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  1. Thanks a lot. Yeah it does . now make sense that there was only 6 primes announced . thanks a lot
  2. Yeah but destructive pylon was the first and it's a big one . Too bad in 2 more eeks we're getting out last hyper shard : Vicious strikes . I don't think we ill get that Mass destruction ...
  3. Prime I : Destructive pylon(Relic) Prime 2 : Explosive Shielding guard(Relic) Prime 3 : Radiant Critical Power(Boots) Prime 4 : Thunderwave(Gloves) Prime 5 : Automation(Relic)
  4. Willing to spend 2m desciption:a stack of 99 Pristine motes Contact : Elfaniel#9019 on Discord
  5. Tenacity Servo 10/10(Mod) Willing to Sell 40,000,000g(40m) Description: Perfect tenacity mod for towers (10/10) Chaos VIII Ampoule Willing to Sell 3,500,000g each(3.5m) Description: Chaos 8 ampoule Pristine Token Willing to Sell 150,000g each(150k) Description: Material used for reroll mods Quality P.S : I accept Pristine Motes also if you're missing golds .( 2m a stack of 99 Pristine Motes) Time Usually On: Everydays at 4PM Contact: Elfaniel#9019 on Discord
  6. Yes it does as well . but only had one of the 3 quests that rerolled . I had a question asking to go do ancient ruins,then it reroll alone and I had win 3 games ... Then my Weekly who still don't work :'( I'm sad
  7. Hi,it's me or the Weekly mission is very bugged for me ... I have to win the Little Horn Valley Incursion-Bling King(The one that ask golden nuggets) . I did that mission twice but still didn't completed the weekly mission . Whats going on pleae? it is me that is doing something wrong or the mission doesn't work at all since the last hotfix that came out?
  8. We can go back to 6m for 99 plain motes :D This is killing you? that's funny,this game is a grinding game,it's supposed to be like that ! you can farm instead of trading too you know :)
  9. 1.The cookie shards for defense are whatever you'll need for your defense : for example : Flame aura is the meta right now (Defense rate(Chaos IV),destruction(Chaos I),deadly strikes(Chaos III) or vampiric empowerement(Chaos V) To see what you'll need for build your defense,i'll invite you to watch Youtube videos of Juicebags . His videos are good for beginners who wish to have a good start,and build stuff . 2You resent ancient power after you push floors the highest you can go then you're stuck(arround floor 100+) T8 relics are not required that much , use t8 only when you farm
  10. He is trying to help you,why are you being so mean towards him ?
  11. the new update is just out of this world,but the shard feature 1k DM and the mat converter it's just amazing ! I can now focus onslaught and chaos 7 without even worry about going to grind low level . I can also trade gems/DM for the shards I want ! In a month farming I can make 3 gilded shards! The grinding time is totally reduced which will improve player's gameplay ,even more for Veteran players . Not to talk about the Combo,poison + earth ! I can finally make a big use of my Earth servo ! So many new possibilities: Proton Beam,PDT,Ramsters etc ! Thank you s
  12. I wonder when the Pet rework will come out,it wasn't announced in this new update :/
  13. plain motes , c8 amps will be cheap for sure ♥
  14. Willing to Sell : 7 million Time Usually On: 3-4PM Monday-Friday / 2PM saturay-Sunday Description : Chaos 8 ampoules Contact: Discord : Elfaniel#9019 / Steam : https://steamcommunity.com/id/Zombina06/
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