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  1. I agree but this map isn't that hard though, the only difficulty come from the modifiers . The rest it's just a question of luck . I never had that much trouble with this map . The only combo i hate is dragon and assassin at the same time.
  2. There are people complaining about how easy the game is . There are people who want easy grind . There are people who want easy maps. Now there are people who want some difficulty on some maps because the game is way too easy . Personally,I don't see any problem with this map,it's intended to be like that . We need a challenge . If you can't beat the map then it's simply because you didn't grinded enough . You can't go in a fight like that without being prepared . Go grind more stuff,prepare yourself and voila,problem solved . Do you think the players at floor 900 cry about this map? Nope,they know how to deal with it . So this map is very good . I love it . No reason to remove anything from it . same as the temple in Onslaught . If you remove this challenge map from onslaught then you'll end up doing normal stuff and reroll for the easy modifiers until you go high . The frost map is the door that block the path for the next level,but it only await from someone with a key to openit,and that key is : Go grind more,prepare your towers,use some strategy and the job is done . Go farm some 10/10 mods,Gild your shard,upgrade your hero . There is that video MrJuicebags made with nuke monk build,use that . I don't see any difficulty there at all .
  3. Yeah and that's exactly why the price should be arround 750-1.2k DM per shard . To help new players but also make it less easy to get for both New and Veteran players . Imagine 4 days to get a Gilded shard like 4 days for a 10/10 mod ? Yeah the game would definitively be broken . Did you ever asked to some players why they left the game ? I did ! I aske to some friends why they left and the answer was : " I don't like the Shard Drops,it's annoying,I don't wanna waste my time anymore so I give up ! " So yeah,making a decent price for the shards in the Shard vendor shop will maybe change people's mind and perception of the game . We all Know that the devs are doing their best to make the game great . And the game Evolved . Alpha versus 4.3 ? Obv it's DD2 reinforced but still,the RNG makes people cry and our beloved devs team decided to make it less annoying for us to farm ! Personally I do only 10-15 maps per day or 5 Onslaught then that's it ! I don't farm shards anymore mostly because it's too annoying,I gave up the shard thing but I didn't gave up the game because defense rate mod is a thing,it helps a lot but, Better chance to have a gilded,I sign ! I'm going back to farm shards again ! yay ♥
  4. Yeah well not everyone can do that everydays but there are a lot of players playing everydays and they complain about the Shards drop rate Still . The RNG doesn't like us so yeah that Shard Vendor is a good thing . It makes me very happy but no matter what the price they give us,it will always be Better than Nothing ! So 1000 or 2500 DM ,doesn't matter to me but the devs wants to help us and lower the time it take us so my Opinion/Suggestion would be 1-1.2k a shard , and that's my last price,not negociable ! (XD)
  5. 5-15 is for the minimum . A lot of players do 20 maps C7 or 5 map High onslaught,so Basically with 3 hours per day only you can do 15-20Maps,depend which map you picked and the time spent on it,,but mostly THE MAP you picked : Dragonfall Bazaar being one of the top "farming map" played at the moment, you can spawn kill and make 20 maps easy per days .
  6. Well I'm returning back your "expectations" : You're a Veteran player,you can farm a lot of DM easy,but what about new players? There are a lot of newbies arround there who need something to start with . It's not just about US,Veteran players,it's all about Both camps . If you're saying that it's "Easy" to gild a shard of our choice,then what's the point to add Plain/Shiny/Pristine Tokens ? It basically take 4 days from farming Drakenfrost Resort/Keep to have a guaranted 10/10Mod(286 rerolls,3.3M gold,858 P mote) and 1/286 chance to have one with luck ! if you make the count,that's 2 week farming to have 1 relic/gear fully modded 10/10 . I suggest 2 week for a gilded,you wanna make it 1 month for just one ! Maybe that would be much easier for you but in my opinion : 2 week for a gilded shard seems reasonable compared to 2 weeks for 3 Mods 10/10 ,even though,Shards are more useful because even with 0 mods, your defenses will still do the job(with mods being optional,they still rock) . So Make the count : 2500 DM = 1 shard each week ! a gilded in 1 month The average player's map a day is 20 (Because not everybody can do a lot of map per days due to school/work) : 760/910 DM per days and some players open 40-80 shards and they get nothing,which is basically very sad and drop down their mood,which lead to a riot and they end up giving up the game because the time spent to gild a shard is way too much for them . I remind you as well that it's 30k gold a victory map for beginners if i'm not wrong and that' just C7 . So here a board to all the prices,Approximative time it would take to gild a shard for each price with at least a minimum good price : 5920 DM/week 750 DM a shard= 9days One gilded shard of our choice /18D for 2 / 27 days for 3 1000 DM= 13D /26 Days for 2 /39 Days for 3 1200 DM = 16D One gilded shard of our choice / 32 for 2/ 48 for 3 1500 DM=19 days One gilded shard of our choice / etc 2000 DM=24 days One gilded shard of our choice / etc 2500 DM=32 days One gilded shard of our choice / 64D for 2 / 96D for 3 So make the count and tell me which one seems good eniugh for you ? and why ?
