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  1. I played every inch of DD1 that PS3 gave us, which i am fully aware was just a small portion of what PC got, and every inch of DD2 i cared to. There are things both games got right and wrong. IMO - mana in chests and the forge will terrible ideas. In a franchise that demands constant replaying and farming - every single second of added and forced gameplay that does not help, is a giant waste of time. DD2 had chests as well, and when that was removed, life got a lot better. Same with having a deck of builders to instantly switch from, but granted we had a dozen heroes to choose from. Please stop adding things that needlessly add time to every round, every match. Just makes burnout happen that much quicker for far too many players. Auto bag collection was another great addition. Having to run from one end of the map to the other just added time, and time that didn't help you in any way. However, both games missed one thing that i thing the franchise needs to figures out to move into the future. I loved DD1, back then. DD2 took some very necessary steps forward, but the evolution must continue forwards or the whole thing will go stale and lose everyone. Is everyone still playing SMB1 or FF1? Of course not, we all push forward. Square understands this, as no FF games reused the same battle mechanics. Every game was a fresh take, not that they all were successful mind you. What i think DD is missing? 3 major things. 1- a reason to vary your builds. Every map, its the same towers, same patterns, same build. Even with all the DD2 heroes we had, it was cut, copy, and paste on every map. The game needs to force you to learn every def, and when to build different. Onslaught mutators and Chaos enemies tried this in DD2, but hard counters were a major mistake to me. A better way needs to be found. Maybe environment based? Something new... 2- synergy between towers and heroes. No one wants a total AFK map, as its boring, but DD2 minibosses were annoying as hell. Rollers were a pain in the ass. Dark Assassins were lame. A way to build def that woek, but still give you a reason to run around and do anything still needs balanced out in a way that feels fun, not just forced. 3- enemy AI. Units have 1 dimension track minds, and every time you play you basically get the same game with the same effects. To really take the franchise to the next step of strategy, enemies need to react to your builds in ways that change how each wave is played. See a blockade? Maybe they backtrack to another path. The more fresh each wave feels, the smarter the enemy- the more fun the strategy to stop them becomes. Tactics that work in EVERY SINGLE TD GAME shouldn't work anymore. Force us to think and evolve. Anyways...just some ideas...
  2. Don't drink and type 😆
  3. Why don't you ask them instead of making assumptions at me? Title of the thread was literally "max floor", which is 999. I was only trying to help. I do get wanting to touch the top. Suck to climb Everest, just to have to turn back a 100 meters from the top. Then again, plenty of corpses on that Mountain that didn't turn back when they should. You will live a better life if you get the principal of "sunk cost". Gamblers certainly do not.
  4. I've yet to see or get 1 tenacity @ 10. Just using Automation.
  5. There is nothing to get at 999, and nothing past it. You would've had to reset anyways to play anymore Onslaught.
  6. Rate, power, and range can help almost any def. If you hit max levels with shards, you can swap in "anti" mods for big power boosts.
  7. It depends on what you put it on. You want a high rate of fire on something that can hit multiple enemies at once, with high range, so that you max the probability of it proc-ing. WM is a great way to do that, but the DU cost for double WMs from separate ones placed, is high (1 with water, another with SR). Especially since you were getting that from just 1 WM before.
  8. Yeah, wiki was going strong, but that was when TE was involved and had promised contributors some goodies for their help. That did not happen, and support weened, and thusforth those working on it trailed off. I'd love to finish the incursion page and add a page for the new incursions, but not much incentive to do so anymore beyond just pride. I learned a whole new coding language just to help with this. It needs to be managed by CG to get it done, but they no longer appear interested in it or those helping. More broken promises 😥 We are always looking for volunteers to help, so if you feel strongly about it, speak up and get involved. Otherwise, please try to appreciate all the extra FREE help that DD players did just to help you out. We put a lot of time and effort into it. It's a dream for all of us to have it...better.
  9. Merry Christmas and a happy holidays to all those who choose to celebrate whichever form of celebration that you identify with. Keep defending those crystals! Best wishes to all. 🌲🌲🌲🎉🎄🎄🎄🎁
  10. Blessed lord...the giving tree is back!!!!! Such good news.
  11. I hate to say it but - spam metas... Reflecting Beam build should pretty much take care of almost any lane. ES petrify combos and WM shock can also help.
  12. One last thought - sometimes i use stacked blockades. I'll put a couple big wide barriers, like Viper Fang, and put like 3 in a row (with attacking support of course), lengthwise. Then the enemies are delayed in the time it takes to destroy each one, and may die by then. Not a great strategy - Orcs occasionally side step walls, and costs a lot of DU, but can be useful when playing solo. I use this technique when i have a sole lane far off on the map i know i can't babysit (i.e. temple much), and hope the walls will last long enough for me to get there when i can. Especially when a miniboss like the Roller spawns. Kind of a hail mary.
  13. Do you mean as to damage (i.e. anti chips) or crowd control (freeze, stun)? Edit - scratch that, this is a dupe thread..,
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