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  1. Sounds awesome. You got me drooling...
  2. I'd like to hope that all flex goals will be done at some point, and the Kickstarter goals are more about the speed at which we will get them. Hit the goals, and those features should be live on launch.
  3. To my understanding, it used to control swing speed, but it no longer has any affect. Swing speed is controlled by the heavy/med/light properties now. That may be wrong, but i asked a ton of questions about this in the past, and that was the answer i got. I have never noticed any difference between % values myself though.
  4. Agreed. Before i was really setup for Onslaught, that frosty stage was great for testing for me. Only place i could guarantee to see frost units and see how my towers and mods did against them.
  5. Great points. That is sad though, as an incursion built for C4, was never meant to last very long. Kind of a hit it and quit it setup, which seems a waste to me of dev time and effort. I wish i could crank up the difficulty and rewards, even if the enemy units did not change type. Then i could at least keep playing it.
  6. No one does, as the game has not been fully made yet. I doubt CG will lock themselves into any date yet. Best i could say is sometime before Oct, since that is the proposed go-live date, although they are not handcuffed to that date either as many Kickstarter projects go past the dates given. I'd rather wait longer for a better product though.
  7. Talked? Yes. Said anything about it coming to DDA? Not apart from the fact that they want to do this, but don't know if it will happen yet.
  8. And please have them with unique tower sets and abilities! If they are the same as the original hero, might as well just make them a skin as opposed to a new "hero".
  9. I sooooo agree. I don't get why we cannot play them all on c7...i am guessing they wanted specific enemy mobs, is the only reason i can come up with. Anything in DD2 that cannot be played at c7 or higher is destined to become obsolete in the end game extremely quickly. That to me is silly, as the games just gets smaller and smaller. I really hope in DDA that all game modes and levels can be played at high difficulties.
  10. Oooh, i really like the idea of tavern themes... I'm gonna start begging CG to make a shark theme!
  11. And now....it's just a health draining challenge map with no real bonuses apart from the final chest. Sad to see it so nerfed over time. Sounds like it used to be so much fun.
  12. I get all the frustration above, but at the same time - the old games cannot go on forever. I have already played DD1 and DD2 more than almost any AAA title game i own, sans like Disgaea. It is time for something new. I just hope DDA is more new and is much less DD1 2.0
  13. I'm interested to know if CG intends to change up resets, since the last we heard that this was going to be done by TE...which may no longer apply...
  14. Wow, i never knew it did so much! Thank you for all the great info! Current version of that map does so little now by comparison. Wasn't there also a secret room above the sw subcore that only opened if 4 heroes touched the crystal, then jumped up above to 4 landing points around it, which then like opened some door???
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