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  1. I have 2 of every hero in the game, and some 3 of them, and I've never spent a single gem on a hero. Best to save gems for things you can only buy with gems, like rare pets and skins.
  2. In the past, all heroes have been available through DMs, so no need to use gems on it. At a minimum, I'd wait until a hero came out, and see what they cost then.
  3. It's not out yet. Won't be until you see the hub with no winter. When it is, ensure you have EV2 in your party, as that will increase the odds of her drops. But having said that- it's still all luck based. There is no magic stage or chaos level it comes from, so just keep playing. It will likely drop when you stop looking for it. Shocking Rev seemed to be a rare drop. Barely ever saw it.
  4. I have to say that a majority of your DD2 time will be solo. While it's a multiplayer game, very often groups are either hard to find, or you end up with 1-2 people who have no idea what they are doing and are a detriment to winning. But, don't worry. You can solo basically everything in the game. As to Chaos2, C2 is all about Cyborcs, which means don't use traps, nodes or auras. You need towers that hit from a distance. Ensure each has a destruction shard from C1. Cannonball towers are good, since squire is a base hero you have access to. Use a spike blockade to keep lanes from getting overrun. You can also build def is weird places where enemies will not target them, so experiment with placing. You can also- just play more. As you keep leveling up, you get stronger and stronger. Swap out gear and relics for better versions. Don't bother leveling up these itmes yet though, as you will be swapping gear constantly until C7. Look for good MODs though, like anti-mele or power. One last tip- gear score mule. Take one hero, who you don't have to play with or not, and ensure you put every high level gear score on tgem. Gear score controls when the next chaos level opens, and C3 is much easier IMO than C2, as no annoying Cyborcs (use auras on C3). Hope that helps.
  5. Great question, because Burning Strikes could become super OP
  6. RIP reflect beam builds and legacy WMs... 😥 Ouch on anti mods. Lot of nerfs going on without much buffs elsewhere. Don't see any towers getting damage buffs apart from a few mods/shards. I'm curious as to how temp items work when you can't access the menu during gameplay. Not sure i understand how persistent tower works. Upgrading, building, and selling are fairly easy commands, so will have to see how this improves that. Great to see pets get an overhaul. Can't wait to see them in action. I'm not clear about Drakkenlord. Is he just not spawning as a miniboss anymore, or is his stage no longer every "4" map? Love seeing 2 new elemental types added. Going to have to start using oil traps a lot more! Especially since they work on air lanes. Poor Barb, siphon nerf hurts. But Dryad hornets may now come back to builds... I don't mind meta shifts too much, but there is one aspect of DD2 that needs to evolve - make moving MODs no longer destroy the item it came from. Having to overwrite a 10 mod because of a meta shift will make for very unhappy players.
  7. *looks at date. *looks at post. Hmmmm, 😆. I want that backpack though...
  8. Huh, i spent time in Alaska and Dawson City, and I've taken the Sourtoe challenge...if that is what you were referencing. Severed human toes in your drink! Great fun that was.
  9. Yup, but won't stop me from begging for it to be added! You're spot on - i want the complete shark outfit. Great job digging up info. You rock! At one point, i asked them to make the Orca (ship from Jaws) with the yellow floating things. I thought that would pair well with the shark theme LOL
  10. Yeah, but it's an Xbox exclusive pet, so they can't use it on other consoles. 😥 That's why i got to beg for a redesign... Great find though! Man i wish i could get that one.
  11. After such a long DD2 drought, this is incredibly exciting news. I can't wait! I'm very curious about the shocking rev mod change (fun for who exactly?), and the pet buff. A new tower skin? Awesome. Permanent gifts with no tree? Brilliant move CG. Rate caps removed? Hell yeah! And looking forward- more maps, shards, mods...OMG yes please. Will Man & Machine finally arrive? Or the Prisoner with her ball and chain? And just because i got to- shark pet! Just saying. Redesign it so no exclusive issue. SHARK PET!!!
  12. Everyone is handed a Nerf weapon in a Hunger Games/Battle Royale CG office match- who is the last one standing?
  13. Consoles please! Or just fire up the PS3 DD1 servers and add some new content 😉
  14. Hello and welcome. We wish you success in your new role. While DDA is the current CG focus, DD2 is very much still alive. I am excited to see any energy spent on resurrecting the DD2 forum, as that has been on life support for over a year. It's needs some direction and effort. Meme challenges, surveys, guides, contests and giveaways, random questions, and some just good natuted goofiness. DD2 is far from dead, so it's forum should reflect that. Some things to know about the DD community. We are passionate and loyal to the franchise. We appreciate news and honesty about timelines. We are always desperate for new content and guides on how to play the game better. We are always looking for an excuse to play DD more- so give us one. We are happy to help in those efforts, like the wiki pages. We want DD to succeed, so that there will be more. Good luck. I'm excited to see what you can do.
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