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  1. Thanks a lot. Yeah it does . now make sense that there was only 6 primes announced . thanks a lot
  2. Yeah but destructive pylon was the first and it's a big one . Too bad in 2 more eeks we're getting out last hyper shard : Vicious strikes . I don't think we ill get that Mass destruction ...
  3. Prime I : Destructive pylon(Relic) Prime 2 : Explosive Shielding guard(Relic) Prime 3 : Radiant Critical Power(Boots) Prime 4 : Thunderwave(Gloves) Prime 5 : Automation(Relic)
  4. Willing to spend 2m desciption:a stack of 99 Pristine motes Contact : Elfaniel#9019 on Discord
  5. Tenacity Servo 10/10(Mod) Willing to Sell 40,000,000g(40m) Description: Perfect tenacity mod for towers (10/10) Chaos VIII Ampoule Willing to Sell 3,500,000g each(3.5m) Description: Chaos 8 ampoule Pristine Token Willing to Sell 150,000g each(150k) Description: Material used for reroll mods Quality P.S : I accept Pristine Motes also if you're missing golds .( 2m a stack of 99 Pristine Motes) Time Usually On: Everydays at 4PM Contact: Elfaniel#9019 on Discord
  6. Yes it does as well . but only had one of the 3 quests that rerolled . I had a question asking to go do ancient ruins,then it reroll alone and I had win 3 games ... Then my Weekly who still don't work :'( I'm sad
  7. Hi,it's me or the Weekly mission is very bugged for me ... I have to win the Little Horn Valley Incursion-Bling King(The one that ask golden nuggets) . I did that mission twice but still didn't completed the weekly mission . Whats going on pleae? it is me that is doing something wrong or the mission doesn't work at all since the last hotfix that came out?
  8. There is also that C8 shard Water elemental which can be used to drench enemy with 20% chance and it doesnt count as elemental meaning peole can still use water + Lightning on wmfr
  9. There is also that C8 shard Water elemental which can be used to drench enemy with 20% chance and it doesnt count as elemental meaning peole can still use water + Lightning on wmfr
  10. We can go back to 6m for 99 plain motes :D This is killing you? that's funny,this game is a grinding game,it's supposed to be like that ! you can farm instead of trading too you know :)
  11. 1.The cookie shards for defense are whatever you'll need for your defense : for example : Flame aura is the meta right now (Defense rate(Chaos IV),destruction(Chaos I),deadly strikes(Chaos III) or vampiric empowerement(Chaos V) To see what you'll need for build your defense,i'll invite you to watch Youtube videos of Juicebags . His videos are good for beginners who wish to have a good start,and build stuff . 2You resent ancient power after you push floors the highest you can go then you're stuck(arround floor 100+) T8 relics are not required that much , use t8 only when you farmed enough mods(Mods are passive on relics,armors and weapons . They come with 10 quality level,the highest the better. the best combo is Tenacity 10/10 which protect your tower against stuns,freeze and debuff). You should farm whatever you need,but never gild a shard if you don't have a minimum of 5 good towers+ to help you advance through floors . if you have only one tower and everything is guilded and you have nothing else,then you're gonna be so cooked :D . so get different defenses build then go do some gilding stuff . Gilding is more focused on end game unless you're rich) 3.Sell what people need the most like 10/10 mods,some epic pets,materials if you're stuck you should ask for a price check before selling something . Have fun and welcome back
  12. Poison ticks don't work on dummy but doe Same,as long it work on mobs,it can be alright,Now we can finally see what petrification does ! what a badass,thanks for the hotfix
  13. He is trying to help you,why are you being so mean towards him ?
  14. the new update is just out of this world,but the shard feature 1k DM and the mat converter it's just amazing ! I can now focus onslaught and chaos 7 without even worry about going to grind low level . I can also trade gems/DM for the shards I want ! In a month farming I can make 3 gilded shards! The grinding time is totally reduced which will improve player's gameplay ,even more for Veteran players . Not to talk about the Combo,poison + earth ! I can finally make a big use of my Earth servo ! So many new possibilities: Proton Beam,PDT,Ramsters etc ! Thank you so much for that great update,I'm on the moon right now !
  15. I wonder when the Pet rework will come out,it wasn't announced in this new update :/
  16. plain motes , c8 amps will be cheap for sure ♥
  17. Willing to Sell : 7 million Time Usually On: 3-4PM Monday-Friday / 2PM saturay-Sunday Description : Chaos 8 ampoules Contact: Discord : Elfaniel#9019 / Steam : https://steamcommunity.com/id/Zombina06/
  18. The build is in the video at 0:43 . He used Boosted grasp,boosted power,destructive pylon / Diverse CD servo,Power Servo,Diverse Power servo
  19. Nice,I prefer Critical Damage CD more than diverse power servo but both work,nice job
  20. Yeah but until they decide to rework everything else which im not sure gonna be a thing because the slow update we will have now , doesnt change the fact the same price on all shard is just making no sense . Anyway i see ur point
  21. It is,look at the monk shards,we have a lot of shards that we don't even use at the moment : Cluster Nades,Smashing Fists,Power of storms etc . You're talking about old updates,it's the past,we live in the present now,defense rate shard and mod are now the most useful combo . what's the point to put same price for everything when the most useful and rare ones are so annoying to get in-game . You grind hours and days,meanwhile the list of shards I quoted as examples are so easy to get that I can make 4-5 Gilded of them ....Meanwhile I get nothing of defense rate . It's your opinion to say they are not viable but think about that . Why we have a list of shards we won't even use anymore when the shard vendor comes out? People just need to watch Juicebags videos on youtube and they have an idea of what to build .I don't think in a near future they will nerf defense rate because at the moment the bonus from it is very good (According to what my friend Mini told me,Overcapped Attack rate on a tower prevent orcs from freezing it) . So defense rate can't be the worst shard in game . it's the most useful right now . you get a gilded defense rate shard then you save a mod slot to make your towers even more powerful . and you push floors up to 900+ .
  22. Yeah but right now,it's defense rate people need the most so it's rare ! the number of time it take to find one is very sad .
  23. yeah thats true but they could just set a price rn for the rare stuff then put a lower price for the rest . If they decide to make changes to the game they can change later . defense critical dmg and chance are not hard to find,I wouldn't see that as a 1200 DM shard but more likely 900-1k. Having everything to 1200 make kinda the big stuff look bad,especially when they are so rare to get . The price should be based on rarity, not utility (like you said CD and CC were the king before now it's defense . But now and before there is an huge gap,so better put the rare stuff at 1200 and the rest at low price .
  24. Why would you want to remove them? they help newbies for early game lol . you got ev2 ,monk,apprentice towers for late game so why would you do such a thing like remove the source of protection of our dear poor newcomers . they dont even understand the whole stuff about the game,like shard etc .
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