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  1. I know but the furthest you can start is 50 which doesn’t really help if you have to grind 500+ more floors to get to where your actually progressing. Most of my friends when pushing get bored while doing their floors trying to get back to where they were and end up not playing for a couple months. Even I used to do that but I started taking little breaks so that I don’t fully quit and get bored
  2. Yea it’s just like a rough idea of something they could do I’m not a dev so I really haven’t thought about it much it would probably be easier for them to take the general idea and go from there.
  3. Everyone knows that onslaught can take forever to get back to where you were after resets. What if there was some way to skip back to where you left off before your reset. My idea is that there should be a game mode where every wave you go up it skips 1-10 floors but the enemies also get that much stronger(no idea what would be more balanced). Every wave it gets harder and harder till eventually you can’t go any further and based on where you lost it would determine your onslaught floor. I also think that would be way too easy for people to get carried so it should be a solo mode and you shoul
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