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  1. Is it possible that two Steam accounts working from same ip adress (one home networ) got two different region after new patch? Its annoying that i can't play with my girlfriend that sits in same room...
  2. and another huge map unplayable with less than 3-4 players... great ;/
  3. webing, desintegrating and moving around... im waiting to part 4 when nwe creature will have skill to drop game to windows... fortunatly there are only 4 parts becouse 5'th would add creatures that would force "format c:" or desintegrate players equipment :P
  4. Big maps may be interesting and they indeed show that DD team can do them bigger and bigger but the small maps have their charm to. So please don't make only big maps - but sometimes add a small one - like in the basic campain. Magus Quaters, Alchemical Lab, Armory - all of them was realy fun... even the Ramparts or even Endless Spires starts to be a 'small' map these days... New huge maps with their high wave numbers are nice for farming but - old fast ones were much more 're-playble'.
  5. i agree with first post game should give a chance to progres without buying items and without help of players with top items. realy Trendy - give 2 of your testers new accounts - no characters/items and conestion to regular servers. Than count their time to colecting best possible items without using bugs and glitches.
  6. wait... are you serious?, you actually enjoyed the valentines DLC O_O... well i find it plain annoying and boring, takes to much time and isn't entertaining (IMO). well OT: We can only hope that it will get out at the same time, or before march the 15th, but really, i dont mind waiting, if its tested to perfection (or just testet enough to ensure a good release) Yes - doing this map with girlfriend was quite fun.
  7. You're still going to get what you paid for. It's not like it was cancelled or anything. ok - but even current content isn't final currently. Still there is no way to go stright from one map to another and end on Misty nightmere... ok - Valentines DLC was quite fun and thx for it - but presidents day was simply annoying waste of time that should be spend ond shards part 2 ;P i realy hope that shards2 will be less about grinding its still quite fun game but realy less fun that on the begining.
  8. lol... and when i payed for full 'shards pack' - Trendy promised new part each month... first was in december... second in march. Great.
  9. DD -> Shards 1 -> Shards 2 -> Shards 3 -> Shards 4 Godly -> Mythic -> Ridiculous -> Hacked -> Infinite ;)
  10. Maybe we should all wait for all the eternia shards dlc to be released and nightmare mode to be finished. Instead of putting all our time into things that we know will be changed, nerfed, balanced, and otherwise screwed with until the final build is complete. Shards episodes and nightmare may be beta - but we all payed for this beta - so something is terribly wrong to be honest...
  11. something similar for: summit/caves/mistimare would be realy nice ;)
  12. I hoped that this tread is about efective range of different weapons - something like area vs arrow, but unfortunatly it isn't ;P
  13. ok i changed setup and i once again can do ES NM HC anythime ... but after 1.6 or 1.6a drops seems to be even weaker... (in 1.5 there was 3-4m mana items n chests .. now 2-2,5 or i started to be unlucky) in case od survival on ES - wave 8 + 15 ogres at once is current max in misty i dont have even unlocked survival... totalny no way to progres through the game...
  14. realy after new useless nerfs instead of bufs or lowering, diff this game starts to be more hardcore that platinum+ in starcraft 2...
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