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  1. @Jaws_420 Hey Jaws, I asked a question on a old post, and don't know if it will buzz you so I decided to come to your more recent one. I'm new, and I rushed through to achieve all my Chaos levels and only then did I see the need to do Onslaught floors. So according to what I seen on your old post, does that mean I can't get Defender Packs? (that would explain why I've never received any. If that is the case, will doing a Ancient Reset, allow me to then get them. Again, Thanks in Advance.
  2. Jaws_420 I rushed through to get my Chaos levels, now I'm trying and get defenders in Onslaught and never get any. So are you saying it is because I rushed through? If so will doing a Ancient reset help? Thanks in advance.
  3. Lagmonster Thanks for all your help, I need plenty, lol. super_slayan That was the problem, I had to select a map. I was selecting the difficulty but not the map. "Thanks"
  4. I'm confused about a few things and need help. One of them is: I'm playing on ps4 and when I try to create a map it's not letting me on adventure, expedition, mastery and incursion. It's only letting you create private games on champaign and onslaught. Two: I'm confused about Chaos 8, I hear Mr. Juicebags talking about it, but I don't see anything about it. Lastly: is their an online guide to enemies, because learning the way they look and respond is a little challenging.
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