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  1. your are correct, that's what i get for not reading and paying attention. good catch!
  2. Hello Lawta and Chromatic Team, I remember a little while back there were talk of DD3, but all talk has gone silent. Is that still in the works? Or has that been put in the dead file? I ask because many of us that used to love DD and never wanted to play DD2 has grown to adore DD2. I didn't want to go backward, but forward in the style of change it has achieved. I would readily jump on the funding Kickstarter, and would readily buy the game. I know hoping is premature, but hope is hope, right? If I can look forward in the evolution of my favorite Heroes in f
  3. fire and oil upstairs for the new beginners, until you figure out Burning Strikes, or Oil Flask. One side fire, other side is oil.
  4. Hi Ya Lawta I'm many of your loyal members of DD2 are now experiencing major bug issues.............. We have been having them since the last Maintenance, but now they are so sever the game is rendered unplayable. It's a shame too, because at this time, I find this to be the best game out. I understand that all hands may be on deck for Awakening, and it's really hard to get someone back on DD2 to help, but we just want some minor maintenance until things get back to normal. Thanks a whole bunch.
  5. @Jaws_420 Hey Jaws, I asked a question on a old post, and don't know if it will buzz you so I decided to come to your more recent one. I'm new, and I rushed through to achieve all my Chaos levels and only then did I see the need to do Onslaught floors. So according to what I seen on your old post, does that mean I can't get Defender Packs? (that would explain why I've never received any. If that is the case, will doing a Ancient Reset, allow me to then get them. Again, Thanks in Advance.
  6. Jaws_420 I rushed through to get my Chaos levels, now I'm trying and get defenders in Onslaught and never get any. So are you saying it is because I rushed through? If so will doing a Ancient reset help? Thanks in advance.
  7. Lagmonster Thanks for all your help, I need plenty, lol. super_slayan That was the problem, I had to select a map. I was selecting the difficulty but not the map. "Thanks"
  8. I'm confused about a few things and need help. One of them is: I'm playing on ps4 and when I try to create a map it's not letting me on adventure, expedition, mastery and incursion. It's only letting you create private games on champaign and onslaught. Two: I'm confused about Chaos 8, I hear Mr. Juicebags talking about it, but I don't see anything about it. Lastly: is their an online guide to enemies, because learning the way they look and respond is a little challenging.
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