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  1. So just to clarify, as last i heard the only way to have dual water-lightning on WM was prior setups to last CG change...so are you saying that a WM, with SR already on it, can add a water shard and then once again do both elements at the same time? I have yet to see many threads here on c8 shards since they were brought back, and what special changes they have added to the game.
  2. Lol, let's all get food and sit outside CG's windows and just stare in as we eat our lunch... Arby's preferred, as they need inspiration for the big crossover event.
  3. I tried to put it in Google translate. It is almost Arabic for 'cabbage'. Or Hexadecimal for 'gullible'. The kanji are subjective though...
  4. Just remember that you can no longer put SR and anything water on the same def, unless you have a WM that was setup before the last update. SR makes the def a lightning elemental, so any other added elements are nullified. You can put water on one WM and SR on a separate WM build and combo them together though.
  5. Only certain hero classes can carry more than one weapon gear slot. Squire can carry a shield. Barbarian can use 2 weapons. That's it. All the rest use one slot only.
  6. If history is any indicator, we'll get half the deatils a few days before it drops...really wish they'd share more with us right now to build excitement. With DDA coming and many of us feeling a lot of DD2 burnout, people are jumping ship. Reel us back in with beans before its too late!
  7. I'd rather have Inspiring Strikes, Overwhelm, and/or Life Leach, not to mention a bevy of hero specific ones. Heck, I'd even prefer Drenching Strikes over BS, as you setup CC from it. I play as GW mostly, and her ability restoration shards are also very powerful. Don't see how BS is best in slot. If no Drakken, id remove all of them today.
  8. Ooh yeah. I like how elements change weapon and tower looks!
  9. Sad to lose another long time player, but totally understandable. Hope to see you in DDA and congrats on the kiddo!
  10. Read the post above yours as a great example of hostile group play. All a group has to do is target someone. File enough reports, true or not, and most companies would ban first and ask questions later. With one Reddit group, you could almost ban anyone you felt like. Accusations dont need to be true to do damage.
  11. Well put Palo. Great post. Agreed about Incursion. If this map was there, no issue. And Betsy would make waaaaay more sense to me as well.
  12. It's semi-similar to fighting games where you tag teammates in and out. Usually, they have a life bar that takes 2 types of damages- perm loss and a shaded area that is life lost that can be recovered if swapped out while regenerating that amount. I love fighting games and this mechanic has been around since like Capcom's Xmen vs Marvel days at least. Agreed on that the description of this MOD does not make it totally clear how it works, which is frustrating in a game where you constantly have to figure things out on your own, and experimenting with MODs is not exactly encouraged due to the gear loss. There is power in this MOD for sure though. Have 2 DPS heroes, one with the MOD that relies on energy attacks. Have that one use up their full meter, then swap out to another while they quickly recharge. Great for boss killing and high DPS needs, and the swap ensures no lag in your DPS coverage. Just a thought...
  13. Of course i do, which is why i made the comment. I never used that shard before the boss came along. By using it, the power and DPS of my fighting hero decreased. All i got out of it was weak fire DOT and Drakken insurance. I don't want BS in my build, but i feel that i have no choice. fire DOT is pretty underwhelming IMO as well. Of all the elementals you can inflict, i feel its the weakest. Seems to do little damage, does not seem to do 2X to frost units (correct me if that is wrong), usually cannot be applied without oil as well which was only recently given to most heroes as a chip, but no servo yet. And fire removes Oiled staus, which loses the slow effect and takes away the abity to damage units on CB lanes. Now if there was some way to swap out BS on the fly, so that it was only applied when Drak came out, i would totally acquiesce. And i don't want to have to build a Drak only hero. If there was a reliable tower solution, I'd go with that, but Drak can come from any spawn point in almost every game mode, plus open map drops on his stage. That means having to reexamine the spawns and your layout every wave...which is more time than i am willing to constantly give one miniboss. Sad thing is that we already have a frost miniboss whose mechanism is one that adds some uniqueness and not a soft/hard counter issue in defending against. Drak is like a Frost Ogre gone wild, an enemy that overrides pretty much every CC in the game, much to the frustrations of most new players against frost lanes. To each their own i guess. If you like BS, more power to you. I just feel its weak and forced on us. I'd love to hear arguments for it to see if i am missing any great properties about it.
  14. First ensure you have a piece of gear worth keeping and upgrading. The higher the rarity, the more MOD slots. Look for near perfect secondary stats, as that is the only thing you can't improve, apart from shot speed/spread. Next, have some defender medals ready. Moving MODs is not free. Next, have MODs worth moving. Anything from 1-8 is extremely close in value, so cherish and hold onto 9 and 10s. Know what the mod does and how it interacts with the other mods and shards. You can't move it off without losing the gear, so test things before comitting. Once you are ready, go to town, take a right as you exit the map area, then just left of the dummy area is a man with a spectacle and a floating platform above him. Talk to him to do MOD stuff. Put the gear you are keeping on the right panel, and the gear you are taking the mod from (and losing that gear) on the left. Select MOD(s) to move from left, and choose the slot on right it goes to. Some MOD moves are not allowed. Then pay, and done.
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