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  1. Just one more day left to add this to the patch notes for tomorrow Trendy! Don't disappoint.
  2. On the same hardware, XP 32 and windows 7 64, DD will crash from ALT+TAB on a full screened game. Both XP and 7 do not crash DD in this way when run in a window. None of my other games or applications behave in this way, so I'm inclined to blame the game. Fresh OS loads on this hardware: CPU 2600K, GTX570. Same as you, I have a desktop running Window 7 and a laptop still on XP, both will crash when alt-tabbing in fullscreen, but never if the game runs in windowed. It's the game not the OS / Hardware. Just implement windowed fullscreen no-boarder already.
  3. Dev's this is where you say, Yes we are totally working on this and it will be in next patch. Merry Christmas.
  4. D20, you don't suggest crap, all you say is Bard Class, how about go into detail what a Bard class is, it's role, its 2 abilities, the 5 towers, is it a ranged or melee fighter, etc. Or I guess you can just do Hurr Derp Derr Bard Class period.
  5. Hey ViciousXUSMC, this probably isn't the thread to post this, but I like your guides and I just wanted to add a suggestion for yourself, along with your videos you really should link your final build in http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm Your videos aren't bad but having to watch a 29 minute video for a single screen cap is really unnecessary, I understand how some people would like to see how you set it up from start to finish, but others like my self don't need that. So yeah, maybe not the thread to post a suggestion but you'll probably see it here.
  6. Bumping this, going to assume no reply means it was missed. Dev how about a wink wink.
  7. I agree Shift Window is awesome, but it doesn't work the way it's suppose to for Dungeon Defender.
  8. Did you try posting this in Suggestions? Maybe try Mobile section too. If that doesn't work try the FAQ.
  9. Please implement an option or Steam launch command for Fullscreen Borderless Windowed Mode for this game. There are many people wishing for this and lots of people suffering from Alt-Tab crashes, this would fix 2 major gripes people have with this game (especially the game breaking crashing) and I'm guessing it would be an easy to implement thing to do. So pretty please with diabetes on top.
  10. Shift Window doesn't work, It's like it tries to reposition the window but Dungeon Defender takes priority and just keeps its aspect ratio or something which sucks. Please implement this Dev's of Dungeon Defender, a Fullscreen Borderless Windowed mode. This should solve everyone's issue who's game crashes on Alt-Tabbing.
  11. Yes its necessary, that how you do it, no other way.
  12. You serious? Only reason it was even done was to try and give players something they kept complaining about. "worst implementation of an auction house system I have ever seen in any game" I'm sorry but what games have auction houses? MMO's? DD is not an MMO, it was meant to be a 20-30 hour Tower Defense game and it got out of hand, because players caught the "omg shiny loot!" syndrome, so your Ragnarock and Everquest are horrible comparisons. DD not an MMO? Massive Multiplayer Online, It has all the properties of an MMO, and no need to give me your technicalities bu bu but there ar
  13. This has got to be addressed, this is a huge problem for me and many others I'm sure, the game pretty much encourages AFKing when you've done the map 20+ times, or waiting for the easy waves to finish on the early waves of survival, or if you are like me record gameplay and have IRC (or messenger of choice) up and running and get tons of messages all day long, and of course listening to music. The F11 is a dumb work around because it defaults to some low resolution window and when you go back to full screen its sticks to that low resolution, Steam overlay is all huge and stuff. Please addre
  14. This has happened to me many times, and only on Insane Summit, first 2 times I did it I got my pet reward, after that it took me 5 attempts with my huntress to finally get my pet. I don't know why and don't have any workaround other then keep doing it until it gives you the reward.
  15. By far the worst implementation of an auction house system I have ever seen in any game, and I've played many games with auctions. First you need to be online and pretty much afk, but nope can't go afk because random strangers need to invite and join your friends list before any transactions can happen. All I can say is LOL even Ragnarok and Everquest had better systems and those required botting as well. Welcome to 2011 Trendy. If this thing is ever going to not be a joke then it needs to be done all online from a website, where you log into you steam account, where you can manage your inv
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