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  1. Oct´╗┐ (orig. thread purpose) Beta (PC) Current Release date (PC/Switch only) PS4/Xbox (assuming 2 month lag
  2. So sorry. Very lame... This is the exact kind of behavior i was talking about on the DDA threads when talking about what system should be used for multiplayer in the new game. This is a great example of the behavior that some dismissed as "I've never seen it, so it must not happen". If you build a system that can be abused....it will. To OP - write down screen names, submit a complaint to CG, and possibly stick to private games for a bit, or try switching servers. Good luck. Too bad when bad people ruin good things. Some people just want to see the world burn. Others, are willing to carry you for hundreds of Onslaught floors and never complain once. Here's hoping you find more of the latter...
  3. Damn, sounds like i missed all the LM meta fun!!!
  4. I miss Dryad. Played so much with her when she was meta. Then a targeting change, and a meta shift, and now she only collects dust. If Dryad is not my central build choice, it's not often that i pull her out for any supplemental defs. Sad...id love for her to be somewhat viable again. Maybe it's time to ditch the whole tree mechanic. Made more sense when meta, but now just seems a hindrance and extra du cost. No other hero has such a def stipulation. However, some heroes have yet to ever see the meta spotlight. Love to see huntress traps or mystic defs play top role for once. LavaM too. I mean they are always there, but not top tier like Monk, Dryad, EV2 have become.
  5. Wonder when the alpha build is functional...
  6. Be great if these weapons ended up at Wayfarer after you beat the stage, like all other incursion weapons do.
  7. A good question to ask may be for those who are having no issues - how many ap resets that person has done (or how many skill points added to tree). That way others could gauge how close they are to that person in total power output. I'm about as strong as you can get with no resets, so i am curious to see how my towers do on this new map. Once i give it a whack, I'll post my results. However, BL3 early release tonight...so might be distracted for a bit. LOL
  8. Yeah, we got the DLC stages with new enemy units and bosses (spider stage, djinn stage, shark stage, sky stage), and then we lastly got a Crystalline stage. No heroes. We had a handful of events too with great weapons, but the level cap shifts made almost all of those worthless later apart from pride of obtaining them. The level cap bumps are what i disliked the most because all that wonderful gear i had became instantly obsolete, and that was a HUGE downer to me...wish the gear could have been simply upgraded to the next tier as in DD2. That was a major factor in my DD1 reduction of playing apart from boredom, lack of good multiplayers, and when the sever was shut down obviously. I hope i am remembering that all correctly. Was so long ago now.
  9. Burnout on these maps happens pretty quick IMO, as there is not much new and different on them. Not even really farming a new stage, so all the pain of doing these same maps and almost the same incursions on them 5 zillion times already...doesnt help much. Do the new C8 weapons only drop in victory chests?
  10. I've seen several new bugs creep up since last update, such as end of level breaks GW's flight once again and more miniboss lockups, but i have not seen this error yet myself.
  11. I don't think we saw this on PS3 that i know...can you describe it a tad more? I'm just curious is all...fairly self-explanatory title and all...
  12. LOL, yeah i turned off all messages after that ps4 attack/virus thing a while back, and have happily left it off ever since. Best thing i ever did since ditching my mic.
  13. Ooh, i want a GunWarlock, and an Amazon!
  14. Do the special high floor MODs from Onslaught have a chance of dropping on gear in Prime mode? If so, is that just victory chest or also combat phase drops?
  15. That MS gun is the normal incursion reward and is not connected to the "Prime" version of the map apart from it being a C7 drop now. Check my wiki Incursion page for more info. As Ex mentioned above, this map is 1/2 P3 maps, and both need completed before you get the HS for this set.
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