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  1. no you didn't the gift boxes do not drop every floor like the game says they do. fix this please
  2. is that 55 c1 in a row or just anytime? ive done 30 i think and no luck also does it have a chance to drop in packs?( i only buy the free packs with defender coins)
  3. i do agree on a store to let us buy a shard we want but make it free no real money needed.
  4. i am the same way granted ive not spent as much time as you all have but destruction shard will not drop for me. i have seen the rest of c1 shards but it.
  5. im having no luck either with this shard it seems rare.
  6. I freeze in mid wave and anywhere it is a real bother at first i thought it was my ps4. this news means i was wrong thankfully.
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