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  1. ok, I'm not sure how it's like on other platforms, but no joke, why is like 80% of the player base monks? it ranges from new players to full on vets... they all play monk and for some reason refuse to change. what am I missing here?
  2. i know what you mean, me and my friends get a group of 3 going good on expeditions then everything gets derailed when some afk monk joins in, and I'm not kidding... it's ALWAYS a monk.
  3. ok... so apparently, after I posted this and tried it again it decides to work... just my luck... wooo hooo though, 200 more spiral coins closer to getting the abyss lord!!!
  4. (first time doing one of these kind of posts) ok, so my problem is pretty straight forward, I've been trying to sign up for the newsletter on my ps4, but it goes to a white screened window as soon as I type in my email or the security code thing, I've been trying to for the past three days but I've had no luck. anybody have any ideas on what I should do?
  5. can't there's only one browser on my machine, and I've been trying to find another way, but no luck.
  6. hi, I'm new to the community thing and I'm trying to sign up for the newsletter on ps4 to get the free 200 spiral coins, but when ever I input my email or the code thing it just takes me to a white screen. does it happen to anybody else and how do I fix it?
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