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  1. Merry Christmas and a happy holidays to all those who choose to celebrate whichever form of celebration that you identify with. Keep defending those crystals! Best wishes to all. 🌲🌲🌲🎉🎄🎄🎄🎁
  2. Blessed lord...the giving tree is back!!!!! Such good news.
  3. I hate to say it but - spam metas... Reflecting Beam build should pretty much take care of almost any lane. ES petrify combos and WM shock can also help.
  4. One last thought - sometimes i use stacked blockades. I'll put a couple big wide barriers, like Viper Fang, and put like 3 in a row (with attacking support of course), lengthwise. Then the enemies are delayed in the time it takes to destroy each one, and may die by then. Not a great strategy - Orcs occasionally side step walls, and costs a lot of DU, but can be useful when playing solo. I use this technique when i have a sole lane far off on the map i know i can't babysit (i.e. temple much), and hope the walls will last long enough for me to get there when i can. Especially when a miniboss like the Roller spawns. Kind of a hail mary.
  5. Do you mean as to damage (i.e. anti chips) or crowd control (freeze, stun)? Edit - scratch that, this is a dupe thread..,
  6. I think you meant this for the DDA board, not DD2...
  7. I hear ya, i meant more dead like - fresh content, dev support, reasons to keep playing, endgame anything, etc. More players is of course good, but does not do much for long time players needing any kind of motivation to go on. Even corpses can attract flies and gawkers i guess. I lost any reason to even login weeks ago. CG took over about 1 year ago...so what did we get in that time? Delayed DDA beta with unannounced exclusive window added on, and DD2 prime maps. Compare to 2018... Just sad sitting on the sidelines. For me, DD2 has become so boring. I miss when it was fun, with active dev involvement. While making DDA does excuse a lot of the new DD2 stuff issues, it does not make up for how uninvolved CG has been with PR overall. Forum chat is dying if not dead, no streams, slow updates, and online media communications are just frustrating as hell. As a fan of the franchise, i feel snubbed by so much of this. Past feelings of excitement are being replaced with bitterness... Personally, I'm still debating holding onto my Kickstarter pledge or not. That exclusive window was a really bad idea. Sorry, just rambling on. Ugh...
  8. DDA being the focus, forum flodded with DDA posts, and DD2 being almost dead...
  9. I feel like this is already happening now...
  10. Yeah, the injustice of our inventory bag murder due to shard gilding was never accounted for or made right. Pages and pages and PAGES of shards... I have begged for either shard stacking (which coding wise cannot be done), partial shard upgrading, or more bags..,none of which of course ever happened. 😥
  11. That MOD raises critical chance %, and is kind of hard to test unless you either pile on unique def around it, and/or pair it with the other 2 diverse mods that raise def power and crit power for each unique as well. But...here's the thing. Crit builds are just far from being the most effective ways to build. Can you still do a crit build? Of course, but it takes a lot of setup and there are many meta alternatives. About a year or so ago TE (now CG) changed how all power is calculated in the game. Crit power used to be independent of def power, and the meta then was putting everything into crit. LSA's just melted bad guys! Then TE changed crit to be a % of def power, and testers found that much more benefit came from jacking up def power and rate, instead of crit. So, many old builds were crazy crit heavy, and the shards that had anything to do with crit were powerful and wanted, hence there are a lot of them floating around. These days....not many of us use them. It's a personal preference thing i guess. I just wanted to give you some back story, in case you wondered why.
  12. CG is unlikely to go through a single account and surgically remove the shards or enact a punishment on a player. More likely they will remove the bug allowing the extra shards and limit the total you are allowed to have. When that limit goes into affect, any accounts beyond that limit could be severely affected by that adjustment, and if per se your account was lost because of that process - CG is warning you right now that they will not be undoing that for you. You lose. So roll the 🎲. I'm not betting my account with years of play to exploit a glitch that we were told not to. Defiance and karma will meet down the line...
  13. Disbelieve at your own peril. Just don't come whinning on the boards if your account gets messed up or even erased later. You were warned. 2 Hypershards is the max allowed. Period. Just because you are able to do something, doesn't mean you should.
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