  7. 2000 is way too much expensive . that's 2 months for gild only one shard . At this rate people will spend 250 gem for one shard,so whats the point to mke it very expensive with DM when you can just spend 250 gem for just one? with th free gems , new players can buy the defense rate shard without problem . 500-1k DM stay and will always be a good price because it help both new players and veterans . For 2 months farming,I would already have 2 gilded shard from just farming . 1 Month is enough to farm a gilded shard from just doing chaos , and the M price must stay arround that corner . The devs specified they want we get what we want and the price is actually being set. so yeah, 20k for a gilded seems to be way too much,so divide the price by 2 and there you go ! 1Month to get a gilded shard , that's what I call a good price !
  8. That's 1 month for 12k DM=2 gilded shard each months (Ez) . I have 10k right now,I spend 2k for buy hero slots for not waste the 2k additional DM,don't worry the time the update appear,i'll have 20 hero slots and 12k DM ready for 2 gilded defense rate ♥ I wanted 250 too but the devs don't wanna mke it too easy . we still farm but now I have a reason to "Go back to shard farming",I never have chance,now im happy !
  9. Yes,many shards are "Useless" . And since we are getting what we want,why does even every shards hve the same price . They won't change the old shard system because it's less expensive than the current shard of our choice . It's mostly because of the RNG . I bought a shard pack a couple days ago (Chaos III) , I got 3 Deadly Strikes shards . So yeah the RNG is still present . It's kinda sad I don't even use deadly strikes anymore , I have 20+ arround but since I'm high level I use vampiric empowerement instead with range from ascension and ancient power. My point is shard pack is still useful . your suggestion would be nice but you must count the price of the pack + the shard itself . Well ,to be honest , Rolling an item to 10/10 is lot of work , farming 7500 DM + for legendary pets is a lot of work . So yes giving a fair price for selected shards is the way to go because they will make the game more grindy,at least you see your goal "I want that shard" !!! I farmed months and I on't even have the shards I want so yes,no matter the price they gonna be ,im glad,I am ready for it !
  10. I have 2 ideas about that : -1 : It's the % of gold that drop depeind the number of your sword . -: Sell value for the sword at a vendor
  11. No,the shards pack is still a thing,all others shards you see are the list of shards Purchasable for each chaos tier with their own price(The price are not fixed yet) . Example : If defense rate shard cost 1k DM each,then 10 would be 10k DM (+ the original price for gilding = 12k DM or 10k DM + 2m gold) The chaos VIII shard pack as well contain shars from chaos VIII,there is no shard dust trading in that shop . Shard dust will still be a thing adding more rng to find what we look for as well grinding shard on map . you can mostly buy 1 shard a day assuming the prices won't be very high . The Shards pack are still 500 DM each,nothing gonna change about the price because its RNG . 500 Defender medal each shard is what I think would be a minimum good price but with the time it would take to farm we can expect 500-1000 each shards. They will be more expensive because it's direct purchase and there is no RNG . 125 gems is way too low,people spending money on the game will have no issues gilding their shards . expect something like 200+ How it is dope,it help a lot to find the shard we're looking for and buy directly other than having to scroll each different tiers and get lost .
  12. Yeah but they want to avoid the easy acquisition part too,like something like 200 DM per shard would be amazing but very easy to get tho,we can just assume they gonna make something close to 500 DM :) I used to have 1k once but 100 shard dust as a currency it's just 53 games but,2 days for 1 gilded would be way too much,and gold is way too easy for High level players since they have over 100M in their bank . So sticking to DM is our last call.
  13. I don't think trading 10 shard dust for a shard we want is something the devs will agree with . As well some players . Because that would be too easy(especially for the players with 1000 shard dust) . If you make the count you literally reduce the grind by 75% with the rest being 10/10 mods farm and there you go. The idea to trade the shards we want for DM is what I imagined possible with my average price : 2K medals for a gilde but too bad they didn't added gold or some shard dust to make it a little bit harder to get .
  14. Sounds like something I wanna play :D I hope they'll make it one day
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