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  1. The reset mechanism is waaaay more broken than the Chaos system. C8 would be easy because a bunch of people have multipliers already that have pushed them well beyond c7 now. Theorizing power creep on higher difficulties is completely contingent on gear being released in conjunction, which is not necessarily true at this time. However we already have c8 gear - right now. It only makes sense to at least have a c8 mode to use them in, if not a c9 that makes the c8 gear no longer powerful.
  2. Or...since we have C8 gear and shards now...where is C8 difficulty? Or c9-c100?
  3. I liked all of Dryads defs a whole lot more before all of their targeting algorithms were changed. I'd love to see those reverted or further revamped. I don't need them as a meta, but s strong viable def at least. I never use Dryad anymore because of this 😥
  4. But the second elemental will not function. I'd assume you still get the power increase, but none of the additional effects.
  5. The only thing the current alt heroes contribute to is DPS setups. Between the 2 we got, only one out of the 8 defenses is new, and that 1 tower is a complete bust. They add nothing to tower building, which is the heart of this game. Their skills also lack much originality. The DPS only heroes also outshine them by far in damage, so really they are there to break up the monotony of DPS builds or are appeasing a specific play style for someone. To me, it's a wasted effort that could have been just as easily captured with a flair set instead. Reduced effort (as comparred to net new towers) could have easily given us some variation, especially with elements, like a poison aura instead of flame, or lightning tower in place of flame or one that shoots fireballs instead of a flame. No new towers to dream up if you at least give variations to the current defs you cannot get anywhere else. How about an Initiate aura with no elements, so you can mod it? That would be fun. Instead of a boost aura, how about a reduced enemy damage aura? I live for towers in the game. I regularly use Lavamancer and Mystics (more than 1). The more options, the better IMO. That's why the alt heroes were so disappointing to me. With 2 non-dps specific heroes, our builds increased zero (sans that sad AA tower we do not speak of). So if Countess and Ranger have the same skills and defs - I'd rather not have them and waste any dev time on that task. DD2 is long overdue for a new tower set.
  6. I had to go dig up my notes on Dryad changes. It used to be that 1 hornet per hive could attack the same enemy, but after shift - 3 hornets max (from save hive even) can attack 1 enemy.
  7. Yes please! However, if they have the same skills and more importantly - towers, than I'd rather these 2 come out as skins/flair instead. It's a waste of a hero slot if they being nothing new, or usable (looking at you Adept) to the table IMO.
  8. From my understanding - no. That was prior to the WM shift when they rebalanced Dryad def targeting. If i have that wrong, please somebody correct me. Maybe i have that backwards. I stopped playing as her once that happened.
  9. I think High Roller lanes are unfair to the concept of DD2. A boss made to break up AFK behavior shouldn't be sent in clusters. It almost demands you to DPS support the lane, and takes away much of the 'tower def' of the game. If this is something in the game, than there should be a hard counter tower against it, which there is not. Instead you either place CBs or Ballistas backwards to shoot them, or finds ways to delay the lane so you can DPS it last. Sure it's different and breaks up the monotony, but not in a way i find enjoyable. Plus, rocket range on rollers really should be drastically reduced to only that lane, and not map-wide, along with huge nerfs to the dmg they do. It's a very unfair setup, much like HS assassin lanes.
  10. Yeah but a Burning Strikes shard eliminates the need for that setup. One shot with BS on and its lit. No need to oil it manually and then have a def ignite it as well. Now if def were able to oil it without you...now that would be interesting...
  11. I would say that since they were last changed, Hornets are not nearly as good at single targets any more because only 1 hornet from each hive can attack a target. So the effectiveness of this setup relies a lot on how many hives you have. Hive logic works better on groups because you get 3X the attack output, as opposed to a single target. Prior to the WM meta change, Hornets and Dryad were the meta, and for a long time. Back then all 3 hornets from 1 hive could attack 1 target, so boss killing was much easier IMO.
  12. Great ideas. Be cool if everything projectile in the game had the same shot options as the Apprentice and Huntress. Single fire, spread, patterns, etc...
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