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  1. You are correct. I thought i had it all figured out last night, but apparently i had a mistake in there somewhere when i tried it again. I should always double check, before posting. Thanks for catching that. Facepalm
  2. Note- Destructive Pylon HS do stack, but on separate def. Once you've gotten your 2nd one from Prime or Mastery, you can swap out the Destruction on the BA, and put this in its place. Combos with the one in the LSA, and jacks the total strength of the build i laid out even more.
  3. Jantou- congrats on 999, way to go! Quite the achievement. Would u recommend making a separate FA specialized for frost lanes? I use FA a lot and I'd hate to use mod space for anti-F and and rate overcapp for my regular use, but i have 3 heroes that can build these, so i was thinking about making a special FA just for frost lanes. I already have a special frost Fissure and a fire ramster made to hit from range, but I'm thinking of changing to the overcap method instead. Also- is Frost Boom worth throwing in the mix? I got a 10 mod of it...
  4. Thanks. Gilding may be quicker than finding a 9... Is the same true for cursikazi lanes to overclock?
  5. With a gilded shard, what level MOD will then suffice?
  6. Well, to be fair - all games are cash grabs. Games need to make money if you want them to continue to exist. They tried 2 different approaches with both games for revenue, and dd2 is much in alignment wirh industry standards for ,micro transactions that were prevalent when it was introduced. In the end, it was a free game tbh,.. That was pretty generous. I would have paid AAA prices for any DD title. While i wish for DD3, I'd rather have DDA than nothing. I have yet to play it, and have a while to wait, but I'll reserve judgment for after i put in at least 100 hrs into before declaring it good or bad. I am still very hopeful.
  7. I really wish the Kickstarter would have been for a DD3... But, as a PS player who never got the full DD1 experience, i am hoping that DDA will be a chance to explore all the stuff on DD1 we never saw on PS3. I love DD2 though. Be hard to go backwards on cool flair, instant change heroes, and so many build options. Be glad to see Cyborks and HexT go away. God i hope there is no reset system or level cap raises. Be nice if TE catered a looting game to collectors, because they have yet to get that part figured out fully yet. Communication has consistently been a weak point for this company. With a little more warning, the community would be far less critical about changes, delays, or issues. Things were better a few years ago and when Lawlta was actively managing the forums. Not been impressed since TE took over, as the forums are dead and communication seems disappointingly low. Something easily fixable though, with a little effort. Fingers crossed.
  8. DD2 is not dead, but all dev efforts are on DDA right now. Until it's released on all systems and no major bug issues (so mid 2021-ish?), i wouldn't expect any DD2 work to really be done. No official word though, but we haven't seen a major update since elements were introduced, which was a while ago. I expect them to patch out the holiday tree soon though, 😥.
  9. Then you are not informed. Let me help you. I was part of the Kickstarter from day 1. I've been with DD since it was first previewed on PS3. It was part of the Kickstarter campaign (not at first, but that was quickly amended). All systems on launch day - equality. It was only changed after the campaign was over (and money collected) due to the Switch deal with N. Many of us on the consoles would not have backed if we knew that promise would have been rescinded. It was another broken promise, without any kind of compensation for console players, and i don't mean refunds. Just a 'sucks to be you' if you stay with it. By the time we get our first minute on the game, a bunch of people will have almost a year's experience by then. PS always back of the bus with DD. It's incredibly frustrating. With how Kickstarter was setup, it looked like that inequality was finally going to be over. Looked like...
  10. So for ps4, that's like Q1 2021 or later... 😥
  11. Here are some starters. Levels - Make sure you played through all the campaign and adventure levels. Quite easy to do. Once those are done, go to Expeditions, and play through the Chaos tiers from 1 through 7. Once you can beat C7 with any ease, you are pretty much done with the basic game. You can play Onslaught too from there for greater stuff, but only if you want to get into endgame. Same with resets and Mastery mode- don't bother unless you plan to play this game for hundreds of hours more. Gear - as you go up chaos tiers, look for gear with the highest gear scores (visible by looking at the stats), and constantly swap in better gear. Focus all highest gear on one hero as that becomes your 'champion score' and that is what unlocks each new chaos tier. Don't waste money on upgrading gear until C7, as it will just get swapped out. Once at C7, get all legendary gear, then max it out. Wait for high drops - again, look at gear to see its stats. Shards - easy for the most part, put Def Rate, Deadly Strikes, and Destruction on everything. You can farm these on certain chaos tiers or buy them in town. Do all of the daily and weekly tasks to get DMs. Mods - 2 choices, 1) put more power, rate, and range on each relic you use (wait until c7- as you will be swapping gear like mad until then), or 2) put antis on gear. Anti Melle, Anti Ranged, and Anti Support. Will pack a lot more punch. There is a lot more customizing you can do with mods and shards later as you learn the game more, but the above will serve you well enough. Towers - Monk is a good place to begin. Flame auras and lightning auras can handle A LOT of what you will face. Only real threat to those are Cyborks from C2 and Hex Throwers on C5. Need towers for the C2 ones, and buy EV2 (with DMs) so you can build reflect beams for C5. Good luck. Ask questions from there if you need more help.
  12. Do you mean it was removed from the map, or just that it was disabled in some way?
  13. I have no resets and a FA that starts about 920k with Dest and MD, and no boosts or upgrades. Full upgrades gets me to about 3.14M. With normal boosts (BA + BB + DP), now at 9M. If you read my thread on boosting, you can still go much further. Add Initiate as described in my thread, and i can get it to 15.8M. But that is not including To Arms to proc or using the Freeze tower. So i played a stage and saw how far i could get it, while not stealing DU from any lane in real play. By the time i was done, i got my FA to a grand total of 25.1M (not including anti mods), and with 175.6 crit dmg to boot. Again, that is with zero resets, so min ascension points. So 900k to 25M, not bad... I'd imagine with all reset bonuses and 999 ascension, you could up that total a bit 😉
  14. That is a lot of questions and info. I recommend checking out a few threads on this website - read the updates and search a few topics. Then also watch a handful of vids on YouTube, most notably Juicebag's for setups and explanations. Do some research. Then come back with what questions you have from there. I'd start by asking a few Q's at a time instead of a giant wall of text. You'll get more responses that way. Much has changed in 2 years...
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