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  1. Yeah we most def use just summoner for the armor drops, but as of low lvls, my chars are all lvl 100. I just thought that it was weird that I don't drop much whereas others drop alot of supreme's and better items, I figured maybe I was doing something wrong or missing out on something, thanks a bunch.
  2. Hey yall, okay soooo all of my chars have a full set of mythical/transcendant, and I've gotten pretty good (In my opinion) for solo-ing some maps. I can get Tavern Defence to the end, Aquano's to wave 28, Moonbase to wave 23, aswell as pretty far in Skycity. However, even though my defences are pretty strong and kill fast, I can only ever find a few transcendant items per wave; if I'm lucky, I'll find a single ultimate item throughout a whole run of a map ( I do all in nmhc, sometimes mixed mode). And it doesn't matter if I solo, or have a full server (More people= more drops). But whenever I'
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