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  1. Great thread, thanks for the detailed breakdown. Those of us on PS won't see this game for a long time, so I'm vicariously living through you....
  2. Yes, exactly! Damage is weak and entering into a locked animation sequence can spell death. Also, most projectile main attacks do not do serious damage, so even doubling that doesn't compare to say a single ice needle attack. Now, if it did not lock the animation and i could still use other skills....that would be interesting...
  3. This can happen if you play with people who are waaaaaaay too strong. Don't go full power in him just because you can. Not sure if the last hot fix addressed this or not.
  4. I'd also like to see the vault and 2for1 skills revamped, because as playing her (for years) i found those 2 skills to be weak and useless. She is my fave hero though.
  5. Bad luck. No special trick or stage. Just play with 1 LM in deck. Check player shops too, may just buy it.
  6. Only way to get more bags is to spend $$$
  7. Yeah, that totally made my day. Been bummed for a while. Was ready to be done with dd2, but now.....oh yeah!
  8. Took a couple months for me, but did get resolved. I went through grief stages. Denial, anger, depression, etc.. Have patience. I'm rooting for ya.
  9. Ok, so YOU DID IT!!!!! A day or so after that post, all my hypershards showed up in my mailbox. I am so happy, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I'm a tad sad they are all back at level 1, but not looking this gift horse in the mouth. You are greatly appreciated. Time to play some DD2!
  10. I lost half of all my hypershards. Just gone. I sent in a ticket months ago with no reply and shards still gone. Really pissed off. Preventing me from enjoying any new content. No idea why ir what happened.
  11. Wow, awesome content. Goblin insurance could be a real game changer. I'm very excited.
  12. Was anyone else on the map playing as them? The icon is a power-up that only applies to that hero.
  13. Don't play as Lavamancer duting the wave. The icon only shows when you have a player as him on the map.
  14. I have a question. What does "corrupted " gear and pets mean? How do you acquire them?
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