the ever shifting metas and your play style. Anyone that builds defs can be your builders. The meta just shifted, so who's the current best is changing, but always good to have a monk for auras, and SGT ev2 for beams, huntress for PDT, and an apprentice for EST. DPS- monk is top tier for both mele and range plus boss killer. Barbarian is the best tank hands down and a must have. Gunwitch is good, but also requires a little more finesse and skill to play, so I'd leave her for later myself. In the end - best is who you enjoy playing with the
  10. Well worth is very subjective. Does Betsy have attacks and skills that make her a must have companion? Not really. Won't make maps or fights much easier. However, many of us that play dd2 like to collect things you can get in the game, and especially things that look cool. In that sense - she is a must have!
  11. It's mostly luck. Any gear that mods come on can get any value from 1-10, so best to farm on C7 so you don't have to upgrade the mod if you do get a 10. One note- CG put a max amount of time you play in game without a 10 dropping, meaning you are guaranteed one if you play long enough. I forget how long, but if you play regularly you should at least 1 a week if not more.
  12. You need to choose a region and a map first.
  13. All modes can be played solo and private.
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