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  1. bruh forums are cooked af nice 9 year thread bump
  2. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199100001237/ Kekw
  3. Dwane

    WTA ButtersĀ 

    Auction Closed
  4. Dwane

    WTA ButtersĀ 

    what the title said diamonds only traced ofc 3 days
  5. theres not much support for the 360 version of the game, i remember my save getting wiped a couple times only thing you can do is backup your saves or just play the superior version of the game on pc
  6. Dwane

    WTA ++ dice[Ended]

    Auction will last for 1 week, until 7/29 Auction will extend for 1 day if anyone bids last 24 hours Currency I accept Coal up to 5cv(8:1) Diamonds (5/10/15) Events I accept Celebracers 100cv Celebration/NPC/EPH 100cv Final Patch 400cv Rainmaker 150cv Butterscotch 300cv Crackers 80cv Magicite 100cv IC
  7. Dwane

    WTA my old ++ dice

    auction over
  8. Dwane

    WTA my old ++ dice

    I would like to auction off my old ++ dice Auction will last for 2 weeks (6/25 - 7/9) Currency I accept Coal up to 5cv(8:1) Diamonds (5/10/15) Events I accept Celebracers 80cv Celebration/NPC/EPH 100cv Final Patch 100cv The Rainmaker 150cv Ginger 60cv Cinnamon 60cv Gaia's Last Gift 40cv Crackers 80cv Pole of the North Star 70cv
  9. Dwane

    Christmas in June!!

    Game crashed wave 32 WW first time around https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198081611216/ also got a pretty stonks ++snowman out of it
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