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  1. Oh, let me clarify then - Xbox and PS always come last
  2. Consoles always come last. 😥
  3. I have a beta code i will never use. Message me if you would like it. Edit - deal's been done. Enjoy!
  4. Just to clarify - DD2 had no pay wall or pay-to-win tactics. Money bought you flair and bag space, both unnecessary to beat or play the game. You can do all of DD2 without spending a dime. And...this is absolutely meant to be a grindy game. Grindy franchise. Grindy genre, on both sides.
  5. The only explosive thing happening here is due to some Taco Bell for lunch.
  6. And...Friday comes.....and.... "Fingers crossed"
  7. Sorry if im being slow on this thread, but am waiting for an official beta release date to work off of.
  8. I'd be in favor of that. Big time. Cut all power by a digit and break up all the metas! Be like DD2:Reawakening ha ha. Or just a complete reroll on power, like they did when they switched out from all crit builds to rate builds. Was basically a brand new game in many ways...
  9. Great post. I did not know about the integer max. That explains a lot. DD2 really has capped out then...in terms of full power. Sounds like their best bet would be to create a new mode like mastery that can baseline stats how they see fit, or universal nerfs across the game. Otherwise our elusive true endgame mode doesn't seem physically possible based on this info... If that is the case though, why wouldn't CG explain that on the forum to us?
  10. Enjoying myself and not letting CG or anyone else telling me how to enjoy the game. I hate Onslaught mode and i almost never play it. If that tickles your fancy, go for it. That's how YOU enjoy the game. But that has no bearing on the creep issue. No one should be expected to play thousands of hours just to reach floor 900+, and for what? Pride? Again, benefits stop round 85, so you are not gaining anything on floor 900, that someone else is getting on 90, other than a massive loss of your time. Unless you enjoy the hamster wheel. Then run in it all you want. Being in a high floor does not necessarily make you a good player though, because of the creep. With enough time, and youtube, anyone can achieve the same. This is not a skill based game. It's a patience one. With gilded shards, Hypershards, level 10 c8 mods, and 999 talent caps (all achievable by time, except maybe HSs) - all you need to then know is how to counter mutators. That's it. That's all of Onslaught - countering mutators. No thought needed, no unique builds required. See setup A, then build def B. For 900 floors. That's why i do not like that mode. To each their own... If you really want to thumb your nose at power creep, see if you can reach 999 in Onslaught without relying on meta builds, ap resets, c8 gear, or Hypershards. That would eliminate much of the creep and be a challenge. But self control and self imposed limitations? That is more rare in this game than fri dev streams and CG updates 😉
  11. That's not quite correct. Onslaught is not a counter to the creep issue, and AP resets are part of the problem. You can beat absolutely everything in DD2, including climbing hundreds of Onslaught floors, without ever AP resetting. That makes all gains you get beyond that are the power creep. You don't need to gild. You don't need Hypershards. You don't need to reset. Sure, they help and are a ton of fun - but wholly unnecessary, and only serve to erode the challenge of the game. Now, don't interpret that as a call to remove those features. That is more of a slam on CG for not continuing to nudge the top bar up to give any of that power meaning. There is no end game in DD2. Onslaught? Unique benefits stop at like fl 85 or so, and there is nothing at the end of the rainbow. No special title, flair or ending for reaching 999. You just reset....again. Primes? Mutiple threads on how easy they are. C7? Don't make me gut laugh. And what happens if you do push for 999 talent caps? A game so easy, it bores you to tears. That's power creep.
  12. Power creep to me... If the game continues to raise the amount of attack power that you can gain, but fails to raise enemy levels at a proportional rate - an imbalance is created. One where the game becomes easier to the point of breaking it if left unchecked. People desire challenge, and a lack thereof is a disservice to new and veteran players alike. Wanting more power, or to even by OP is not a bad thing. Heck, it's probably why a lot of us play the game. But as you gain all that power, the game makers need to keep finding new ways for you to use or not use it, to make things interesting. The challenge. As you gain that top level, they need to inch the top line a few notches further up. Power creep is when you are way up above that line (and so is everybody else). The game is then out of balance, and that is usually when people tend to stop playing. Eh, just my theory...
  13. I wanted it to work in the Spinning Blades so bad, but that is just a crap wall, in a tower category that's mostly defunct too... Now it goes in my WM for obvious reasons. I love the Obelisk idea! Great for stopping c7 air bombs.
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